The Black Code: Why Obama Still Owns The Black Vote

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The Black Code: Why Obama Still Owns The Black Vote

By Lloyd Marcus

Despite an unprecedented 39% of Americans believing our country is in permanent decline and Obama’s approval rating down in the 40′s, Obama still owns the black vote.

I watched a television program reporting the impact electing a black president has had on black America.  Black America responded with tearful celebration.  Black children chanted his name, ”O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma!”  Clearly, Obama was black America’s and the liberal mainstream media’s ultimate American Idol.

The TV program showed Obama’s image adorning t-shirts, tattoos, and everything in between.  Winning 96% of the black vote, Obama was truly black America’s impossible dream come true.

Black America’s passionate adulation for Obama was so intense I expected them to singHosanna in worship of their messiah.  I felt like a little kid timidly raising his hand from the back of a classroom.

“E-E-Excuse me.  Has anyone even considered who Obama is as a person and what he will do as president?”

According to the TV program, Obama is great for America solely because he is African-American.  The program producer’s neglect of mentioning Obama’s agenda leaves me to conclude that they thought it irrelevant.

I questioned.  Why are my thought processes so different from most of my fellow black Americans’?  Why did I choose to look a bit deeper into the content of Obama’s character rather than my critique of the man stopping at his skin color?

The answer: I am not submissive to the “The Black Code.”  Most blacks grow up adhering to an unspoken, subliminally understood Black Code.

  1. You must kick the butt of any white person who calls you the “n word.”
  2. You must never let a white person beat you in a fight.
  3. Relationships with whites must be kept at arm’s length maintaining a silent us against them mindset.  Blacks who appear too friendly and comfortable around whites are viewed with suspicion; their blackness in question.

My natural instinct to relate to people as individuals rather than through an invisible wall of race has been a source of criticism all my life.  My family and friends have ridiculed me for having “too many white friends.”  Today, I realize my ability to relate to people as individuals is a blessing.

What I am about to say most children instinctively know, and yet, it is a concept extremely difficult for many adults to grasp.  Good people and bad people come in all colors.  Thus, it is wise to judge every human being as an individual.

The Obama Effect has been amazing, baffling, and frustrating.  Why do many of my intelligent black family members, friends, and associates bow in worship of this man even though most of his policies clash with their Christian faith, principles, and values?

Then, it dawned on me.  The Black Code.

In loyalty to The Black Code, many educated entrepreneurial blacks turned off their brains choosing to ignore Obama’s destruction of their country.  Then there are other black Obama supporters who are fellow social justice zealots and loyal to the Black Code.

Al Sharpton and the usual suspects along with their sycophant clueless puppy dog white liberal media exploit the Black Code at every opportunity.

Exploitation of the Black Code is the left’s strategy to defeat the Tea Party and get out the black vote in 2012.  Their strategy went something like this.  ”I got it!  Let’s call the tea party racist.  We’ll accuse them of opposing Obama’s race rather than his agenda to fundamentally transform America.  Instinctively, blacks will flock to the polls in defense of their brother against those white Tea Party rednecks.”

Johnny Cochran brilliantly exploited The Black Code in the OJ trial.  Cochran proved himself to be a master of misdirection on the level of Houdini.  He made the original focus of the trial, a husband practically beheading his wife and mother of his children, disappear.  Magically, the OJ trial became about America’s original sin of slavery, the mistreatment of blacks over the years, and affirmative action justice.

Cochran had blacks so fired up and united against white America, they forgave OJ’s extreme violation of The Black Code.  Not only did OJ have too many white friends, he even married a white woman.  Still, black America embraced OJ as one of theirs and they were not going to let white America punish him.

This is why OJ’s “not guilty” verdict sparked a roar of black rejoicing heard around the world.  Black America’s jubilation over the verdict left me disappointed with several of my respected black family and friends.  I found myself alone in my disapproval thinking, ”I don’t get it.  Why are they celebrating a man getting away with brutally murdering his wife?”

The emergence of Obama as America’s first black presidential candidate automatically activated The Black Code in the hearts and minds of most black Americans.  Obama’s socialistic ideas, anti-America associations, and friends were irrelevant.  Once again, I found myself the odd man out with family and black friends.

Similar to the movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers, black America’s ability to reason ceased.  With glazed-over eyes, black America became zombies repeating a mantra dictated by The Black Code, ”Must support the black man….Must support the black man….Must…”

Consequences for violating The Black Code are severe.  I boldly proclaim myself to be an unhyphenated American rather than the politically correct term, “African-American.”  It never occurred to me my statement would be seen as a violation of The Black Code.

Folks, you would be stunned by the level of hatred, including a death threat, I have received from fellow blacks for simply calling myself an ”American.”

Forces demanding loyalty to The Black Code are extremely powerful, intimidating, and potentially dangerous.  Black racist minster Rev. Wright scolded blacks not submissive to The Black Code, saying, “I am tired of Negroes who justdon’t get it!”

I am a Christian.  My loyalty to righteousness and truth trumps intimidation and any deep-seated loyalty to skin color.

Obama’s social justice agenda is evil and toxic to freedom, liberty, and America.  I will keep praying for God’s guidance as how to inspire my fellow black Americans to liberate themselves from The Black Code — removing the scales from their eyes, allowing them to see and embrace the truth.

I am confident come November 2012, Barack Hussein Obama will not receive 96% of the black vote.

Lloyd Marcus

  1. wingedwolf07-18-11

    Mr. Marcus hit this one on the head. I am well aware that our Black friends are taking vitriolic abuse for not voting Black or stating their intention to vote Black. As regards the president and the feelings of Blacks regarding their misplaced loyalty, I would submit that loyalty to their family, God and country should come ahead of loyalty to their race. Do people who think this way believe that they will somehow escape the fate this man is leading America toward because they are Black? One more word of caution: The man who sold Jesus for 30 pieces of silver (Judas) was “one of them” too. I beg our Black friends to re-think that misguided loyalty. The ruination of a country ruins all the races of the country, not just the evil Whites.

  2. Milton07-18-11

    I can remember prior to the 2008 election I was constantly receiving Obama propaganda material from my sister-in-law. I finally sent her some real facts about Obama, stuff that strongly suggested that he would be bad for the country. At the very least you would have thought that she would read the material and thank me for bringing some unknown facts to her attention. No…Instead she scolded me by saying that if I could not say anything positive about Obama that I should not say anything and that she did not want to hear from me anymore. Now that is what Beck calls “normalcy bias” she could not cope with anything inconsistent with her view of Obama. She clearly wanted to feel good about voting for the first Black president regardless of how much damage he would do to the country and to her kids and grandkid’s futures. Even now she does not want to hear anything because, I think, now she realizes that she was wrong and cannot face truth…again.

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