My debate with a liberal friend.

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My debate with a liberal friend.

BQI Editor’s Note

Occasionally I engage in discussions with friends on Facebook. One friend in particular, a devout liberal, has provided some of the most engaging and at the same time, scary debates. For the life of me, I cannot understand how naïve some people choose to be. Repeatedly in our discussions my liberal friend tells me that I’m Islamaphobic, hateful, bigoted and that I live in darkness and fear. I, obviously, see myself as one who only wants what is true no matter where it leads me and for this reason I diligently search for facts as well as the opinion of others.

While I see myself as a diligent seeker of truth I also recognize the tactic that my friend often employs which is to shift the focus on me by name calling; all with the hope of putting me on the defensive as some kind of nut job while he hovers over the issue as the logical, compassionate, inclusive liberal who sees good in everything and everyone.

Well perhaps I am the one missing the obvious. Perhaps I am the one incorrectly interpreting today’s events. Perhaps I am the one who, as my friend repeatedly tells me, is paranoid and living in fear. Facts that are so clear and obvious to me are always seen by my friend in a completely different light. Where I see a mountain of facts, which includes court records, videos and statements from the people themselves, describing the Muslim Brotherhood as radical Islamist bent on the destruction of the West and America, my friend sees them as some small group with no capability to affect much of anything; this despite the enormous changes that have occurred in European countries as a result of Islamist goals to take over entire countries and to place them under Sharia Law.

What I’ve decided to do is to place one of my discussions with my liberal friend here so that others might have an opportunity to see the nature of our discussions. I hope that people will read these entries and comment so as to help me to understand the liberal mind and whether or not I am a right winged nut job.

The discussion begins with a comment from my “Liberal Friend”. The content our our discussion begins with domestic policies and later morphs into the spooky realm of Islamic terrorism…..oops…I forgot, this sort of description is taboo according to the current Administration. If approached by the Obama PC police I will plead ignorance or the fact that I did not get the memo.

Liberal Friend

What should be done about the current economic state of affairs ? Tell all the unemployed and sick folks in the country, the crumbling infrastructure, failing schools and students, “tough titties?” Maybe we should just look the other way?


The simple matter is if the government would get out of the way, create an environment where it benefits the free market to find and address issues, it can be done. Our founders knew that a democratic republic could not survive without a moral society. Until and unless we understand this as a people and government pulls back we are doomed to be like the failed and failing European states. Will there be those that abuse the system, yes and a moral society would impose the proper penalties for these occurrences without restricting the rights and freedoms of others. Bigger and more powerful government is not and never has been the answer. Why you see things in such extreme measures explains why we are in our current state of affairs. For example, the Connecticut murders, the first reaction of liberals, almost hours after the event, was to call on bands on what they describe as assault rifles, massive registrations et al.; this notwithstanding any proof that past restrictions even worked. Calling for such action, again makes liberals feel and be perceived by low information voters as the “caring’ crowd when in fact their solutions will have, as with most of their policies, minimal if any impact. Liberals choose, as always, not to deal with the real underlying issue to all of this which is the massive moral decline in the U.S. precipitated by liberal policies that debase life (e.g. partial birth abortion, infanticide and sex selection abortion all supported by Obama and other liberals as well as gay marriage etc.) The liberal belief that “you do what makes you feel good” and the so called “judgmental” claim makes pointing out wrongs as being politically incorrect which in turns sets no limits on human behavior.

Finally, if your parents find themselves covered under Obamacare, which is very likely once the program is fully implemented, and their treatment for a serious perhaps even life threatening condition comes before the “panel” I hope you will show the same understanding and need for government health care when they are denied treatment.

Liberal Friend

Wow. What a way to see things you have. You didn’t answer my question though. I asked what should be done about the massively CURRENT number of unemployed, hungry and sick people? It is addressing the needs of this population that accounts for the “massive government expansion” that you fear and speak of.



