Obama, the True Believer?

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Obama, the True Believer?

Much has been written and said about the religious faith of President Barack Obama. While he has repeatedly said that he is a Christian, many people question this position for a variety of reasons.  Suspicions surrounding the President’s faith are the direct result of the actions or inactions that he routinely seems to take; actions which often seem in direct conflict with traditional Christian principles. For example, his church attendance, or should I say the lack thereof, is the latest area creating suspicions. Since taking office the President and the First Lady have decided not to attend local church citing as the reason the fact that their presence would be disruptive and create too much of a burden for the church and it’s members. Prior to his election we all recall the fact that then candidate Obama was a long term active member of Reverend Wright’s church in Chicago, a church that some Christians would characterize as non-traditional in its teachings. Moreover, the Presidents’ comments about his faith including his statement that there are many paths to heaven is, again, not consistent with traditional Christian teaching that Jesus Christ is the one and only way to salvation. With so many “non-traditional“acts by the President, while I do not question his salvation, I, like many others do question his claim of holding traditional Christian precepts.

The other day during the Rush Limbaugh show, Rush mentioned that, earlier that morning, he had a conversation with a high ranking Republican Congressman. During the talk the Congressman said that if the Republicans were successful in the November elections, that they, Republicans, believed that President Obama would be forced to move away from his far left agenda and be more of a moderate by moving more to the center. Rush disagreed. The Congressman asked Rush if he really believed that Obama would not be more Clintonesque by altering his political stance by moving to the center in order to win reelection in November 2012. Rush said that he did not believe that Obama would change his political stance because Obama did not care if he was re-elected or not. To say the least the Congressman was mystified. Why would the President behave in a way that would almost certainly deny him a second term? In the eyes of politicians, nothing and I mean nothing trumps being re-elected. For any typical politician, like our Congressman, the politically savvy move would be to do whatever was necessary, in this case move to the center, to win re-election. However, President Obama is anything but a “typical” politician.

Interestingly and also disappointing was the remarkable response from the Congressman. His surprise to Rush’s comments tells me that they, House Republicans, still do not know or understand who Obama is. Notwithstanding the incredible track record that Obama has amassed since taking office; from his governance on health care to bailouts; to foreign relations; immigration to cap and trade; the one thing that should be clear by now to everyone in Congress is that President Obama is not your traditional politician.  This means then, that to understand the President one cannot judge him through the lens of a typical or traditional politician. A traditional politician, faced with an election tsunami like the President, would take a new tact by moving away from his leftist philosophy toward a more moderate centrist position. I predict the President will not alter his political course. For me such a rigid stance by the President, given the totality of events and circumstances leaves just one explanation for his conduct ; the President is a true believer.

I’m convinced that President Obama is a true believer. No, I am not saying that his actions establishes the fact that he is a Muslim. Rather, if the Republicans take control of Congress and the President does not alter his behavior then to me this would be just another example of his actions not appearing to be in the sphere of traditional norms; in this case political norms. Like his non traditional “Christian” acts, the President’s actions would portray him more like an outlier as opposed to the traditional norm. Obama believes that it is his duty, perhaps destiny, to fundamentally transform America.  His overwhelming election results only added fodder to this view of himself. Thus, as a true believer of his role in history and his destiny, I predict that President Obama will remain steady and on course to taking the country toward socialism.

A true believer is someone who has a total and complete commitment to a cause putting aside personal ambitions and benefits in favor of pursuing a higher cause. A suicide bomber for example is seen as the epitome of a true believer. They express their unyielding commitment to a cause by making the ultimate sacrifice, self destruction. No, President Obama is no suicide bomber or even a Muslim. I do believe, however, that he has an affinity towards the Muslim faith and if this is true, perhaps, then, sacrificing his re-election could be his personal jihad towards an economic and political system that he believes is unjust to the Muslim world and therefore in need of fundamental transformation. The President’s willingness to make this “political suicide” act allows him to continue with his dismantling of America until it is no longer a political, social or economic power and, therefore, unable to continue suppression and harm to the Muslim world.

