The Fundamental Transformation of America

The Fundamental Transformation of America

It is clear, even to less sophisticated non-elite Americans, that Obama has so far failed as President. Blacks fear that the first Black President, who also happens to be a Democrat, could end up as a historic failure and for this reason  Black support for Obama is almost unwavering. Other liberal voting blocks including Latinos, the middle class and college students are also despondent  over this prospect.  I, however, have GREAT news for these sheep…oops I meant constituents….Obama has not failed as President; at least not as the “transformative” president that he touted himself  to be. During the 2008 campaign candidate Obama promised to fundamentally transform America. (refresh your page to see video)

Well mission accomplished…success has been achieved by the President. The problem is that no one but we conservatives and Tea Party terrorist can actually see the devastating transformation that has occurred.

While most economist agree that almost all economic indicators point to a depressed economy, instead of seeing the intentional tragic fundamental change which has occured, Obama supporters and the naïve public only see a president, who they like personally, doing his very best to make things better for Americans. We conservatives and Tea Party terrorist disagree. We agreed with Rush when he made his famous statement…”I hope he fails.” Like Rush we knew what Obama meant by fundamental transformation. We knew that if elected his plan was to transform America from a capitalist system to a European styled social democracy. But what did Obama supporters believe would happen?

Although we vigorously tried to convince an adorning America what Obama’s plans were for America, Obama loyalist wanted to hear nothing of it. They were convinced that Obama would change America in a way that they would all benefit from and that would enhance their lives and those of their children. They were ecstatic. They were dead wrong.

During the campaign the one common theme about Obama was that no one really knew  much about him. With a compliant liberal media that was “hell bent” on ensuring his election, only Fox and conservatives like Rush, Glenn, Mark, Michelle and several others had a pretty good idea who Obama was and what he meant by “fundamental transformation.” Time has proven then right. Even the Obama campaign bragged about the fact that people projected their own definitions of who Obama was and that he only provided a clean slate upon which people projected their hopes, desires and dreams. Given, at the time, the dire economic conditions of the country, my belief was that we did not need a clean slate; rather we needed a proven leader who would rescue the nation from what became a significant economic downturn.

Without question prior to and during the 2008 campaign period the country was hammered by the liberal media’s claims that George Bush was destroying the economy and thus the country. This, despite the fact that for six and a half years of the Bush Administration we actually experienced pretty good unemployment (roughly around 4.5 to 5 percent) and robust stock and real estate markets. For this reason I was perplexed as to how the liberal media could be successful in painting an incorrect picture of the country. I guess there is some truth in the old saying that tell a lie enough and eventually people will begin to believe it.  Nevertheless, the media was successful in their efforts for by the time the 2008 presidential campaign rolled around the economy had in fact turned downward and now what people had been told for eight years was beginning to play out.

Today, a good number of Americans, Independents and even some Obama loyalist,  are beginning to sense just what Obama meant by fundamental transformation. The problem is that many more Obama supporters still have no clue. Only recently I was speaking with a bright reasonably well informed Black liberal about his idol Barack Obama. He confidently told me that he believed that Barack Obama would go down as one of the most successful presidents in history. When asked just what he was relying on to make this assertion he said that Obama would win re-election and that with eight years of his policies and programs history will view him as enormously successful. After lifting my jaw from the floor I just moved on to another topic but in hindsight I probably should have challenged him a bit more. I guess after almost three years I’m just a little exhausted trying to help liberals understand the drastic consequences of their blind loyalty to Barack Obama. Now that we have almost three years of the Obama Administration what do the facts say about his transformation comment? Has America been fundamentally transformed?



  1. serving as, or being an essential part of, a foundation or basis; basic; underlying: fundamental principles; the fundamental structure.
  2. of, pertaining to, or affecting the foundation or basis: a fundamental revision.
  3. being an original or primary source: a fundamental idea.

To understand candidate Obama’s promise to fundamentally transform America one must first ask “….. fundamental transformation” from what ?  Many Obama supporters would argue that Obama’s intent was to change America by setting it on a course opposite of that which existed under President George W. Bush. Like all liberals and Progressives, Obama saw Bush as a warmonger, big spender and protector of the rich including big Wall Street banks and corporations. If elected Obama supporters believed that he would end America’s involvement in wars; re-establish our credibility and likability around the world;  win over our enemies including enemy states like Iran and bring all Americans together by healing racial and social wounds. The problem is that most politicians promise these things so if Obama was actually the trans-formative candidate presented by the media and as he saw himself, he must have had something quite different in mind.

