Why Sarah Palin Should Be President (part 1)

Why Sarah Palin Should Be President (part 1)

Last week BQI notified our readers of an article that is being prepared that makes the case for Sarah Palin becoming the next President of these United States. While the far left will angst over this idea those of us on the Right drool over the possibility.

Next week we will publish our case for Sarah, during the lead up we wanted to re-publish this article by Stella Paul titled “Sarah Palin – Combat Veteran”. In this article Ms. Paul does a splendid job eliminating some of the so called Republican challengers for the GOP nomination. For those Americans looking to see America set on the “right” path to fiscal soundness, border security, and national prestige, there is only one real path to achieving this, Sarah Palin. Says Ms. Paul:

Sarah Palin stands alone in America and the world. Name one other public figure anywhere on the globe today who symbolizes the uncompromising fight for liberty….Waiting…Waiting…

Since her VP nomination in 2008, Sarah has been under relentless attack by the left and to a modest lesser degree, the right, or better put, RINOs. As supporters of Sarah, we must stand firm and let her know that we “have her back” and will be there to do what is necessary to make her the nation’s next president.

Read the remainder of Ms. Paul’s story here and be sure to tune into BQI next week for the next installment of making the case for Sarah Palin to be the next President of the United States of America.

Ms Stella Paul writing for the American Thinker