White guilt, black victimhood

White guilt, black victimhood

September  2011

I hope he [President Obama] fails.

~ Rush Limbaugh (Inauguration Day, January 2009)

We’ll throw you a bone like affirmative action if you’ll just let us reduce you to your race so we can take moral authority for “helping” you.

~ Shelby Steele

Did white guilt + black victimhood = Obama in ’08? Will white guilt + black victimhood = Obama in ’12? When Rush declared on Inauguration Day 2009, regarding the presidency of Barack Obama, “I hope he fails,” the liberals went wild in a fascist mob frenzy, equating Rush’s statement of affirmation essentially as a racist declaration of treason. What Rush really meant (and liberals fully understood) was that he hoped that President Obama’s policies (i.e., Marxism, socialism, Keynesianism, growing the welfare state exponentially, amnesty for illegal aliens, green energy, oppressive taxes and regulations, war socialism, bowing to dictators, destroying liberty, favoring Muslims, undermining Christianity and turning the Constitution into a suicide pact) would fail.

On Aug. 22, Harvard law professor Randall Kennedy was interviewed on the Tom Ashbrook show. Here is an excerpt of the interview:

KENNEDY: On Inauguration Day, a day when there were some people who did not vote for Barack Obama but who said, you know, this is a wonderful day and, you know, this Inauguration Day we’re all joined together, a lot of people took that position, but you just played someone, pretty important personage, Rush Limbaugh, said on Inauguration Day he hoped the man failed. He wasn’t alone. He wasn’t alone.

ASHBROOK: But I’m sure Rush Limbaugh will say, not because he’s black, Randall Kennedy.

KENNEDY: Of course he will say that. The question is, is that true? And I don’t think it’s just because he’s black – but is blackness one of the ingredients of the opposition in the far right wing of the United States? Yes, it is.

As a former student of professor Kennedy during the same time Barack Obama was at Harvard Law School, I had a profound sense of disappointment after I heard professor

Kennedy’s ill-informed remarks. I was disappointed that an academic of Kennedy’s reputation would stoop so low as to regurgitate the liberal propaganda “I hope he fails” as a racialist predicate that Rush wanted the entire country to essentially“go to hell,” to quote Rep. Maxine Waters’ recent comment directed at the entire tea-party movement.

The meaning of Rush’s statement was just the opposite. “Mr. Kennedy, do you want unemployment for blacks to be at Depression levels? Do you want, do you support black unemployment at 51 percent? I do not, and I hoped that that didn’t happen,” Rush said. “Do you support the assault on the American business climate? Do you support the assault on success and achievement in this country? Do you want more of the economic destruction that we have had in the last three years?”

How did America get into this catastrophe called Barack Hussein Obama whose socialist policies have given uszero jobs in August?Endemic education propaganda is the short answer. My long-view theory places the blame directly on our public school establishment’s unholy alliance with socialism, unionism and secularism when the NEA was established in 1857. Two years later Darwin’s evolution propaganda screed was published, “The Origin of Species,” which over time was comprehensively integrated into the public school curriculum, especially science, but also in colleges, universities, law schools, graduate schools, business schools and medical schools. Later, under John Dewey’s influence, education was essentially manipulated to indoctrinate students to accept as ipso facto an anti-Christian, anti-American worldview rooted in Darwinian evolution and materialism, Marxist socialism, Nietzschean atheism, relativism and Freud’s perverse sexual theories.

Tragically, most Americans don’t realize that reason, logic, morality and critical thinking, along with America’s founding Judeo-Christian worldview, were thrown out of what Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes called the “marketplace of ideas,” out of the public schools and written out of college textbooks decades ago. That’s why liberals have been able to propagate their failed, bankrupt policies like education atheism, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the welfare state, pensions, unionism – and the courts and the public falsely believe these policies to be constitutional.

For example, when GOP candidate Gov. Rick Perry calls Social Security a “Ponzi scheme,” a “monstrous lie,” and a “violent” attack on core American values, the propaganda press when ballistic – but Perry was right. I just wish more Republicans would have the guts to attack the Big Lie of any liberal policies that favor stealing money from its owners and giving it to those who didn’t earn it and don’t constitutionally deserve it. However, today a venerated Harvard law professor like Randall Kenned can regurgitate Rush’s “I hope he fails” statement and twist it to mean the opposite of what Limbaugh meant, and most people will believe Kennedy over Rush still three years later because reason, logic and deduction have been replaced with feelings, envy and race guilt.