By the definition of “fundamental” which is, “… an original or primary source”, it is more likely that Obama’s comment and promise to transform America was directed towards the founding principles of America; the original or primary source and intent as espoused by our Founding Fathers. It seems only logical that someone who saw himself as transformative and who the media portrayed as the second coming would certainly not limit his vision for America to that of cleaning up behind an alleged inept predecessor like Geroge Bush. No, Obama’s vision was something on a larger scale; something unseen in American politics; something that would comport to and satisfy an egotistical, narcissist bent on self aggrandizement. No, Obama would not settle for fixing an ailing economy that was devastating the lives of millions of Americans; or fixing national borders that were threatening the safety of thousands of Americans or exercising strong leadership that would end wars that were taking the health and lives of thousands of Americans. No, Obama had to single handedly undue the very core principles and foundations established by our Founding Fathers; core principles that formed the very foundation upon which this great nation was founded and that led us to become the greatest nation to ever exist. I am certain that this was and is Obama’s intent. I know this because his closest confidant told us so. Listen to first Lady Michelle Obama. (refresh your page to see video)

So how has the conversation changed and has there been any change to our history and traditions. I say yes there has been. Under Obama our Christian values have been changed by an ever increasing effort by government to push non-Christian values like the funding of abortions; diminishing Christian participation in national events by refusing to invite Billy Graham’s son, Franklin, to pray at the National Day of prayer; more emphasis by the federal government toward Islam by partially redefining NASA’s role to place more focus on programs that uplift Muslims in hopes of increasing their self esteem. And it continues on the international front.

Internationally we have dismissed, insulted and disavowed our historical allies like England (returning the Churchill bust), Israel (making unreasonable negotiating demands and dissing Netanyahu at the white House) and Egypt (encouraging Mubarak’s removal). We have shown remarkable deference to our nation’s enemies like China when we refuse to call them out on their human rights record; to Iran when we refuse to support the student uprising to overthrow the Iranian regime; to embracing very questionable organizations like the Council for Arabic Islamic relations (CAIR); to refusing to call a terrorist a terrorist. But fundamental transformation has also touched Americans, especially economically.

With ever increasing unemployment Obama promised that his stimulus plan would prevent unemployment from rising above 8 percent. Following passage of the stimulus bill unemployment actually exceeded 9.5 percent and currently rests, almost  two years later, at 9 percent.

A foreclosure program was also offered by Obama yet, again over two years later, foreclosures continue to rise.

Obama promised more civility in America and in our government yet we now see some of the most divisive government to exist in America in years (Biden’s  reference to Tea Party Terrorist, Maxine Waters telling Tea Party patriots to go to hell and more). Through Obama’s and other Democrat demagoguery we now see increased levels of division in America, class envy and warfare as well as racial strife, that could threaten to eventually erupt into civil unrest. Things are so bad that some are suggesting that we reinstitute the “misery index” an economic gage measuring American angst first instituted during the Jimmy Carter years when we saw gas lines, high interest rates and failed national and international policies.

So what does all of this mean? Conservatives like me believe that Obama is transforming America from a capitalist economy to a European styled Social Democracy. In order to accomplish this Obama knew that he would have to establish an infrastructure that would allow government to “take care” of the citizens and their needs. He knew from Europe’s experience, for example, that socialist economies usually have chronic high unemployment and that, therefore, some means would need to be implemented here to ease America’s transition. Enter Obamacare,  repeated extension of unemployment compensation payments, control of federal student loans, financial regulations (banking), more regulations (i.e. energy, environmental, labor relations etc.)  and significantly larger government. All of these areas were either created or exponentially grown under the Obama administration. At the same time, once the structure was put into place, Americans had to then be nudged into the system. Chronic high unemployment allows government to pacify and control the public by providing free money and food with food stamps. Government addresses healthcare needs with Obamacare. Education is addressed with expanded and controlling government programs that dole out funds and help students decide which schools to attend. A depressed real estate market and foreclosures are addressed by Obama with token restructuring relief programs. Obama knows that with any transition there will be dramatic and constant pain while going through the process.


Given the horrendous economy and its disproportionate impact on Blacks, Latinos, college graduates and the middle class one would think that eyes would now be open by these groups to the folly of their 2008 support for Obama, but this does not seem to be the case. For example in the Black community, where there could be some signs of discontentment among the sheep, black leaders are taking steps in order to pacify their constituents.  Enablers of this misery, like Congresswoman Maxine Waters, have told their supporters that they should unleash her and the Congressional Black caucus to go after Obama for his poor record of support for the Black community. However, in the same breath Representative Waters preached how she and other Blacks still love Obama and want him to succeed. Succeed at what? I don’t think the Black community or the nation can withstand anymore transformative success by Obama. Blacks, Hispanics, the middle class and college graduates must understand that they were the targets of fundamental transformation or at least the victims or unintended consequences of Obama’s efforts to transform. This is the fundamental change that they voted for. The pain that they experience today is the direct result of Obama’s planned transformation of America.

Like Europe America will now see chronic high unemployment because that is an outcome of socialism. There will be increased foreclosures as an unintended consequence. In effect, all of Obama’s constituents who swooned over him in 2008 looking for fundamental transformation have to understand that they are the sacrificial lambs; the ones who unknowingly volunteered to pay the price for the new structure; the ones who hid their heads in the sand and who refused to see Obama for who he actually was; so why complain now. We Tea Party patriots, on the other hand, while having to also suffer under Obama, knew what was in store for us and America and this is why we started the fight against this tyranny. Although this was not how Obama fans would have defined fundamental transformation, the fact is that they must either learn to live with it or join ranks with the Tea Party to change it. We shall see.