Breaking Point II – “Never let a crisis go to waste”.

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Breaking Point II – “Never let a crisis go to waste”.

For over a year, BQI has written about the prospect of some kind of event occurring in America that President Obama would use to exercise power not currently existing within the presidency. We predicted that Obama or his minions would fabricate a crisis in order to act upon their already known belief that you “never let a crisis go to waste.” We predicted that the crisis would occur just prior to or soon after the elections. In the first scenario, Obama would use the crisis to suspend the 2012 election and institute martial law thereby retaining power. In the second scenario, Obama would render the elections null and void (e.g. allegations of voter fraud and suppression) and because of the crisis simply refuse to surrender the office, again using the crisis to impose martial law and thus retain power. Today, circumstances are mounting such that these scenarios could prove prophetic.

We all know that Obama is a narcissist, but not just any narcissist but rather an extreme narcissist. (BQI Article: “Understanding Obama: The Making of a Fuehrer”)  As such we must understand how Obama’s self worth is innumerably tied to his status as president, a position that consistently provides him with an appropriate level of sycophant and adoring followers. I believe that Obama’s extreme narcissism could have a direct bearing on how he might react to a significant level of public rejection.

In the October 2011 BQI article, Breaking Point, we wrote:

Today, President Obama’s approval ratings continue to plummet. The right track / wrong track voter poll shows that a majority of Americans think the country is headed in the wrong direction. President Obama’s favorability rating is now in the 40s and things continue to get worse. In response to these horrible poll numbers the President has embarked on a 2012 election strategy of class warfare. We have previously reported on how the President is using race and social class (rich vs. poor) as a catalysis to stir-up his base in hopes that they will actively support his reelection. In our earlier articles we talked about how, because of a continued deteriorating economy with high unemployment, such campaigning and demagoguing could very easily end in civil unrest. Now matters have grown worse.

At the time this article was published Obama was witnessing a constant eroding of support by nearly all voting segments. Almost a year later now, things have only become worse for Obama, so much so that literally his whole campaign strategy is based on promoting fear, hate and divide. Bill Whittle of Afterburner does a great job of summarizing how Obama is increasingly being seen by the American public:

Today we now see less than admiring parodies and jokes of Obama performed by late night comedians, something that was practically non-existent during Obama’s first two years in office; a time when Obama worship was at its highest levels. Because of this shrunken admiration and the fear of being faced with a serious interview, Obama has now relegated himself to conducting interviews with outlier media outlets like Glamour and People magazines and local Arizona second tier radio stations. While on the one hand it is a good thing that Obama is now being challenged by previous media panderers, I believe that with this loss of public admiration and the increasing levels of mocking and ridicule that Obama faces almost daily, all of this could force Obama into a feeling of rejection such that, as an extreme narcissist, he could react in some irrational and possibly tragic way.

If Obama was not feeling threatened about his prospect for reelection he certainly should now given several recent polls.

There are now at least three separate polls from three different states showing Barack Obama with African American support in the 70s. More than that, an analysis of the black vote in last spring’s Arkansas Democrat presidential primary raises doubts about the actual level of support he has among African Americans.  Obama won the Arkansas primary by 58/42, but when the votes of the 29 “significantly” black counties were tabulated, his lead shrunk by 8 points. In ten counties with black populations between 19% and 41%, Obama actually lost 38/62! Not all of this can be dismissed with “Well, it’s just a primary.” Why The Democrats Ought To Be Scared If They Aren’t Already!

Nothing could be more devastating for Obama’s reelection campaign than what appears to be a significant erosion of support in the black community. Perhaps this could be the breaking point for Obama, the event that triggers an act of desperation by Obama.

In the final analysis, Obama’s campaign is in real trouble. New polls show that Romney has taken a small lead in the presidential sweepstakes. If Obama suspects real trouble for his campaign, as I believe he does, then as a nation we must remain vigilant and not allow Obama to succeed in manipulating events in order to create the chaos and crisis needed for him to abuse and retain power.

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