America and Conservatives Especially Deserve Better

America and Conservatives Especially Deserve Better

We begin this article with a look at the current Democrat voting base:

If Obama wins re-election, most of America will get what it deserves.

By any objective measure, President Obama has had one of the most destructive administrations in American history. I say destructive as opposed to failed because Obama has been successful in bringing about the fundamental transformation that he promised in 2008. This successful transformation has been, however, enormously destructive to America generally and to the middle class specifically.  From his failed economic plan, to his destructive foreign policy as witnessed last month with the Benghazi tragedy; widespread fraud, waste and abuse, President Obama has brought America to the precipice of financial, economic and domestic destruction. Yet, as this editor’s note is penned, the race between Obama and Mitt Romney, based on reports from numerous polls, is close, practically even.

Half of the country has recognized the tragedy which is Obama while the other half begs for more. The group that recognizes Obama’s destruction is pretty much a homogeneous group while those who support Obama are less so.

The Obama supporters can be placed into one of three categories: 1. Clueless who are otherwise good Americans but unfortunately they do not follow issues (too busy watching Jersey Shore)  and generally wait until weeks before the election and then pride themselves on casting their vote based on the soaring rhetoric of a 30 second campaign ad; 2. Hardcore Socialists, like Obama, are people who recognize and support Obama’s destructive policies and efforts to achieve the fundamental transformation of America; and 3. Misinformed are people who truly want what’s in America’s best interest (my family and friends fall into this category) and who consider themselves informed despite the fact that their knowledge on issues comes from the bias mainstream media. These are the same people who are often intransient in their views and unilaterally dismiss the opinions of other ideas because they believe they have put in the time and research that supports their political viewpoints. It is this group that brings me the greatest consternation.

Unless the “misinformed” are willing to become more open to differing views, ideas and opinions and until the clueless become more engaged, then America truly is in real trouble; prime example, Benghazi, Libya.

The Benghazi tragedy is perhaps the single most glaring example of political lies, fraud, deceit and cover-up ever committed in America. Yet because the general public remains relatively clueless about the facts surrounding this event, the mainstream media continues with their efforts to support Obama’s reelection by intentionally refusing to report the story or distorting facts in favor of the Administration.

Today good Americans should be in the streets and on social media clamoring for investigative reporting over the Benghazi affair. Four patriotic Americans have died while serving their country, yet the President and his administration have lied, mislead and shown utter disinterest in doing what is right and disdain for those who seek to do so, all for the expressed purpose of helping Obama win re-election. The fact that we are not seeing widespread calls for more transparency by the administration can be largely attributed to the failed reporting of the mainstream media. The only media providing appropriate levels of coverage on this issue is Fox News.  CNN is the only other news outlet providing some level of coverage on this scandal. The problem is that many of the clueless and misinformed refuse to view or listen to Fox for fear of becoming tainted by conservative ideology. Hence, out of this narrow bias perspective, the misinformed and clueless remain completely in the dark to this enormous tragedy.

You may have heard, America is at a tipping point. Whether we tip in favor of what made America great, the founding principles, liberty, the rule of law and Judeo / Christian tenets or do we continue the current path to economic and social disintegration, rests on the desire and efforts of all Americans to become informed on issues.

It is understandable but regrettable how Americans have grown to take our freedoms and life styles for granted. Few have ever lived under any other form of government or societal structure. Certainly for those Americans who fled from more oppressive countries to come to America, they uniformly see America’s greatness and the need to guard these rights by being active citizens.

The activism that is needed today is to hold the America media accountable for fair and accurate reporting. The failure of the mainstream media to investigate and demand answers from the Obama Administration over the Libya affair, given what is at stake in this election, is not only misfeasance and a complete surrendering of any professional journalism standards, I personally believe the actions are    tantamount to treason.

Any prospect of the media changing course will depend on good Americans demanding change from media outlets. However, to achieve this we first must realize that we are confronted with the chicken / egg dilemma. In order to facilitate change in the media you need an informed citizenry; however, to achieve that you must have a media that is doing its job of accurately reporting news. Oh, what to do?

Certainly one option is that the misinformed and clueless will, over time or by a specific  shocking event, recognize that they have been misinformed or not engaged enough on issues. This option, however, does nothing to remedy the problem that we face for the election that will be held in seven days. The only other option is for the informed to continue to hammer away at friends and family who remain disengaged or who are ignorant to truth. While this can bring massive frustration on those seeking to facilitate change, in the final analysis, it does amount to a small price to pay for restoring America. Clearly the alternative to not making our arguments is a failure to see a timely about face by the clueless and misinformed which will only heighten the chances of Barack Obama’s reelection.

There are absolutely no barriers for the clueless and misinformed to overcome to insisting, no…demanding more balanced reporting from the mainstream media other than apathy or misplaced priorities. So long as Americans, the clueless and misinformed, remain in that status and are thus silent in their objections to how the mainstream media reports news, then they have no one to blame but themselves when tragic events occur stemming from Obama’s reelection. The problem is that the informed class, conservatives like myself, will suffer along with the clueless and misinformed. Therefore, the struggle continues to wake up close to half of the country  .

If Obama wins re-election, most of America will get what it deserves. We conservatives, though, deserve better. We’ve remained engaged, sought truth and challenged the establishment. Conservative values, founding principles based on Judeo / Christian values  is what will save America.

We end this article with comments from Democrat strategist, Pat Caddell. Mr. Pat Caddell sums up the current status of the American mainstream media:

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