Quite the contrary, I did. The answer is an active and robust economy shaped on strong moral authority, limited government and the advocacy of individual responsibility. The problem you and other liberals have is that you create circumstances that are counteractive to the above so when disaster strikes you then claim that the free market is bad and that only government has the solutions. But since this concept is so foreign to you I will elaborate. You stated the following:
…what should be done about the massively CURRENT number of unemployed, hungry and sick people? It is addressing the needs of this population that accounts for the “massive government expansion” that you fear and speak of.
1. The Unemployed: For the last four years your president has advocated policies that will limit the desire of investors to invest but mainly business to invest their capital. With threats of new taxes, uncertainty with Obama care and more, the free market has been paralyzed hence high unemployment (ridiculous high unemployment in the black community but notwithstanding this “we” had to vote for the black guy…you know…the one “who looks like you…how pathetic) Although you will not agree, Reagan’s solutions are undeniable. Lower taxes, certainty in the market and a belief that there is leadership in the WH that wants to see a strong economy will spur biz to invest and investors to take risks. No matter what you may say about how GWB created these conditions it’s been four years now and our economy is barely making it.( And don’t tell me that he needs more time. Other nations are having robust economies who did what conservative argue should be done here.) Hence no jobs or certainly no job creation that would characterize us as having a robust economy.

2. The hungry and sick: God said that the needy will always be with us; with that said as a blessed nation founded on Judeo/Christian values it is our responsibility to take care of those unable to care for themselves. I do not interpret this care, as you and liberals do, as the government creating programs that create and foster government dependency. Rather we should have laws and policies that encourage the private sector to provide this care. These policies should complement private initiatives and when the private sector is unable to do this ( i.e. churches, 501 c etc) then government could step in but this should be more the exception than the rule. (teach a man to fish theory) Again, though, when you have a media, government and politicians (democrats) who see value in having a dependent society then their actions, mindset and deeds will reflect this desire. Especially with the media, politicians and our educational system, glorifying the “I’m owed” mindset, it is virtually impossible to have a society of people who want to make it on their own and without such a desire the morality necessary in a free democratic republic will not exist and, as has been the case in America, you witness a continued decline in not only morality but of the desire to exceed, excel and for personal responsibility.

Lastly, Liberal Friend, you really should read more history. You should understand clearly what motivated the first Americans to leave Europe for a better life. It was the desire to have religious freedom as well as coming from under the yoke of an oppressive government (monarchy) that motivated them to risk all to come here. While you seem to have no concern for an ever growing government the people that founded this great nation lived under one and found it stifling. You don’t seem to understand that a government big enough to give you something is bid enough to take it away. That is why our government’s founding documents were based on the belief that our rights are given to us by God not the government. Why you seem to have so much faith in government when the track record for their performance on so many issues is so pathetic is, quite frankly, amazing. Why you don’t seem to mind Mayor Bloomberg telling people what size soda to have or where they can pray or a US government telling us what to eat or what type of light bulbs to use…why you can’t see this as a growing encroachment on liberty and freedom is scary for not seeing it can only mean one of two things. Either you are a low information voter or you agree with government encroachment. In either case, people like this are what threatens the survival of a country and economic system that has lifted more people out of poverty and into prosperity than any other that has ever existed.
Now that I’ve answered your question tell me how you will deal with the issues.
You continually express amazement at how I see things which implies that your way is always correct. If that is the case then why are matters getting worse in America. Why do people feel that their children will not have it as well off or have as many opportunities as they did etc. there is an overall malaise, a feeling that things aren’t right and the future is not that bright in America and it can’t be blamed now on Bush.

Liberal Friend

I didn’t vote for the Black guy, I voted for the smartest guy who happens to be Black like me and that’s an extra bonus. If Alan Keys or Herman Cain had been running against McCain or Romney, I would have voted for them. If Colin Powell had been running against Romney I would have voted for Powell. If Powell had been running against Obama I would have voted for Obama. Barack and I think alike. Bottom line. And we have and have had the same kind of detractors. The ones who believe we are too “upitty” and should acquiesce more. But I digress…Reality is perception. Clearly you perceive things the way you do my friend. I do not fault you for that. I just prefer what I see as more sensible and progressive and see how wonderful and great we are as a nation are growing instead of the doom and gloom scenario of fear you look for. You even brought in the notion of gays receiving equal treatment under the law as some sort of sign of the decline of America is a scary thought. Why a population who have a different sexual orientation in no longer ‘fashionable’ to be discriminated against is a bad thing says a lot about the “fear” that is so pervasive in that Right Wing thinking. And that ugly intolerance that thankfully is finally dying and going the way of the dinosaur. It’s akin to the thinking that the end of slavery would be the end of civilization.


Sadly this does not deserve a response beyond this.


