I Don’t Like President Obama and Americans Should Follow My Lead

I Don’t Like President Obama and Americans Should Follow My Lead

We all can agree, for the past month or so President Obama has experienced some really bad news. From continued high unemployment numbers to stagnate economic growth (or lack thereof) to the threat of a double dip recession; good news has been something pretty foreign to this administration. Polls numbers are not allowing the President to sleep easy at night either.

The President’s approval rating among Independents, that much sought after middle vote, has plummeted from a high of 55% following his election to roughly 31%. The “right track wrong track” polls numbers are not any better where, now, large numbers of Americans believe that the country is on the wrong track. This level of doom and gloom reporting is expected to continue which does not bode well for the President’s reelection in 2012. Or does it?

While the vast majority of polling suggests a difficult reelection path for the President there is one area that could give the President some hope. When asked how they felt about the President personally, his” likeability”, polling numbers continue to be strong; that is if you put any level of faith in these poll numbers. However, for the sake of argument let’s say that the President is still well liked by the public, for me, then, the question is why do people continue to like this president?

I don’t know about you but I don’t go around just “liking” anybody. Granted, the President is not “just anyone” but given my limited direct contact with him I tend to be a bit more cautious in just unilaterally bestowing on him or anyone else the “like” description. I mean if you really think about it, if you like someone there’s a good possibility that with more interaction or knowledge about the person you could grow to become friends. For me this would really be a step up considering the limited number of people that I can call friend; but that’s a story for a different article. It may be just one of my little quirks in life but people that I tend to like are people who exhibit strong upright morals; who speak truth or who aggressively seek to do what is right. When juxtaposing the President to this definition I can tell you he falls way, way short of me ever liking him.

We all have different criteria for deciding who to like or dislike but for the life of me I can’t understand why anyone, barring the extreme loonies on the left, could like President Obama. The implication here is that that the President has some socially redeeming trait or characteristic that people can relate to or even admire. We are told that people like the fact that he is a family man and seems to love his wife and children. While this certainly could be a factor perhaps even a major factor in determining his “likeability”, I believe that his negatives or the reasons why he should be disliked, to be overwhelming and more than out weighs his ostensible family man status. Surely even some of the worse people in history loved their family; projected an image of a family person as they went about destroying the lives of people and causing general mayhem.

The central factor which forms the root cause for my dislike of the President is the fact that he is….well….a liar but more bluntly, dishonest. To like someone is to see at least some redeeming social value in the person and generally honesty is often one of if not the leading candidate. Tell me what true friendship or ability to like a person is rooted first in dishonesty? None. So how then can people truly like the President when his initial introduction to America was based on lies and hiding the truth? From here I want to chronicle the President’s sordid history of lying to Americans or where he intentionally hides or misleads the public.

    Obama lied about Reverend Wright

During the 2008 campaign the issue of candidate Obama’s radical pastor became an issue. Obama claimed that for 20 years he never heard any of the pastor’s fiery sometime racist rhetoric. I think given all of the subsequent information that has come out concerning the President, to believe his claim of not knowing defies any logic or reasoning or as Hillary Clinton put it…..the willing suspension of disbelief.

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He clearly knew about and perhaps even embraced the good reverend’s beliefs. It is not a major leap to reach this conclusion given how long Obama was in the church. Similarly, it is clear that Reverend Wright feels extremely passionate about his beliefs so one would think that the vast majority of his sermons reflected his passion and  for Obama to say that he never heard the pastor speak inappropriately is just not believable. In other words, Obama lied when he pleaded ignorance to the pastor’s rhetoric .

    Obama mislead the nation about the meaning of “fundamental transformation”.

The President mislead the public when, just prior to Election Day, he told a crowd that we were just days away from fundamentally transforming America.

