Black Celebration…. Hypocrisy in Action

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Black Celebration…. Hypocrisy in Action

Today black America celebrates. We celebrate the second inauguration of America’s first black president, Barack Obama and we celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Could there be a greater example of hypocrisy?

Years after King’s death, we still live in a country that  struggles to live by the words that made Dr. King famous;  to “….judge a man by the content of his character not by the color of his skin.” Ironically, of all Americans, Kings words ring the most hollow with black Americans.

As a black American I am sad and often disgusted at black hypocrisy. As a child of the 60s and the Civil Rights movement, I saw blacks, filled with pride and the desire to rid America of racism and segregation, march in the streets and allowed themselves to be beaten and attacked by dogs all with the goal of making America live up to it’s promise of freedom and liberty for all Americans. Now, forty years later, I see blacks completely ignore the content of a man’s character in order to show favor to him simply due to the color of his skin.

In 2008 I did not vote for Barack Obama and it was an easy decision to make. While like many black Americans, I longed to see the day that a black would reside in the White House, I refused, however, to surrender my ethics, morals and values, most of which are shared by a large percentage of the black community, in order to make this happen. In Barack Obama I saw a man who did not share my values, morals and certainly not my love of country. Simply put, I would not vote for a person who embraced not only abortion but partial birth abortion, sex selection abortion and even infanticide. I could not support a person who looked down upon and viewed a large segment of  the country as  people who  “… cling to guns or religion or (who have) antipathy to people who aren’t like them” while he himself shows antipathy  to people, conservatives like me, who he dislikes or disagrees with.

I would not support a person, just because he was black, who subscribed to economic theories, beliefs and ideas that are contrary to the fundamental underpinnings of what made America great; small government, capitalism, freedom of religion and a free economy.

I would not support a person just because he is black, who surrounded himself with people who are or were at best hostile to America (Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dorn, Frank Marshall Davis, et al)  and at worse who are sworn to bring about its destruction (Muslim Brotherhood).

In 2008 many blacks could plead ignorance to the plethora of facts that showed Barack Obama to be at best a globalist and at worse anti-American. But over the last four years with an economy still on life support and barely moving forward, with economic turmoil getting worse in the black community with high unemployment and crime, with conditions where even some black leaders said but for the fact that the president is black blacks would be in the streets protesting, we find blacks completely ignoring all of this angst, tragedy and turmoil in order to once again vote for “the black guy”. In doing so, black America exhibited what I call the most blatant form of hypocrisy and racism, that being racism against one’s own interests.

In other words it is one thing to vote for a man because he is black but who has your best interest at heart and something completely different (o.k. stupid) to vote for that person who in fact has shown repeatedly over the past four years, a complete indifference and almost hostile attitude towards your best interests.

It is the morning of January 21, 2013 and for the remainder of the day I will see, read about and listen to blacks celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and all of the great work that he did to bring black America the full benefits promised by our Constitution.  At the same time I will see, read about and listen to blacks celebrate the inauguration of a man who is not only the antithesis of Dr. King but who has dismissed black plight and the need to find solutions for a community that is in free fall and imploding. This morning I will watch black hypocrisy in action  and wonder if Dr. King is turning over in his grave.

  1. Suzy Q01-21-13

    Thank you for this article. Our experience apparently does not rely on our color/racial status. Your comments are so much like the feelings I had when I wrote this letter to the local newspaper last fall:

    September 25, 2012

    A few days ago I was castigated by an acquaintance for admitting that a little over four years ago I was ready to vote for a young new candidate for President named Barack Obama. To me, a child of the sixties who participated in tearing down racial barriers, Barack Obama seemed to have been the fulfillment of Martin Luther King, Jr’s ‘Dream’: a ‘color-blind’ society, racial equality.

    Then I read Dreams from my Father and realized Barack’s heroes were not my heroes. He said he sought out the company of revolutionaries: Marxists, socialists, & communists like those he had been brought up to respect and idolize by his parents, grandparents, mentor Frank Marshall Davis and my commitment to Barack Obama waned.

    My heroes were Martin Luther King, Jr and the Civil Rights leaders of the 60’s. I questioned whether MLK would have condoned Planned Parenthood, an organization now known to have been founded to create a ‘pure’ population and reduce or even eliminate the black population and I absolutely know MLK would have condemned Barack’s radical votes to withhold medical care for babies who survived the abortion table. MLK would have regretted the unintended destruction of the family that the Lyndon Johnson’s ‘Great Society’ inflicted on society. No, I didn’t believe Martin Luther King, Jr would have been a fan of Barack Obama.

    My heroes were presidents like John F. Kennedy who routed communists from our hemisphere, declared the United States would not be a second rate power, and launched the space race that put an American on the moon and created a whirlwind of scientific activity and advancements. Barack does not like the notion of American ‘exceptionalism’. He thinks America has been put on a pedestal it does not deserve and has been the perpetrator of more hurtful policies than good. I witnessed his pastor at Trinity United Church of Christ curse my country and say, ‘No, no, not God bless America, God damn America!’ This did more than turn me away from the notion of voting for Barack Obama. It absolutely terrified and sickened me that the party of JFK had turned into the party of Barack Obama. The party that fought communism in the sixties was being endorsed by the Communist Party of 2008.

    No, I decided that in spite of his extraordinary speeches, Barack Obama was not the person he portrayed himself to be – nor the person I wished him to be. He was most certainly not the ‘One’ I was waiting for. Needless to say, I‘m casting my vote for Mitt Romney.

  2. carbonyes01-21-13

    As has been so rightly said today is the epitome of hypocrisy. To celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life is a celebration of a good and honorable man. The 2nd inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama is a very sad thing, for this man and what he stands for is a tragedy and great travesty. Dr. King can be heralded for many things, all of which bring honor to him, his family, America and the American people. The true black American who stood tall and proud and rightly so, would doubtful have succumbed to the bill of goods(bads) by the shysters in the Democratic Party. The welfare system, initiated by LBJ has destroyed the black family and dear Obama is intent on keeping the black man down, distraught and dependent upon the “one” to keep him in power, while he goes about dismantling our economy, our freedoms and our American way of life. Obama is the antithesis of Dr. King and is on a course to destroy all the good that Dr. King has set the ground work for. What a tragedy. Is there still hope? Absolutely, for there is still a God in Heaven, the one and only true God, who never sleeps nor slumbers and is well aware of the evil that Obama is engaged in and his time is short lived.

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