Congratulations. By the end of you man’s second term America will have the benefit of a larger and more intrusive government which can only mean we will have the pleasure of seeing more of this. Thank God for government and even bigger government so we can all become more dependent on its benevolence and effectiveness in solving problems…..I concede you are right. More and bigger government is the answer to instances like the one below and these same government programs, proof has shown, has in fact advanced the economic condition of at least two generations of Americans who now understand the greatness of big intrusive government. They know first hand the goodness of big government because they have “benefited” so much from the plethora of government programs coming from the “Great Society” initiative.:

‘Fighting and Throwing Chairs’: Riot Explodes as Thousands Seek Housing Vouchers in MI Town Applicants for Section 8 housing vouchers in Taylor, Michigan went wild Saturday after authorities asked thousands to return another time, CBS Detroit relates. Apparently, somewhere between 3,000 and 5,000 turned out– some waiting in line all night– but only 1,000 vouchers were available. CBS De…


In reading this and viewing the video, keep in mind. When you have a mindset of wanting things promised by government and government, as seen in the video, can’t meet the needs, what do you as a liberal think will happen? People will hold hands and walk away saying “oh well, Obama tried to help us but there just is not enough to go around even though he promised to take care of us”. Remember, we have a spending problem even though Obama feels we don’t. Oh the beautiful scenes when the money runs out completely.


I just think these Islamist are misunderstood. Perhaps I should attend the Mosque that they frequent to better understand their plight. I’m sure to learn much about the horrible conditions that forced them into these justifiable acts.

France launches airstrikes on Mali
President François Hollande responds to advance south by Islamist rebels by sending armed forces to aid Malian troops


These Christians just complain too much.

2013 May Bring More Persecution to Pakistani Christians, Not Less « Persecution News
Last year more than 23 blasphemy cases, including that of Rimsha Masih, were officially registered in Pakistan. Christians are concerned that the Government is “all talk” and no action in regards to improving their status as second class citizens. While the government has made quite a few amendment…

Liberal Friend

Haven’t seen it yet, but no one has ever said that anyone “expects” anything from the government. That is the idea that Conservatives mischaracterize. But just like when Americans were on bread lines during the Great Depression, it would have been irresponsible to do nothing. The idea of GROWING the size of government was not and is still not the issue. Nor is MAKING people dependent (The other big lie that Conservatives propagate as some sort of truth)


Man…talk about the ability to be blinded by facts. This is too sad, Liberal Friend. You should open your eyes, get away from the liberal media that clearly has a liberal bias, do your own research and get educated. If you can say that there is not an entitlement mentality out there then brother, you’ve been under a rock or two:

Original Obamaphone Lady: Obama Voter Says Vote for Obama because he gives a free Phone
Protester outside of Romney rally explains how Obama gives all minorities free phones and that is why they should vote for him. Cleveland Ohio, September 26,…

Liberal Friend

Liberal Media…lol


Obama was elected so why am I still paying my mortgage?

Obama Is Going To Pay For My Gas And Mortgage!!!
This lady, Peggy Joseph, thinks Barack Obama will pay for her gas, mortgage, and who knows what else.


Of course this has nothing to do with personal responsibility. I know your ilk meant well though. They should never have arrested her man. Dammit Liberal Friend,…somebody has to pay. I say you should do the paying….you know…because you are so compassionate and understanding. At least if you try and fail I know you, like big government and liberal policies, meant well. …

Single Mom and her 15 Children on Welfare
Kids suffer from the decisions of their parents everyday, but this is pretty bad.


Government giveth and government taketh away. Oh if we could just make government the BIGGEST, we all can surrender our rights including parental rights to the benevolent, caring, effective government. Who needs individual responsibility when government has our back.

Liberal Friend

If this were the case of the majority of people then I would see your point, but it isn’t. When I was teaching at a Community College in Boston I would say the majority of my students were getting help from social services and were in school to better their circumstances. For every “Welfare Mom” there are thousands of others who have received the desperately needed help and have since moved on without it, and extremely thankful they had the help at a crucial time. But is was hardly the “Government Lifestyle” that Conservatives believe is so prevalent.


For crying out loud, Liberal Friend …everyone knows that the problem is not identical to those sent…not this great…however, the mentality is there and I could send more of these as proof. No one disagrees that some people need this assistance, I even said as much in my earlier comment to you. The problem is that you have a growing mentality of this dependency mind set for people who can care for themselves but choose to be on the gov’t dole. And, for you to deny that liberals don’t advocate this type of mentality is just, plain and simple, to deny reality. For example, name one, just one social issue where liberals cite as a solution less government, more self-reliance, personal responsibility and independence. I can certainly show you how on every single such issue, the liberal solution is for more government. Can you say now gov’t control of guns following the Conn. incident. The video of the 15 kids is one that you should definitely view for it gets into great detail of the circumstances and attitude of the mother.

