UNCOVERED: Obama’s 2012 Campaign Strategy — Incite Civil Unrest

UNCOVERED:  Obama’s 2012 Campaign Strategy — Incite Civil Unrest

Recently BQI published an article at its resource link called BQI Conspiracy Files. The article was an interview with a White House Insider who described events occurring in the White House; events often involving President Barack Obama. While the article is worth reading one area in particular caught our attention. In the article the secret Insider stated that as a result of a decline in his favorability polls, which poses a real threat to his reelection, the Obama reelection campaign has devised a campaign strategy premised on the institution of class and racial social unrest…..riots. In the article the reporter reacted to this news:

The last face to face interview granted by Insider left me incredulous. Details of a race-based re-election plan seemed far-fetched, even for an Obama administration and fellow progressive Democrats who have already proven themselves repeatedly willing to play the race card to their collective political benefit. The threat of race riots though as a means to ensure re-election in 2012? That struck me as too much – too far – too beyond the sometimes abnormal norms of American politics

The Ulsterman Report

The threat of using civil unrest as a campaign strategy is not foreign to BQI. One of our most read articles published in 2010 (EXTRA: Obama Suspends Civil Liberties ) , dealt with a hypothetical scenario where Obama inflamed civil disorder in order to institute Martial Law and in doing so, suspended the 2012 election. Now, well over a year later, the threat of an administration resorting to such desperate and illegal tactics seems real. Increasingly more and more evidence is being revealed that the threat is not improbable. As noted by the Insider reporter:

I no longer have doubts as to the warnings given us by Insider.
Since that interview was published, repeated declarations by both liberal media and politicians, with an assist from Labor Union leaders, have come forth with ever greater sound and fury declaring that Barack Obama’s increasing unpopularity among voters is a direct result of widespread racism in America. More recently, that language has been further heightened by members of the Congressional Black Caucus, and even President Obama himself, who just today informed listeners during an interview with Black radio host Tom Joyner that they needed to mobilize. Joyner, like the Congressional Black Caucus members, made a specific war reference – to which President Obama agreed. As for the Black Caucus members themselves – they went so far as to warn Black voters of possible lynchings, and like Obama, called for them to prepare and mobilize for the upcoming 2012 election.

What so recently appeared so unlikely to me – that a President of the United States would be willing to elevate the issue of race in America to the point of potential outright conflict as part of some ill-conceived version of a divide and conquer re-election plan, now looks to not just be a mere possibility… but sadly, an increasing probability.
As much as I hope and pray they are wrong, Insider’s information regarding a Barack Obama race-based re-election plan appear to already be proving very accurate…

The Ulsterman Report

In addition to this the Insider mentioned what could be further signs of a movement towards instigating street action. In a radio interview today, August 30, 2011 on the Tom Joyner morning show, President Obama was asked about his plans for dealing with high unemployment in America. Here is a partial transcript of the interview and note the references to military styled action:

TOM JOYNER: Mr. President, those plans sound great. It makes a lot of sense. But you’re dealing with a bunch of people who seem to want to say no to anything that you want to do. And so, when you come next week with your jobs plan, how are you going to get it passed when everybody in the Republican Party seems to say no to everything you say yes to?

…..We’ve just got to keep on putting the pressure on. My attitude is that my job is to present the best plans possible. Congress needs to act. If Congress does not act, then I’m going to be going on the road and talking to folks, and this next election very well may end up being a referendum on whose vision of America is better. Because the fact of the matter is, is that the American people voted for divided government, but they didn’t vote for dysfunctional government. And if they see one side not willing to work with the other to move the country forward, then that’s what elections are all about. So we’re going to be in a struggle for probably the next 16, 17 months.

TOM JOYNER: And I’m going to be right there in the foxhole struggling with you (emphasis added)

Well, because the key always is if the American people are mobilized, then change happens. When they’re not mobilized, then special interests, lobbyists, the folks who put party ahead of country – those folks are going to benefit. (emphasis added)

And that’s why, Tom, your doing political education outreach, making sure that folks understand what’s at stake right now, that’s going to be critical not just during election time, but that’s critical all the time.

TOM JOYNER: Yes, sir.

SYBIL WILKES: You don’t want anybody else but Tom Joyner in the foxhole with you, Mr. President. (Laughter.) Black American Web

Taken alone these words would be considered non-threatening and rather mundane. However, in the current environment with the enormous amount of vitriol in the public square and used by the Left, one has to be concerned.

BQI’s research suggests that there are three special interest groups that we will likely see engaged in provocative acts, beginning this fall, acts that could lead to civil unrest. These groups including the following:
1. Blacks and Latinos
2. Socialist and Left Anarchist
3. Labor Unions

To report on this story BQI will address facts recently revealed on each of these groups.


Within the past few weeks President Obama has received repeated poll results indicating that his reelection chances are in serious trouble. Perhaps his most notable decline has been with the Independents and moderate electorate. In addition to this decline the President has witnessed a decline in Black support falling from a high of 96% support in 2008 to now roughly 86%; still remarkable numbers given the disproportionate negative impact of high unemployment, foreclosures and other depressed economic areas affecting Blacks. However,  Blacks are upset over what they perceive as an abandonment by Obama on Black causes. Blacks have seen Obama and the Democrat party spend the first 2 years of the Obama Administration pushing healthcare and little to no time addressing the nation’s high unemployment. Now, as the good Reverend Wright would say, Obama and the Dem’s chickens have come home to roost.