In November 2008, when 96 percent of my people were beguiled by Obama’s black skin, slick slogans and welfare rhetoric to vote for a man who utterly despises them, whose Marxist, socialist, Keynesian economic policies traps them at 51 percent unemployment in some big cities (it was 25 percent during the Great Depression) and favors Margaret Sanger’s Black Holocaust policies that aborts them at greater percentages than any other racial group, it reminded me of several columns written byDr. Thomas Sowellas well as Dr. Shelby Steele’s excellent book, “White Guilt: How Whites and Blacks Together Destroyed the Promises of the Civil Rights Era” (2006). It was white guilt and black victimhood that propelled the white vote for Obama. Rush said, “We can assuage our guilt by voting for a black candidate and proudly telling everybody we did and that sends the signal, ‘We’re not racist,’ and they get rid of their guilt.” In return Obama gives America the resurrection of the fascist FDR, the welfare state and the Great Depression, Part 2.

by: Elllis Washington

  1. lukeflip09-06-11

    I am so sick of all the accusations comming from the left that anyone who disagrees with their their kings way of thinking is a racist. First of all Obama is a mulatto (white mother black father). I am white so if I disagree with king Obama am I a racist of his black half or his white half. Secondly there are a few good men I would love to have as our president. They are in no particular order Thomas Sowell, Walter E Williams, Herman Cain,Allen West or Clarence Thomas.These are all men that I respect based on what I know of the content of their character. To me they are all fellow American men not black men ,african american men or minorities. When anyone must constantly bring up race the racist becomes apparent.

  2. Milton09-06-11

    All of the men you noted have one thing in common, there is no question that they love America and they have uncompromisingly good character. This cannot be said of our current President. The very fact that he is questioned in this area speaks volume of the real issues with him. What I find amazing is that supposed credible polls show that while Americans dislike Obama’s policies, they still like him as a person. My issue with this revelation, assuming it’s true, is how can someone like a person who lies and makes every effort to abuse and misuse power. Obama knew what he meant by “fundamental transformation” and he also knew that if he really explained this to Americans he would never have been elected. Thus he lied and hid his real intent for America only to display it now as President and creating the carnage that people now have to suffer under.

  3. wingedwolf09-27-11

    They use the race card because it works. It wouldn’t work if they were made to account for themselves, but Whites are prevented from doing it and few Blacks will. Whites are immediately marginalized by saul alinski tactics of being shouted down by slavery slavery slavery. When is anyone going to shove it back down their throats that Whites were enslaved here (not indentured servants, but bought and sold slaves) for 150 years before the muslims rounded up their Black brothers and sisters and brought them here to sell them as slaves? Every single slave owner in colonial America was a registered democrat. And the founders tried diligently to abolish slavery in the declaration of independence, but Georgia and South Carolina wouldn’t vote to ratify it with the anti-slave language contained, so Jefferson had to strike it out. That language was this:

    Thomas Jefferson wrote: “George the Third has waged cruel war against humanity itself, violating its most scared rights of life and liberty, in the persons of a distant people who never offended him; captivating and carrying them into slavery in another hemisphere, or to incur a miserable death in their transportation thither. This piratical warfare, the opprobrium of infidel powers, is the warfare of the Christian King of Great Britain. Determined to keep open a market where men should be bought and sold, he has prostituted his negative (veto) for suppressing every legislative attempt to prohibit, or restrain, this execrable commerce…he is now exciting these very people to rise in arms among us, and to purchase that liberty of which he has deprived them, by murdering the people on whom he obtruded them; thus paying off former crimes committed against the liberties of one people with crimes which he urges them to commit against the lives of another.”