Liberal Friend

There are ignorant people with all kinds of beliefs including some who are desperate and want ANYONE to help them whether it’s the government or the local A&P. It is not anywhere near the majority or is it the government aim to produce these people. It’s just not the desire of the government to leave them on the street to die either. You still have not given me your solution for the CURRENT problem. You just keep telling me what should be done going forward. I guess we should just let all the government dependents die, and then start over fresh.


I’ve given you a clear solution to the problem. It’s just not the solution that you prefer to hear (lower taxes, greater fiscal and regulatory certainty, smaller government and a clear unambiguous message by leadership of their desire to grow the private sector and limit government). And…there you go again name calling (There are ignorant people with all kinds…). Why do you insist on doing that. It is not consistent with your desire to be viewed as caring and fair. Seems you are being a bit judgmental, something your ilk constantly accuses or attribute to conservatives. Why do you judge that these people are ignorant? What do you base that on? There is a government that offers to pay for them to live in these conditions so a decision to do so seems logical to me and would strongly suggest that these folks are actually resourceful. I love how you make arguments by just denying facts that are presented to you. Back your statements with some evidence that there is not a growing dependent mindset in America.

Liberal Friend

The ignorant people comment was in reference to the woman on welfare. What conversation are you reading man?? Ignorant in that there is seemingly a lack of information that has brought her to this point. Welfare is not my issue anyway. As far as that goes, I am more like you. But blaming the ills of the country on the most needy in the country is like blaming the victims of child abuse for the behavior of the abusers. There are a myriad of issues facing the US and world. You go on to say that lower taxes would solve the economic issues of the day. I guess you are talking “Trickle Down Economics” But there is no evidence it has EVER worked for stimulating the economy. The other FACT is that more jobs and economic prosperity has been enjoyed more with a Democratic president. (After the two parties essentially switched roles)


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Liberal Friend we have engaged in a series of back and forth on our different ideologies. While we both have yet to give any ground on the matter one thing is clear, we both have strong feelings about our beliefs. I’ve tried to provide you with unbiased information to support, unsuccessfully, my positions on several issues. In a recent exchange you claimed that I and conservatives like me live in fear and paranoia especially as it relates to efforts to fundamentally transform America either by Obama and his ilk or radical Muslims. In fact you suggested, no stated that I have bigotry toward people who are unlike me. That is a false belief but your raising the point is a common tactic by the left to stifle open debate, discussion and research.

I am sending you a very important article that I will post at BQI tomorrow. If you do not read or view anything else that I might send to you, I encourage you to set aside some time and review the information in the attached link. This could very well be my final attempt to help you understand the conservative perspective on issues.
While you do not see the national media as a bias tool for the left, if one assumes that they are, for argument sake, have you ever considered what you are missing? The attached link will bring to light information that I know for certain that you’ve never heard or seen before. This is not about hate or bigotry. Rather it is about real stated goals to defeat western civilization and America especially.

Jihad in America: Grand Deception – Discussion Panel Webcast | Black Quill and Ink
While many Americans remain asleep to the threats posed by radical Islam, fortunately there are some Americans who are being diligent and seeking to not only understand the Islamic threats but to begin the process of fighting back. While the mainstream media remains complicit to the goals of radical…

Liberal Friend

Okay, coincidentally I am watching it now with a young lady from Tunisia who is Muslim. I only hope we are not about to watch a modern day Mccarthy-ish fear of the “Red Communist threat” all over again that was so convincing to those paranoid in the 50′s. My friend … is amazed (as am I) at some who have decided that the acts of the radical minority on the extreme fringes of Islam have caused such paranoia and fear by the supposedly more sensible majority. Fear is an ugly cancer that in the extreme, in the minds of those most susceptible, trumps rational thinking.