As a strategy to cover their vulnerabilities Obama and members of the Congressional Black Caucus have taken to the streets to promote the idea that current Black and Hispanic problems and the misery they now experience in the country are attributed to the rich and most notably the Tea Party. In a series of videos below we see how Black legislators are planting the seeds of hatred, envy, class warfare and racism as a diversionary tactic and means to incite action by Blacks and Hispanics.

Here Maxine Waters, meeting with her constituents, creates a scenario of hopelessness and despair within the Black and Hispanic communities and then incites them to take action. (refresh your page to see videos)

In this video Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, (D-FL) during a town hall meeting, tells her constituents that their enemy is really the Tea Party….the Ron Paul Tea Party..

In this video Rep Maxine Waters states how President Obama has neglected the Black community but despite this lack of support Blacks must continue to support Obama but they should also “unleash” the congresswoman and other Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) members to challenge the President to do more for the Black community.

08.16.11: Rep. Maxine Waters on Criticizing Obama, Politics + the Black Community

In this video once again Rep. Waters directs Black and Latino rage against the Tea Party. Waters says that the Tea Party can go to hell. Note in this particular video, towards the end, we see a group of SEIU members cheering in the crowd.

Our final video has extremely violent hateful rhetoric by another member of the Congressional Black Caucus. Here the congressman declares war on the “racist” tea party.

Congressional Black Caucus’ Dangerous Violent Rhetoric: Declares ‘War’ on Racist Tea Party,


The next group that appears to be stoking social unrest is Socialist/Marxist and other radicals. One organization, No Cure For (NCFT) is planning a major demonstration in the Nation’s capital on October 6, 2011.

Many of these organizations, including NCFT, are making direct calls for social unrest and resistance. They hold the recent Middle East Arab Spring as the model and motivation for their action. These groups are seeking to unleash their own version of what took place in Egypt and throughout the Middle East.  As noted in one of our videos below these socialist have coined their movement as the American Autumn.

If you recall the Arab spring was a violent civil uprising to outs ruling dictators. The pretext for the uprising was primarily economics with large segments of the unemployed and fiscally deprived citizenry who had disdain for the elites ruling their countries. Very similar rhetoric is now being heavily pushed by the Left in this country.

As described by its leader the NCFT march will be unlike any recent marches in the U.S. No, this event will use resistance strategies recently seen in Egypt, Spain and other European and Middle East countries. The October march will include a planned take over of The Freedom Plaza and the participants vow to remain in the square until their demands are met. The following was taken from the NCFT web site:

This October, as the U.S. war with Afghanistan begins its second decade, as the 2012 federal austerity budget slashes entitlement programs, people will once again take to streets.

But this time it is different.

Inspired by events in Egypt, Spain and Madison Wisconsin, WI this time, the protesters are not leaving.

The October 2011 Coalition will orchestrate a sustained occupation of Washington, DC’s Freedom Plaza.

This simple request is what the majority of people in the United Sates want, and yet it falls on deaf ears because our Representative Democracy is broken. (emphasis added)

October 6th is the beginning. This is not a single day, carry a cool sign and chant the cool chants protest where we will get back on the bus and go home at the end of the day.

We are staying. We are occupying Freedom Plaza.

This documentary (on the planned resistance march) will serve as an inspirational early chapter in the evolving culture of resistance that is coming into being here in the United States. (emphasis added)

Here is the video of the events organizer:

The march is also notable for who will be attending and serving as guest speakers. Among these notables is the former Congresswoman from Georgia, Ms. Cynthia McKinney. We last saw Ms. McKinney giving speeches from Libya and Iran. In both speeches Ms. McKinney criticized America as being a hateful, racist and dangerous country.

Ms. McKinney in Iran

Ms. McKinney in Libya


Unions have a special reputation for violence.. The videos below point out just a few instances where unions, their members, leaders or supporters advocate the use of violence as a means to achieve their goals and objectives; bigger government and redistribution of wealth .

Union Leader Hints at Violence “Take to the Streets and Do What Needs to Be Done

Montage Documenting Union Violence and Racism against the Tea Party and Walker Supporters

Evil Union Professors Teach Violence. Youth will likely be included in any Progressive resistance event. Here college professors teach students the value of using violence to advance stated goals.

Andy Stern, former President of SEIU

Some reading this article may view this as nothing but a contrived conspiratorial theory. That is understandable. However, the very people who would make this allegation are the ones who are either promoting the unrest, told us how wonderful Obama would be as President or who may have some other special interests to advance.

BQI and Glenn Beck have been saying for over two years that conditions were being formed that would ultimate end up with some level of civil unrest in America. We no longer believe that it is beyond the capability of this Administration to do whatever is necessary to see that its overall objective is met; the fundamentally transform of America.

Remember this is the Administration which made no apologies for adopting the philosophy of “….never let a crisis go to waste.” In a prior BQI article we raised the prospect that if an Administration is willing to adopt such a philosophy it cannot be ruled out that they might also be capable of creating the crisis.

  1. copper09-10-11

    As I read this I was watching ‘Flight 93′. It’s 9-11. I know that what I read here is True and I thank GOD that HE lead me to this site. I thank GOD for Milton. I don’t comprehend how people cannot sense what is coming. Glenn beck’s message has resonated with me from the beginning. On ‘Atlas Shrugs’ site the Turkish-born Professor Yisrael Chanatoglu speaks about Turkey’s plan to reestablish the caliphate. “Video: Expert in Knesset – PA is Part of Global Jihad,” from Arutz Sheva, September 8… please watch…then PRAY…PRAY…PRAY

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