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For months Glenn Beck and BQI have warned Americans of possible social unrest occurring in the U.S. This unrest would be part of a larger plan to transform America from a capitalist to a European styled socialist democracy. We discussed how certain individuals and organizations would benefit from such a transformation and that if the goal could not achieved through peaceful means then efforts to stir social unrest would take place. As a replacement framework, for operating and supporting the new structure, is prepared and implemented the need would arise to transition the economy into the new system. This transition would occur through peaceful or forceful means. Our theory is that with mass chaos occurring, resulting from a collapsed dollar or demonstrations stemming from austerity measures taken to address our debt, Americans would call for strong measures to be implemented to restore order. Order, therefore, would be accomplished by a strong leader, a possible dictator of sorts.

With the European riots now occurring BQI believes now is a good time to revisit the video The Road To Serfdom. Along with this video, BQI is presenting a second video, Don’t Cry For Me Argentina (America).  The latter slide presentation depicts how a capitalist economy, Argentina, deteriorated into a Socialist strong-armed led government.

Road To Serfdom principles (see video below) actually occurred in Argentina. The Argentina video is a fascinating account of what is in store for America if the current policies and strategies of the Obama Administration continue.

First:…… “The Road to Serfdom”.

And now………. “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina (America)”

( Click the link  ARGENTINA found below– – it will take a few moments for the video to load-up. Requires Power point to view. Save the Argentina link. Open power point then open the Argentina link. Go to slide show and hit play. I apologize for not being able to present this in an easier format, but the slide presentation  is worth seeing)

LINK IS HERE: Argentina

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    Americans are feeding themselves the concoction that will kill them unless they wake up.

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