No doubt the crowd interpreted this statement one way which was in no way what the candidate meant and Obama knew it. He knew that his plans were to transform America into a European styled socialist state; something that, had he described or clarified for the public, would have cost him the election. Instead, Obama let people assume that what he meant was that he would be a different president from George Bush and that he would, as stated so often, bring peace, love, transparency and bi-partisanship to Washington D.C. The reality is that the President has been the complete opposite of what people had envisioned and voted for in 2008. Instead of fixing our economy, balancing the budget, bringing bi-partisanship, being transparent and bringing people together, absolutely none of these things have been accomplished by the president. More importantly, he in fact conducted himself in a manner that surely widen the divides that existed and which he promised to fix.  In other words, his intent was to do something completely different from what he presented to the public and led that public to believe.

    Obama promised bi-partisanship but does the opposite

The candidate and later as president, Obama promised to work toward creating bi-partisanship in Washington. In reality Obama has been one of if not the most divisive President in our generation. Remember his famous comment saying that Republicans were welcome in his effort to pass legislation but that they would have to go to the back of the bus or his reference to Republicans as “the enemy”.

Certainly no one could forget the basis for his “beer summit” which arose due to his racist comment about the police incident in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Admittedly, knowing nothing about the facts of the incident Obama called the police stupid.

    Obama hides or misleads the public about his radical friends and associates

The President took great strides to disavow or distance himself from radicals who he clearly had long standing relations with; including Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn just to name two.

I’m sure that we all have been told by parents or others that we should be cautious about who you associate with because your friends often define you as a person. In Obama’s case he has a long and sordid list of friends and acquaintances among these, in addition to terrorist Ayers and Dorn, Rashid Khalidi (professor and supporter of the PLO), Frank Marshall Davis (communist) in addition to others.

If anyone cared to notice, Obama surrounded himself with radicals while in college; a preference he even admitted to in his book Dreams From My Father. The fact, though, is that most college students explore and experiment while in college, that’s to be expected. However, for most people following college and over time they jettison the more radical friends and beliefs in pursuit of more traditional values, beliefs and systems. That has not been the case with President Obama. He is truly committed to the cause as seen in his long standing relationships with radical friends and associations.

    Obama uses strong armed tactics

The president became infamous when it was leaked how he dealt with many of the leaders of private industry when early in his administration he used strong armed tactics to get the support that he sought for his first stimulus plan and his TARP plan. Perhaps this type of tactic was necessary but I for one would think that a person with Obama’s supposed persuasive and oratory skills should have been able to win over support without threats. I’m not a big fan of making threats to people so please don’t take this as a threat when I say that Americans better wake up to Obama and his evil or else.

    Obama stokes class warfare

Knowing that his polls have plummeted due to his inability to fix the economy, Obama has resorted to what even he describes as class warfare. In doing this he clearly communicates that he is taking sides with Americans, not representing all of us and bringing us together. Just recently Obama began his 2012 reelection campaign stoking division between minorities (blacks and Hispanics) and the middle class against the rest of America (whites and the so called rich).  Perhaps most chilling and troubling has been Obama’s total and complete silence to incredibly fiery, divisive, racist comments from several black congressional members including Maxine Waters (Tea Party folks can go to hell) and Andre Carson’s (Republicans and Tea Party people want to see blacks hanging from trees). As president and the man who said he would unite us and that there is no red America or blue America just a United Stated of America, to remain silent on these comments in view of his campaign promise is just abhorrent and people should be mad. Why Obama refuses to make good on his campaign promise to unite America comes down to just one thing, his need to be reelected and knowing that stoking social strife and class warfare, in light of his abysmal economic record, is his only strategy for gaining reelection.

    Obama has no loyalty and mistreats our friends

A major area of how I failed to see why anyone can like President Obama is how he treats his friends. I mean, if we are talking about a person’s likability then certainly how that person treats their friends should be some indication of how they might treat you as a “new” friend. I think in this case Obama fails miserably.  As president one of Obama’s main functions is to maintain friendships with America’s historical friends and to develop new friendships with others preferably without alienating old relationships. Obama, in his first day of office sent a clear message to our dear and trusted British friends when he returned the bust of Winston Churchill. The bust was given to America following the 9/11 World Trade disaster. This act received little American press but it really ticked off the British.  And the dissing of America’s historic friends by Obama continued.