Liberal Friend

We are half way through it..My friend has two questions so far. She is wondering why supposedly smart people are worried about extremists of any group? She fears this type of film causes many to fear and be suspicious of Islam in general which has absolutely nothing in common with radicals. She says it would be the same as people fearing Christians because of Christian extremists like our KKK burning crosses and lynching blacks in the name of the Bible. Extremists corrupt the true religion and manipulate it to their own agenda. Islam is a peace loving religion where even plants are revered and has nothing to do with terrorism and jihad. Because of this fear and enlarging that fear makes life in America extremely hard and dangerous because they have become targets, when they are no different from anyone else in America. If non Muslims took the time to truly understand the religion none of the fear would exist and the focus would not be on all this fear. Secondly, she says that the Muslim Brotherhood is not a monolithic organization as described by these guys on TV who are way off base. There are extremists in every walk of life. Many of the people American’s fear have been convincingly taught that all Americans want to destroy Islam. They believe it because they don’t bother to learn the truth. Many Americans don’t bother to learn the truth either. It’s easier to just believe the lie.

Liberal Friend

The video ended abruptly as the Narrator is talking about these 24 Muslim Brotherhood members meeting secretly at a Marriott hotel in Philly. It was done with scary music to add to the effect. (My friend) is amazed by this and says no wonder they have to fear being shot or bombed by fear mongers when they go to church. Imagine going to church with your family and you have to always worry about radicals killing you? She wonders why so much attention is focused on radicals and not empathy for non radical Muslims which far outnumber the crazies which the non radicals condemn the most

Liberal Friend

She says people like you are spreading hate and fear instead of understanding which makes life for her family very dangerous. The radicals do not have the power that the mere fear of them gives them. If you truly claim Christianity (which like true Islam teaches tolerance and understanding love and peace) then you would consider the consequences of promoting fear of any group rather than true understanding. (She is crying now)


Liberal Friend, I had a perfect response prepared for you and my screen shut down. I will try to duplicate it.

I’m sorry that you friend is crying. Perhaps she is one of the moderate Muslims who are also being misled as the man in the video stated. Liberal Friend the Muslim Brotherhood is for real and their goals for America and the west have been clearly stated. Calling me names or suggesting that I’m full of hate will not alter this fact. As the man in the video stated the MB is a well-funded (by Arab nations) and they have undertaken a meticulous strategy to achieve their goals. Choosing to ignore this fact will not make it go away. Unlike the KKK, the MB has infiltrated our schools, government and Hollywood. They depend on good people, those who want to see the good in everything, to defend them and to help them advance their objectives. Unlike the KKK, the MB has a stated plan to destroy the West. Unlike the KKK the MB has been embraced by Hollywood, our media and high government officials. Speaking out against the MB is not showing hatred or bigotry or even Islamophobia. No, speaking out is simply recognizing that there is real evil in the world and that refusing to see it, refusing to call it what it is only enables the threat to grow. Liberal Friend what you fail to see is that European nations did exactly what you and other liberals are doing here in America. They called for multiculturalism and welcomed people of different faiths, notably Islam, to their countries. They did not encourage that these folk assimilate into their society and now they are faced with extreme radical Islam conditions that are growing. Matters have become so graved that several European leaders (France, Germany and Great Britain as well as Australia) have openly stated that multiculturalism has been an abysmal failure. Unfortunately now, radical elements have taken root and it will be difficult to weed them out.

Liberal Friend it is one thing to be an optimist but something totally different when in being one you deny truth that is readily before you. I love people of all faiths as well as people of no faith but in doing so it does not mean that I have to deny reality. Liberal Friend the Holy Land trials were real and the evidence from it is real. There is evil in the world and history has shown that an unwillingness to meet it head on will only allow it to grow in size and strength and then when the time comes that you are forced to deal with it, the aftermath is significantly greater than had you met it and dealt with it earlier on. Liberal Friend you are a liberal and I a conservative and somewhere in the middle there is truth. I remember reading somewhere that there are roughly 2billion Muslims in the world and that roughly 10% could be classified as extreme. That means, perhaps, there are about 200 million people who will strap on a bomb to hurt you, your family and mine. Let’s say the number is more like one percent that is still a lot of people that could bring havoc. There is roughly this many people who believe in Sharia Law, an archaic law that denies rights to women, calls for the killing of Jews, Christians, infidels and homosexuals. To me Liberal Friend, this is more than a resemblance to the KKK, this is a real global threat being played out every day around the world. There are Islamic extremist, many are members of the MB, who are calling for a worldwide Sharia. The video that I sent shows this and I could provide more evidence.