Obama sees the tsunami coming in November and he understands that after January 1st his goal of America’s transformation will be threatened by the Republican controlled Congress. Consequently he and other defeated Democrats are likely to forge ahead, between the elections and year end, with the remainder of their transformative agenda. These actions will come in the form of  legislation and if not legislation Executive Orders. If such an aggressive strategy is pursued by the Democrats and Obama it will only further alienate the country at large. This action by Obama, this “political suicide”, while it will doom Obama’s re-election,  it will likely provide him with the final pieces to his dream of a transformed America.   It is this type of political act by Obama, an extreme ideology embedded with a belief in self-sacrifice,  that dumbfounds our “traditional” thinking Congressman and the general public.


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  1. wingedwolf10-13-10

    This president believes that America was, is and always shall be the oppressor. This is what happens when we don’t take an iron-fisted grip on our childrens’ education. In Obama’s case, his social/communist education began at home in his earliest years and came to life in his college years. We can make different choices for our kids. Progressives have revised the history of this country and have been doing so since the early 1900′s starting in (interestingly enough) CHICAGO with opposition to a school administrator named Young, who opposed and tried to loosen the grip the teachers union was grabbing on education. The union was more interested in money than what was good for kids, and that continues to this day. Liberal educators have for about 90 years in this country been teaching young, impressionable kids that America oppresses and takes from other countries, countries where people are poor and can’t fight back. our children are taught to feel guilt and shame and that it is their duty to stop this country from shamelessly keeping other countries in poverty so that we prosper. Don’t believe me? See the school movie “the story of stuff” being shown to all school kids in every school. Try picking up your kid’s books and reading them. And remember, you were probably educated by liberals if you’re under 90, so educate yourself about the true history of America. As Glenn says, go to original sources and read your eyes off! I did and found out that about 200 years of our American history have simply been removed from textbooks and school curricula. This is an abomination. It was done by progressives and communists to further their agenda and it has worked marvelously.

  2. guardianforce10-13-10

    Your sagacity shines through in this piece.
    It’s been fascinating, all be it distressing,….to see how easily those who have moved away from God as their strength and truth, are blinded and made docile by the dark.
    I go a step further about Obama….I truly believe he is a pawn…….molded by a group of individuals with the agenda that’s being uncovered……that he has a certain purpose…….a vacant figurehead……a crafted ticket to the presidency…..this group knew it would have only a short amount of time, once Americans caught onto the scam….they pushed through as much of their dirty work as possible while sending Barry on vacation after vacation, meaningless, humiliating meetings across the world and teleprompted speech-making tours. While I agree 100% with your conclusion about Obama’s zeal for his personal “jihad”, I nevertheless feel he is not really capable of such devotion on any meaningful level…….that he simply spews forth that which has been artificially and intentionally bred into him with the purpose of creating a tool for the use of the more sinister and violent radicals he’s associated with.

  3. Milton10-13-10

    Guardianforce, I seldom offer comments or reaction to comments on the site. Doing the research and putting the articles together is enough writing for me. However, after reading your comments I felt compelled to violate my self-imposed restriction. I fully agree with your analysis. I, too, see Obama as a puppet in many ways. I think somewhere in my following him, years ago, I recall even a comment by him that he was approached by two gentlemen and asked to run for the presidency. Kind of cloak and dagger stuff. While clearly a puppet master(s) exists pulling the strings, I still believe that Obama willingness to do this is driven by his strong ideology which is in full agreement with the masters. If you look at Obama’s background he clearly has it in for America. I think him being approached was the tool to allow him to fulfill his dream; a dream that he otherwise would never have been able to realize. Good analysis Guardianforce.

  4. wingedwolf10-14-10

    Book, detailing Obama’s association with American hating and radical communist groups: “The Manchurian President.” Bill Ayers is just some guy down the street? Obama has known Bill Ayers since he (Obama) was 11 years old!

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