Our closest ally in the Middle East, Israel, also felt the sting of Obama’s arrogance and spitefulness when he dissed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the white House.  In coming into office Obama has made one thing perfectly clear and that is he is and will be a different president than George W. Bush. Obama also wants to make it clear to the Muslim world that, as opposed to Bush, Muslims will have a friend in the white House. Apparently Obama believes that this distinction can best be made by dissing our old friends like Israel and cozying up to countries who at best might tolerate America and the western way of life and at worse supports organizations and efforts to destroy America and the West.

    Obama ignores American’s best interests

To President Obama  passing the healthcare law, better know as Obamacare, is the President’s defining moment; the one event that the President and liberals see as a generational defining program. No one disputes the magnitude of the new healthcare law but, unlike Obama and the democrats who forced its passage, the law is viewed by the majority of Americans as a job killing, government intrusion albatross over America.  In the lead up to the bill’s passage polls indicated that most Americans did not want the new health care law especially in its then current form which ultimately won congressional approval. But, despite Americans opposition to the law, Obama and democrats pushed forward with trickery, bribery and any other marginally ethical tactic in order to win passage of a bill that NO republican supported. For me, at least, this act by Obama is perhaps the most clarifying one which describes his disdain for what is truly in America’s best interest. It shows a total disregard for the opinions, wants and desires that Americans made clear prior to the bill’s passage.

Looking at how Obama and the Democrats managed the healthcare bill through congress reminded me of a third world dictatorial power; an utter and total disregard of the people’s voice.

    Obama makes empty promises on jobs

This one can be short and sweet. How often can you say that you “like” someone who repeatedly lies to you? I hope none. In the case of Obama literally his entire political history is based on lies. From denying he knew of Reverend Wright’s racist rhetoric to denying friendships with terrorist; to holding weekly press conferences or state of the union addresses to stress his focus on job creation and then, disregarding his promise, promptly going on vacation. As the song goes “….promises, promises, why do I believe?”

    Obama is Anti American

Now here is where some of you might disagree with me, but I’ll say it anyway. I do not like President Obama because he does not like America. Call it unpatriotic or what ever but I have never seen a President that sends more signals of his dislike for America as President Obama. Had any “white” president done or said the things that Obama has done and said, he or she would have been immediately dismissed as any serious candidate. From refusing to wear a flag pen, to not putting his hand over his heart during the pledge of allegiance and playing of the national anthem, Obama, for me at least, has sent a pretty strong message that he has a big problem with our country. Yes he says that he will show his patriotism through his efforts and deeds as president but you know what… his actions as president only cements for me my belief of his disdain for America.

Obama’s showed his dislike for many fellow Americans with his famous bitter Pennsylvanians “clinging to guns or religion” statement.

Additionally, although this comment was not made by the President, instead it was a statement by his wife; I think it further reflects the general sentiment of the Obamas towards America and its people. The specific comment was Mrs. Obama saying when she first became proud of her country.

    Obama…do as I say…not as I do

Politicians are famous for telling us to do as they say and they in fact do just the opposite. Al (global warming) Gore is a prime example. But Obama seems to take this mantra to a new level. He constantly tells us to be civil in our discussions yet he remains strangely silent when Democrats make incredibly incendiary statements about tea party patriots (see Representatives Maxine Waters and Andre Carson) or when Obama called police officers stupid when even he admits, before making the statement, that he did not know all of the facts. Even more striking are the repeated statements from Obama of the urgency to fix the economy; to create jobs; that he goes to bed and wakes up mornings thinking about jobs; that he won’t rest until everyone who wants a job can get a job and then he promptly goes on vacation. It is also “do as I say..not as I do” action when Obama says that offering his jobs bill is critical and that he will propose one when he returns from vacation.

Obama likes to present himself to America as a president of the people, a populist whose only mission is to bring fairness to America (collective salvation and socialism) even at the sacrifice of his own personal interests then goes on lavish vacations or plays golf while the people suffer. I do not like people who would do this to a fellow American.