Your friend wonders why so much focus is made on the radical elements of her religion. This is partially due to the fact that many moderates of her religion live in fear of offending the radical elements and for this reason they remain silent. Certainly not all, for some are very outspoken and this certainly helps. But when I read daily of the horrors being done around the world by radical Muslims, when I read of their plans to destroy the west, when I see what has happened in Europe, when I see Christians (Coptic) being slaughtered in Egypt, Nigeria and other Muslim nations, when I see the stealth movement of the MB into our way of life, government and society and read about their plans and see how so naively Americans are falling into the same trap as the Europeans then I get very concerned. For this reason, Liberal Friend, I will remain that “watchman on the wall” and I will be like Winston Churchill who for years tried but was unable to convince his fellow Brits and the world that Hitler was preparing for war. No, instead, he was mocked and ridiculed by the liberals of his day, called an extremist while Neville Chamberlain was held up as a hero. We all know how that one ended.

One last thing (my original ideas that were deleted are coming back). Liberal Friend what bothers me most is the fact that I’ve presented to you uncontroversial facts, videos of people speaking in their own words, documented evidence from federal trials etc. yet you continue to dismiss me as a nut job. I would hope that you would be more open to the idea of saying “…well BQI you’ve provided some things that I did not know about and what I will do is my own objective investigation.” Instead you dismiss, or play down the evidence as something that “should “ not exist although it does. Why not look into this and allow the truth to lead you. Don’t put on your blinders and bias hat but rather open your mind to see what is really before you. Maybe things are not as bad as I think, although I doubt it, but I can say with absolute certainty, they are not as good as you seem to think
Anyway, I want to thank you for taking the time to view the material. I hope that you looked at the BQI link The Islamic Threat Within for it provides a wealth of information on the infiltration of the MB into our government.

I’m sorry that your friend took it so hard but unless she is willing to ACTIVELY speak out in very STRONG terms against that small radical element of her faith then her silence becomes a further enabler for the radical element to grow creating more confusion and unwarranted threats for people like her.

Liberal Friend

I have never said that radicals do not exist. Obviously they do. But they are less important or significant as compared to the forces of good which you seem to believe is on the verge of falling
Not even close


Liberal Friend, don’t get me wrong. We have to remain optimistic about the future but we also have to deal with the present. This evil exists and with the money, strategy and backing they are getting, they are a real threat. Why don’t you spend some time researching conditions over in Europe. You liberals love that place you know. See what has happened to many of the countries there for they are a forerunner to what is happening here. We can’t simply rely on the notion that good exists in the world, we all know that. But if those who are good can’t see the evil that confronts us then, although good will ultimately prevail as history has shown, we will get there with more harm having been inflicted unnecessarily.

Liberal Friend

They do not represent (by any significant measure) a serious or credible threat to our way of life. (My friend) and others do not have a fear of speaking out against radicals. Her question is why don’t Conservatives speak out against their radical fringe who preach fear and suspicion and hate of Islam, which are much more of a threat to her and her family’s way of life who are faithful peace loving people. I am hardly ignoring a reality or living with my head in the sand as you believe. I am simply not guided by fear. Those who do see the world as a place to not be victimized. I instead see it as a place with threats but am more in touch with the power of The Light which is significantly more powerful than the limited power of Darkness when confronted with the power of Light.


Once again, Europeans (Holland, the Netherlands etc.) said the same thing. Now they are faced with violent Jihad and their way of life has changed significantly. Darn, Liberal Friend, just do some research. These radicals are changing the way of life for many in the world. Have you been to an airport lately. As for your friend, when was the last time a Christian cut off a person’s head, mutilated the genitals of a young girl called for the complete wipe out of Jews or Muslims for that matter. Liberal Friend you will not be successful trying to conflate these two issues. Elements of (your friend’s) religion are at war with the world and the same cannot be said of Christians or any other religion. What she calls hatred is what I call warnings and calls for awakening. It is unfortunate that some people have to live for the wrongs and mistakes of others but I don’t see Christians doings the things that people of her faith are dong, but people like you and your friend will continue to create distractions to the real problems .

Liberal Friend

Maybe you have forgotten about the Christian Crusades? Throughout the ages many radicals of many religions have gone off the deep end in the name of their faith. Ultimately the rationales and peaceful have prevailed. No one is saying not to stay vigilant, but living a paranoid life is not an option.


