Do we have a communist in the White House?

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Do we have a communist in the White House?

Recently Congressman Allen West caused a big stir when he said, during a town meeting, that there were between 78 to 81 communist in Congress. (refresh page to  see videos)

BQI responded with a short piece that showed, in 2009, there was roughly 78 to 81 members of the Socialist Party USA in Congress, according to information from the organization itself and which, by the way, has not been denied by the congresspersons listed by the group. In the same story, BQI provided a video of Congressman Danny Davis (Democrat – Illinois) accepting an award from the Communist party USA and Congresswoman Maxine Waters (Democrat – California) stating that she and other Socialist would take over the oil companies if they did not find a way to lower gasoline prices.

We also know that Senator Bernie Sanders (Independent – Vermont)  is an admitted Socialist so why, then,  is it so far fetched to think that there are other socialist if not communist in the United States congress? Why is it so far fetched to believe that we could even have a communist in the White House.

I know, most American tend to operate under the notion or attitude “oh shucks…that could never happen in America.” Well, who would have ever thought that we would be debating on a regular basis whether our President is a communist or for that matter if he is even an American. On top of that I’m  sure that few if any Americans would ever have admitted that it was possible to elect a President that no one knew anything about. Yet  it appears all of these impossibilities may in fact be our new realities.

A mystery concerning his birth and much of his background, still surrounds Barack Obama. As much as the President and liberals would like to believe that these issues no longer exist, the fact of the matter is that recent work by Sheriff Joe Apraio’s Cold Posse has all but proved that the birth certificate presented by President Obama is a forgery.(SHERIFF JOE: ‘PROBABLE CAUSE’ OBAMA CERTIFICATE A FRAUD). The fact that more is not being written and said about the Sheriff’s work is attributed, in large part, to a complicit media and efforts by the White House to stifle any discussion by MSM outlets of this important issue. In fact, the mere fact that the media will not even comment on the existence of the Sheriff’s work, to me at least, is further evidence of media complicity and which lends further weight to the likelihood that the Cold Case Posse’s work is factual. But I digress.

The bottom line is that for many Americans a mystery still surrounds President Obama’s true identity. Because of the strength of our politically correct driven society people, who raise concerns about the President’s birth location,  religion or his political ideology, are mocked ridiculed, pictured as nut jobs, conspiracy theorist or racist,  and are intimidated into silence.  This political correctness plays into Obama’s hands. He and others who may want to protect and continue the perpetuation of a lie must depend on and promote political correctness. But “truth” is a funny thing. Eventually, despite efforts to suppress it, truth will ultimately come to light. One such truth is the fact that we likely have a communist in the White House.

There’s an old saying: If it walks like a duck; quacks like a duck, chances are it’s probably a duck. Most of what remains a mystery about Obama is information contained in organizations and institutions like hospitals, schools and federal agencies. But if people would just open their minds and be objective, there is tons of other information available that sheds considerable light on our current chief executive.

Several note worthy articles have already been written chronicling President Obama’s past and his connections to communism. A May 26, 2008 article by Wes Vernon, Barack Obama’s Communist Connections, is a good one. But since Mr. Vernon’s article, which should have been a warning shot over America’s bow, so much more information has come to light and it is becoming increasingly more difficult for anyone to just deny what appears to be a confirmed reality.

Obama’s communist past is irrefutable and the level of facts that exists today on this subject are such that any lawyer could make a circumstantial case in court that establishes  our president as a communist sympathizer at best and an out right communist at worse. Perhaps the most complete up to date and well organized chronicling of Obama’s past is found at the The Obama File and here.  You can also look at BQI’s own attempt at chronicling Obama’s past here: BQI Opedia .

Since coming into office we not only have more evidence of Obama’s past communist associations, we now can look to his ACTIONS,which,  as president, tend to support the belief that he has an affinity towards communist principles. For example his staff and cabinet selections, several of whom are admitted socialist, communist or who voice support for the communist philosophy. Anita Dunn, Obama’s  selection for White House Communications Director, admitted that one of her idols is the former Chinese communist leader Mao TseTung.

Ms. Dunn has since left the White House due to her controversial statement. We also have Van Jones, former White House Green Czar. Mr. Jones admitted to becoming a Communist while in prison and has never renounced his affinity towards this ideology although he has tried to explain his attraction to communism as something he was attracted to during his more radical years.


More recently we have seen the famous knee slap by Obama with Russian President Dmitri Medeve. The affectionate gesture was made during a hot microphone incident where Obama promised favors to Russia following his reelection in November.

We have also linked this article to a BQI page that contains the 45 Communist Goals for Destroying the United States of America. We highlighted in “red” the actions of the Obama Administration that support these goals.  While many of the goals have sadly come to pass over the years, my concern is that the speed at which these goals are being achieved under Obama is problematic.

I would like to close this article with a video that I believe makes a compelling case for the likelihood that we have a communist in the White House. While anyone can go through a life change, as many would argue is the case for Obama, the fact of the matter is that when practically your entire life is infused with a specific belief and the people closest to you, your mother, father and mentor are reflections of this belief, then the chances that you might share in these beliefs are practical and real. The fact that one can argue that remnants of communist principles are reflected in some of Obama’s actions today, to me at least, supports the conclusion that Obama is a communist. This makes far more sense than the proposition by others that Obama is a capitalist and lover of the free market when little in his actions would suggest or prove this assertion.

Come on America, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck then get your heads out of the sand, it’s going to be flying south for the winter this November.

  1. wingedwolf04-17-12

    Indeed, we have a communist in the white hut. And maybe even a little scarier than your average commie creep, this one is a global communist who, along with his apparent dreams of “ruling” America, seems to see himself as a possible candidate for king of the world. Once America falls due to this usurper’s policies, what would stop him?

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