Benghazi Theories Abound

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Benghazi Theories Abound


October 25, 2012

Since publishing our article the Western Center for Journalism (WCJ) has published a video that lends strong support for the analysis offered in our article. Perhaps the most striking point raised in the WCJ’s video is the fact that the attack on the U.S. consulate in  Benghazi appeared to be more of an attempt to penetrate the facility as opposed to just destroying it. But why penetrate the facility? Only one explanation makes sense; to kidnap Ambassador Stevens.

As you view this video and read or re-read our article remember this:

  1. There are ongoing rumors that the U.S. and Egypt are negotiating for the release of the blind sheik (although the Obama administration denies these claims)
  2. For almost a year Benghazi has been under attack by Muslim extremist. This is why other nations had recalled their foreign service delegations and the Red Cross had closed it’s operations there.
  3. Ambassador Stevens recognized the growing threats and made repeated requests for heightened security for himself and the consulate. The requests were, incredibly, denied.
  4. Ambassador Stevens was in a clear “hot spot” (Benghazi) with literally no discernible security attachment.
  5. There were “quick response” forces available and could have arrived at the consulate in time (within an hour) to have likely saved two (2) of the four (4) Americans who were killed.  Obama never gave the order to dispatch  the forces.
  6. The security attachment for the consulate was provided by a relatively unknown security company who hired clearly untrained and unprepared officers for the U.S. consulate security assignment. (Yahoo news)
  7. Emails establish that the White House knew about the attack and watched it while it was happening.

These elements tend to  suggest that Ambassador Stevens was intentionally left in an extremely vulnerable position; one that could lead to a successful kidnapping.

Here is the WCJ’s new video:


Recently BQI republished articles that offered theories on the Benghazi tragedy. Glenn Beck offered one theory behind the murders. Glenn’s take was that Ambassador Stevens and the remaining three Americans were in terrorists’ filled Benghazi in order to retrieve weapons provided by the U.S. government  to Muslims who had fought for the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi.

Ambassador Stevens

A second theory that has been offered is that the Obama Administration was working with certain Muslim groups to have Ambassador Stevens kidnapped after which Obama would come to the ambassador’s rescue, ostensibly, through the heroic efforts of U.S. forces; an act that would bolster Obama’s foreign affairs resume just in time for the November elections.

A third theory is offered below, one that parallels the second theory just described. However, in this third theory the motivation behind the ambassador’s kidnapping was to provide a basis for fulfilling a major goal of members of the Muslim Brotherhood (an organization with extensive ties to Islamic extremist), the release of the blind sheikh who is currently serving time in federal prison after his conviction for the first World Trade Center bombing. The theory is that there was to be a prisoner exchange, the blind sheikh for the ambassador; however, unfortunately things went awry with Ambassador Steven and three others being killed.

Quite honestly I believe all of these theories could have some legitimacy, however, I believe one angle for the motivation that placed the Ambassador in terrorist laden Benghazi with minimal security protection and thus exposing him to a kidnapping was not just to facilitate an exchange of the blind sheikh for Ambassador Stevens; a more likely goal behind the action was to elevate the standing and perception of the Muslim Brotherhood among the American public.

Members of Congress have raised serious concerns about the growing influence of the Muslim Brotherhood within the Obama Administration and the federal government. Congresswoman Michelle Bachman along with other conservative legislators asked specific questions regarding the security clearances of several Muslim Brotherhood members as well as the top aide for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin. (Bachman hits back at McCain, critics regarding her letter about Muslim Brotherhood and its U.S. TentaclesIs The Muslim Brotherhood Paying For Huma Abedin’s Swanky Park Avenue Apartment? ) But more concerns exist.

For the past several months Glenn Beck has made a very strong case against the Obama Administration claiming the Administration has aggressively aligned itself with the Muslim Brotherhood and how this alignment is heavily influencing the nation’s domestic and foreign policy and administration. Beck described the large number of Muslim Brotherhood leaders and organizations that have been given highly influential positions within not only the Obama Administration but throughout the United States government. Glenn’s strongest case was made against the Muslim Brotherhood when he aired his two part documentary, The Project, a Muslim Brotherhood plan and strategy to infiltrate and destroy western civilization. For the goals of The Project to be achieved it is imperative that the American public see the Brotherhood as a benign, secular organization, one that “eschews” violence which is how Director of National Intelligence (oxymoron) James Clapper described the organization.

With such issues being raised about the radicalism of the Muslim Brotherhood and its growing ties to the Obama Administration (Barack Obama And The Muslim Brotherhood (Part 1)The Company They KeepThe Tipping Point: Embracing the Muslim Brotherhood ) it seems quite plausible that there would be some interest between the Brotherhood and Obama to legitimize the organization and thus quell growing concerns by the American public. What better ways to achieve this objective than to have the Muslim Brotherhood play a key role in the negotiations and ultimate release of a kidnapped U.S. Ambassador; with or without involvement of the blind sheik?

Today, President Obama is attempting to quash the Benghazi case until after the November elections, this despite the clear desire of the American public and the family of the slain patriots to know what exactly happened to their loved ones. Unfortunately, the president of compassion and concern feels other priorities must take precedent over the wishes and desires of those most affected by this tragedy.

Benghazi Attack Was Botched Kidnapping To Trade Blind Sheik

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