Liberal Friend,, that was 700 years ago…man oh man. How do you stay vigilant when you refuse to first admit there is a problem let alone recognize the magnitude of the problem? Yes good always prevails but how do you dispute the fact that being slow to see the issue as was the case with Nazi Germany, because people wanted to deny the threat existed, ended with millions dying to make liberals feel good about their belief in goodness.

Liberal Friend

Do (you) really believe with all of the surveillance going on and all of the Homeland Security, and CIA and FBI intelligence gathering going on, that we are going to be blind sided and taken over by extreme radicals? Really BQI? Really? Or are all these government agencies in cahoots with them and it’s ALL a vast conspiracy taking place? I wish conservatives would expend as much energy trying to solve the real problem of 50 gun murders every day in America, and this culture of violence that seems to have an unending appetite.


Well I guess I have to say that you’ve got me on this one. Yes, there is a certain level of government complicity. When you refuse to call a spade a spade or, in the case of Eric Holder and John Brennan and others in this administration, a Islamic terrorist an Islamic terrorist, I think you have the makings of a problem. When you are so PC that you call Jerusalem Al Quds which is an affront to folks in Israel, when you expunge all references to the term Islamic extremist or terrorist from all FBI training material etc. yes I do not have faith at least in this administration. Rank and file agency folks may be o.k. but the political appointees are another issue. Liberal Friend all of this is spelled out in my link provided earlier, how mush infiltration the MB has had in government and while you clearly won’t understand and appreciate these facts, at least you will have seen the evidence that you are so ready to dismiss. For crying out loud Liberal Friend, you actually have faith in a government that had six months of warnings yet failed or refused to provide appropriate security at our Benghazi compound. Liberal Friend each time that you attempt to make an argument it is so easy to disprove it because current events of the day provides all of the evidence needed.


Liberal Friend, I might add that with all of the points that you are trying to make here, to an objective reader who would review the same material you are looking like a very naive, sheeple and I don’t mean this from a name calling perspective. It’s just that at some point to react as you are is tantamount to an EXTREME position of denial .


If conservative watchmen like me were not around and only folks like you were here, this is what America would be dealing with and probably will because of the incredible large low information voters here in America:

The Islamization of France in 2012 :: Gatestone Institute
Opinion surveys show that to voters in France — home to an estimated 6.5 million Muslims, the largest Muslim population in the European Union — Islam and the question of Muslim immigration have emerged in 2012 as a top-ranked public concern. The


The Palestinian Authority’s Inconvenient Truths :: Gatestone Institute
The truth sometimes hurts; that is why the Palestinian Authority has been working hard to prevent the outside world from hearing about many occurrences that reflect negatively on its leaders or people. In recent years, the Palestinian Authority


This is how the MB uses diversionary tactics to win public support which allows them to move, in a stealth way, their jihad on the west. Anyone who believes the definition of Jihad that they are touting with their ad campaign lives in a world of disbelief and is naive. Oh…I’m sorry…that’s you This is incredible when there are tons of videos out there where the extremist use the term Jihad-Death-Destruction and Annihilation all interchangeably as it applies to Jew, Christians and the West but because they are telling you with words that do not match their actions, liberals like you will gladly believe them, you know, out of a spirit of peace, love and inclusiveness:

Center For Security Policy

The Center for Security Policy is a non-profit, non-partisan national security organization that specializes in identifying policies, actions, and resource needs that are vital to American security and then ensures that such issues are the subject of both focused, principled examination and effectiv…


This article was written for and about you. It is posted at BQI:

Because They Understand Americans, They Can Destroy America | Black Quill and Ink
Because the Communists, Marxists, Socialists, Islamists, and Liberals understand Americans, they will be able to use American virtues against us. They have studied us for decades to learn our weaknesses and our strengths. They have been patient. They had nothing to lose and everything to gain by …


Based on the teachings of the Koran?

Muslim Cleric States (Quoting al-Qur’an) “We Must Beat the Hell Out of Our Wives With a Rod”
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BQI Hanging only because of his Christian faith and the fact that he rejected Islam. Brother you better wake up. This pastor is not the first but one of several whose only crime is being a Christian in Iran. But of course the Iranians, certainly those in leadership, must be haters and represent only a small sect of the Muslim population.

Iran May Hang Imprisoned U.S. Pastor
An American-Iranian pastor imprisoned in Tehran since September may face hanging because of his Christian faith. Saeed Abedini sent a letter to his family Jan. 10 detailing his torture and

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