Yes, Virginia, there is a Red Christmas and a Blue Christmas

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Yes, Virginia, there is a Red Christmas and a Blue Christmas

In a little over a month from now, half of America will celebrate Christmas. Much of the celebration will be centered on the true meaning of Christmas which is the birth of Jesus Christ. They will celebrate this glorious holiday by sharing gifts with friends and loved ones; gifts packaged and delivered by Santa Clause, the jolly fat man in the red suit. For the remaining half of the nation, Christmas will be basically just another day. Why, because they celebrate Christmas every day thanks to their beloved and caring Santa, Barack Obama.

Last Tuesday over 60 million fellow Americans, ostensibly, voted to reelect Barack Obama. These Americans found the enticement of free stuff to be just too appealing so they flocked to the polls to ensure their Santa remained in a position to deliver the goodies.  I say ostensibly 60 million because there is sufficient suspicion of voter fraud around the country such that even Stevie Wonder could see the organized corruption. That being the case, Americans should be up in arms clamoring for recounts and in fact, some of that is happening. However, with a complicit media and clueless populace, maybe as many as 60 million, good luck with that happening. I think it is time for conservatives to realize that the left’s momentum to fundamentally transform America, morally, economically, spiritually and in every other respect, might be beyond our ability to stifle. Evidence of this take over is obvious and growing.

In last Tuesday’s election, America not only reelected the most corrupt Administration in history (See BQI article: The Petraeus Debacle), voters in many states also voted in favor of initiatives for gay marriage, legalized marijuana use and state sponsored abortions.

In a New York Times opinion page, the writer talked about the loss by conservatives of the cultural wars in the U.S. (The Culture War and the Jobs Crisis)  The most recent example of this shift in morals and values is seen not only in Obama’s handling of the economy and the Benghazi tragedy, but also in the highest echelons of our military and national security leadership.  And what reaction to these scandals can we expect to see from the American public…probably little if any. Remember, if you lack good morals and values and more importantly if you get free stuff, your focus is not on what is just and right but how soon you receive your government assistance check and free phone.

America is in decline and I and other conservatives must begin to realize this and plan for it; prepare for it in a way to protect our families and to minimize the near certain hardships that are coming.

Now that he has been reelected, Obama will continue with his fundamental transformation of America. As he completes this process Americans, the 60 million ostensibly who voted for him, will soon begin to feel and see the error of their ways especially when the government, Santa, begins to run out of other people’s money and the candy treats stop. Then and only then will the government dependents look to conservatives for answers. Until then, for 60 million Americans (ostensibly), it’s Christmas every day.

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