    The founders tried to abolish slavery, but the king of England wouldn’t allow them, and yet he encouraged the slaves to rise up against the people who were trying to free them. Sounds an awful lot like what king barry the first is doing right now: keeping the poor people poor, making as many more poor as he can, and then encouraging them to “kill” the rich people who are trying to fix the economy and give them jobs. I know I’m racist for even thinking such a thing……

  4. copper10-08-11

    I have been reading Bonhoeffer, and it occurred to me that the disconnect between our generation and the younger generation is the idol syndrome. Before Nixon, Carter, and Clinton the office of the presidency was a place of honor and we were taught that most were honorable and loved their country. Even our TV heroes and sports figures took it as a solemn responsibility to be an example of integrity for the young to emulate. In the 60s this changed. Then it became the Rock Idol, the hippies, drugs, free love, reject responsibility that’s old fashioned. This spread to TV and movies. No longer was the Father a figure of wisdom who loved his family; the wife and the children mocked him as a buffoon. It may have sold comedic shows but at the same time it destroyed the family. At the same time, schools were indoctrinating students that it was the academic NOT their parents who had the intelligence to lead them. And their mantra “if it FEELS good, do it!”. They learned the lesson well and eventually so did the older generation. Now it is amazing to find someone in authority who has any integrity or character at all. No one expects it anymore and so we are not disappointed. The bar is so low right now, that I think even Hitler would be liked as a guy…just NOT as PM. Whose face do they immortalize on their t-shirts but Che. The 50′s evil monster killing machine who hated blacks. He was so inept at any thing other than revolution and killing that the Russians made Castro get rid of him. He tried to get a revolution going in the Congo and failed and then went to South America to Bolivia where the govt had just given the land to the peasants. He wound up starving in the jungle with 2 or 3 of his comrades and was finally killed after the people told the govt where he was. He was buried in an unmarked grave. It’s NOT about character, that has been detached from their actions. It’s OK for Rangel to be the good ole boy even though he deserved prison for tax evasion where Wesley Snipes is now. And cold-blooded cop killers who have had their twenty years of appeals and the judgement handed down by 7 black jurors and 5 whites still stands are the new heroes.

  5. LibertyBell77702-20-13

    White Victimhood on the rise again! LOL.

    The Summer That Resurrected the Cult of White Victimhood by David Sirota

    Between the Arizona immigration and ethnic education brouhaha; the slandering of Shirley Sherrod; the Fox-trumpeted New Black Panther Party story; Democratic Sen. Jim Webb and conservative New York Times’ columnist Ross Douthat each penning inflammatory articles insisting whites are oppressed, this summer will likely be remembered as the resurrection moment for the Cult of White Victimhood.
    Indeed, hysterical white people are all over the media screaming to whomever is listening that white people are under attack in America.
    The key word here, though, is “resurrection,” for this hysteria is nothing new, as author Tim Wise points out:
    In every generation whites have hyped fears of black anger, black bigotry and the supposed desire of African Americans to exact revenge on whites. From fears about slave rebellions, to claims that integration would lead black children to knife white children in the hallways and rape white girls, to paranoia about Obama’s secret plan for “white slavery,” the cult of white victimhood has long had its charter members. Sadly, nowadays the cult has the attention of the media and a white public already anxious about changing demographics, the presence of a black president and economic insecurity. Unless the targets of their race-baiting (including the President) show the courage to push back and expose them for the venal fear-pimps they are, their methods will only get more extreme, their lies more bold, and their ability to inflict lasting damage on the nation more definitive.
    This is undeniable, and the right knows it — which is why when anyone counters the racism by pointing it out for what it is, conservatives instantly try to boomerang the charge back into their own white victimhood, claiming that they are being unduly vilified as bigots. As Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi reports:
    At every Tea Party event I’ve gone to, the scene always devolves in one of two directions: either everybody trades stories about the corruption of Charlie Rangel or ACORN or Jeremiah Wright or some other notable nonwhite villain, or else a group therapy session breaks out in which everybody shares their harrowing experiences of being unjustly accused of racism. Once they reach one of those two destinations, they camp out there, conversationally, not just for minutes but hours.
    As a political tactic, this is the beauty of the circular logic of White Victimhood for white people — all roads inexorably lead back to whites allegedly being oppressed. That is, until more voices more forcefully unpack the true racism and bigotry against people of color that all of this represents.

  6. LibertyBell77702-20-13

    Ellis Washington is delusional if he doesn’t recognize that his whole argument screams racism. He says, “It was white guilt and black victimhood that propelled the white vote for Obama.” – so he assumes that if a white person votes for Obama it is guilt and if a black votes for Obama it is because he’s black.

