Politics from Left to Right

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Politics from Left to Right

by BQI Contributor P. Ferry

We, as a nation, are now reduced to constantly discussing the left versus right argument in our political discourse.  So, let’s imagine the political spectrum as being a single horizontal line.  The graphic above is a depiction of that political spectrum.

The far left end of the line is 100% government control. Think of it as the ideal Communist state.  Moving back to the right on that line are Fascism, Nazism, Socialism, each striving for that ultimate goal of 100% government control. This is Government as provider for the people. This is the Government as the fount of all rights, as the solution to all ills in the world. Government which decides what you will eat or drink, how much money you can make, what courses you should study in school, what job you will be employed at, and provider of “a living wage”.  This is the Government which decides what medical treatment you need, and, if it is “cost effective” for the State to continue providing that treatment, or if you are expendable. Everyone, each individual being, is a part of the State, and each receives his or her “fair share”, as defined by the Government. Everyone participates in “shared sacrifice” to maintain the State. (Note: there has never been an instance in which shared sacrifice actually involved “everyone”. As in Orwell’s “Animal Farm” … some people are always more equal than others.)

Somewhere just to the Right of Center on that line, about 15%-30% government control, is the US Constitutional Republic. A limited Government, one with specifically delineated powers. A Government which is designed to protect the God given rights of the People (“natural rights” or as the Declaration of Independence says, rights “endowed by their Creator”). This is a Government which provides for the common defense, and protects the life, liberty, and property of the Citizens. This Government, exists to ensure that each individual is given a “fair opportunity” as defined by the People.

About three quarters of the way down the line to the right we have maybe 10% – 20% government control.  This is about where you find mainstream Libertarianism.  Here we have an extremely limited Government which is provided only to maintain law and order.  This form of Government definitely overlaps with the Constitutional Government envisioned by the Founders. It is a Government designed to protect the people from internal and external attacks, but does not have the right to maintain a standing army. It is the least restrictive and most free form of Government as regards personal freedom, without going over the edge to lawlessness. The question being … could an America without a standing Army truly support and defend the American people from all enemies? (Ron Paul?)

Finally, our journey along the political spectrum brings us to the far right of the line, where we find 0% government control. Anarchy, sometimes described as Anarchical Libertarianism, gives mankind total freedom from government control. It is here where the good, the bad, and the ugly are left to their own means to determine who will control what area.  Any thoughtful person will immediately recognize that true Anarchy is completely unworkable over the long term. Eventually, the people will band together to attempt to end the lawless behavior and establish some sense of order.  That attempt to establish order moves the Anarchist community a step back to the left, meaning that Anarchic utopias are not functional societies.

America, as a nation state, has been moving further and further to the left on that political spectrum since its inception. The Constitutional Government imagined by the Founders is now considerably to the right of where America is today.  Today, a politician who supports the continuation of Governmental control programs like Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, government fuel subsidies, and government farm subsidies, is called a “far right extremist”. While it is easy to see that he falls to the left of the limited government envisioned by the Founding Fathers when framing the US Constitution, it appears far right only when viewed from the far left government controls everything perspective. The American drift leftward is now moving as though driven by hurricane force winds.

Still, despite the multiple, repeated failures of the “left-isms” throughout history, our politicians, and friends continue to believe in the creation of that “Godless Utopia”. That shining land where all live in shared sacrifice, and humankind can be free from the strictures of capitalist society.  Here in the United States alone the history of these utopian societies is long, and disastrous. A few examples:

The New Harmony Community, in Indiana established 1825, lasted less than a year before falling into chaos and disintegrating. Nashoba, Tennessee was established in 1825 as another “model” community. It too was a failure and closed down within a year.

The “Brook Farm” established in Massachusetts in 1841, was supposed to show the value of brains over brawn,  emphasizing individualism.  The problem was you can’t sit around and contemplate the great mysteries of life, if you can’t grow food or manufacture goods. The Farm was sold off after 5 years.

The “Fruit-Lands Colony” in Massachusetts, established in 1843, which was established to reject the market economy and chose instead to live the life of subsistence agriculture.  They eschewed cotton because it was a result of slave labor, and they also rejected wool, because it was made from the fleece of sheep, whom it was taken from “without their consent”. (No, really, honest, that’s what they thought!). The leadership became dictatorial, the women felt disenfranchised, stating that they did all the work, while the men were involved in deep conversation.  It lasted about a year before being dissolved.

There are several hundred more attempts in the United States to create that wonderful , godless, heaven on earth … but you can easily research them for yourself. The internet is a great and important gift to mankind and the citizenry at large. (Remember that when you see your Government wanting more control of the internet!)

The other Utopian, Communist, Fascist, Nazi (National Socialism), and Socialist states established throughout the world, have all fallen. They have taken from their citizens with the promise of a guaranteed equality of outcomes. The problem is that the equality of outcomes has generally been despair and devastation, with generalized poverty being predominant.

Yet, those who would move our government further to the left on that political spectrum, continue to believe that it isn’t because the Socialist/Communist model of Government control is flawed (I say it fails to take into account human nature). Rather, they would have us believe that it fails because of improper implementation. Not to worry, though, they can implement the solutions correctly this time, because they are obviously the smartest people in the room.

Here is the is the link to Communist Party goals that were read into the Congressional Record in 1963.  Read through the list, and as you read the goals, think about what the American political class has already ceded to the Communist agenda. Think about the globalist view of “one world government”. The globalist view of the UN that wants to control our waters through the “Law of the Sea Treaty” (LOST, an appropriate acronym). The UN view that there should be a “State Monopoly on the use of Force (or Violence)”, and that “non-state actors” (that would be average Joe, the citizen) should be prohibited from obtaining the means of force (no defense against tyranny). Think about the UN Small Arms Control Treaty.  Think about the attempts to create a military force under the control of the UN rather than under the control of the Nation States.

We live in dangerous times.

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