    You don’t even get how condescending that is to both whites and blacks? I voted for Obama because he stands for principles I believe in. All this crying socialist and marxist is right-wing propaganda paid for by the elite to prevent any policies that benefit our society as a whole instead of handing 93% of benefits to them as they have come to expect.

    Universal healthcare is an issue I strongly believe in and would have supported Hillary’s effort to reform healhcare in this country. My vote isn’t based on race, sex, or so-called “moral superiority” of the candidate. It is based on values, ideals, and trust in his or her ability to make the right decisions for our country.

    Your “moral” ex-president Bush did more to destroy this country while helping himself and his wealthy elite buddies than any president. Just look at where we were at the end of his presidency!! People complain about the economy now, have they forgotton what it was like after 8 years of Bush??

    According to CBO around 80% of what is driving the deficit is GWB policies. Medicaid Part D is a perfect example. At a cost of $580 Billion dollars – taxpayer’s money now goes directly to pharmaceutical companies and the law was written so that they don’t have to give one penny in discounts for those drugs!!! After passage 22 Bush appointees went to work for pharmaceutical companies. It was corporate welfare at its most grotesque. Then Iraq, America’s first pre-emptive attack on a sovereign nation with trumped up hysteria from an administration that wanted to attack Iraq for their own political motives – not regarding the thousands of lives that would be damaged or lost. Dick Cheney’s Halliburton profits rose 480% at a cost to American taxpayers of 4 Trillion dollars and countless tears from those who TRULY love and sacrifice for their country.

    Obama fights for policies that are fair for all and return us to the level playing field that existed before lobbyist for the wealthy learned to tilt all advantages to them.

    Implying that we are “taking” from the successful and giving to bums is another lie of the devil. Facebook made 1.6 BILLION in profits this year and not only paid NO federal income tax but got a refund (tax payer dollars) of $480 million dollars. That money could have repaired a lot of infrastructure, provided for more teachers to be hired, more safety for our nation, more benefits for wounded veterans, or the hundreds of good things that our government does to invest in our people and our future.

    AND – I didn’t vote for Obama because he’s black. I don’t feel any guilt for being white just because I’m white and I don’t presume that blacks don’t work and strive for their dreams because it is easier to drift along on “white guilt”. What BS!! and the perfect example of a true racist mindset.

  7. LibertyBell77702-20-13

    wingedwolf your black paranoia is sad to say the least. the parties have changed over the years. democrats of the past do not resemble the democratic party of today. it’s like blaming you for something your grandpa did just because you have the same last name. The republican party of today, with their white victimhood syndrome, their bigotry, their fear of all things non-white majority and non-white controlled does not resemble the Republican party of the past that respected individual liberty and was proud of intelligence and not fearful cowards in the corner crying about how they are the poor victims of the world.

    Obama returning our country to a fair tax code that doesn’t unfairly benefit the wealthy elite who have learned to buy favors from our politicians is not class warfare. No other Presidential term created more jobs than Clinton’s – and Obama wants only to return tax rates to Clinton-era rates for those that can afford it. That isn’t socialism – that is good public policy that allows for investments in our future and our people.

    Your statement that Obama is “encouraging them to “kill” the rich people who are trying to fix the economy and give them jobs” shows not only ignorance of how much our government caters to the wealthy but also shows a lack of understanding of economics. The top 1% own 80% of all wealth meaning that the 20% at the bottom have less to spend – which is what creates demand which in turn creates jobs.

    “I know I’m racist for even thinking such a thing……”

    Sadly, either you are being sarcastic or you truly recognize how racist your comment was and have made a choice not to care.

  8. Milton02-20-13

    @LibertyBell: “democrats of the past do not resemble the democratic party of today.” You are correct in your assessment. Democrats today are more Socialist/Marxist while some continue to harbor the ideology of the democrats prior to the turn of the century. I suspect what drives your statement is the false notion that all of the bad (racist) democrats left the party and went to the repub. party as part of the Southern Strategy. If,in fact, this is your argument then I urge you to sift through more BQI articles to find the one that completely dispelled this idea. As a minority who is on to the game played by liberals and demos, I find more racist, bigots in the demo party and who call themselves liberal than what you argue exists on the conservative side. As for your support for Obamacare, I won’t venture to respond. For liberals like you, you must learn through actual experience and trust me, you are about to get way more than what you imagined and it won’t put a smile on your face

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