    Obama supports abortions and infanticide

I saved my two most telling reasons for why I dislike the President for last. Obama supports abortion even, it can be argued, infanticide. I realize that on the issue of abortion America is usually split with half in favor and others against this procedure, but how many Americans, including ardent abortionist, support infanticide? I think few if any. Belief in infanticide is a pretty extreme position yet it is essentially the position that Obama took as a member of the Illinois legislature when he refused to support legislation (see infanticide above) that would make it mandatory to provide medical care to babies borne from botched abortions.

Also, I dislike the fact that Obama mocks my Christian faith and how he distorts Christianity by offering it in the context of Black Liberation theology. Black Liberation theology is the sect of Christianity preached in Obama’s old church headed by Reverend Wright.

Black Liberation theology’s roots, founded in Marxism and Socialism, advocates the collective and a strong central government in order to ensure equal justice and distribution of wealth.

Admittedly, I write this column from a bias point of view but I’ve attempted to provide objective criteria in explaining how I got to my position of dislike for President Obama. Surely no one single example cited in this piece would be enough to make the case for my dislike but collectively it’s easy to get there. It seems to me that people who still “like”  Obama, in view of these facts, has to work pretty darn hard and find some soft sand for their heads in order not to see his major flaws; flaws that would or should raise serious questions about whether the person, in this case Obama, has the qualities and character to justify being liked. In fact, to know this information about Obama and not react to it with a strong dislike for him is best characterized by Hillary Clinton as a “…willing suspension of disbelief.”

Folks, there are more reasons that I could provide that justifies my dislike for Obama; things like his many scandals including Solyndra, fast and furious and LightSquared, but like you I have other things that I need to get to.

  1. wingedwolf09-27-11

    BQI, about the “family man” thing…’s about HIS family, he doesn’t have this slightest bit of interest whatsoever if YOUR family has a roof over their heads and some food. These people bursted into the white hut acting like the lowest class of peasants who, having killed the landlords, are going to stuff themselves until they vomit and do that over and over so that they don’t have to share it with anyone else. When he says “shared sacrifice” he means that WE share it with each other, not that THEY will stoop so low as to share that sacrifice with us. By now everyone knows that the objective of the obama administration is to take down America to third world status or worse, and is either fine with that or helpless to do anything about it through fear of the government. What a state of affairs we have allowed ourselves to be put into. This person, whoever he really is, is a low class, low life global muslim communist liar who won’t be happy until Americans are begging in the streets for food. He and his woman remind me of nothing so much as the angry poor child who dreams of one day becoming rich, at which time they will laugh with delight while making all their friends and neighbors wear rags and beg them for food. I defy anyone to analyze the actions of the usurper and his woman since he was sworn in and tell me differently.

  2. Milton09-27-11

    Wingedfoot, you hit the nail on the head about Obama and his family. He is more than willing to see your family suffer in order for him to reach his goal of fundamental transformation. It sickens me that people, especially blacks who are suffering perhaps in greater terms as a group,continue to “like” this guy. Ergo, our article for today.

  3. ElCedar09-27-11

    Excellent article. In regard to his “family” he has ignored his aunt and uncle who are here illegally. His idea of caring for the family is not the Christian form of caring, but the collectivist caring. It takes a village, just not him and his contributions. When my father became ill, I bought his house from him, hired two full time people to care for him, and made him my lifetime tenant. President Obama on the other hand, allows his relatives to remain in country despite their illegal status, and then allows the taxpayers to care for them. Their response? We “owe” it to them. Collectivists, whether Fascist, Socialist, or Communist, never see anything but the accumulation of power as a personal responsibility. His claims to Christianity strain credulity, as evidenced by his belief that we all should pay for the murder of unborn children (infanticide). I have had no use for him from the day he told “Joe the Plumber” that he just wanted to spread the wealth around. I knew then what I know now. He is a collectivist, and not interested in a democratic republic.

  4. Milton09-27-11

    ElCedar, great points but don’t forget his form of Christianity is, in fact, bogus. At best Black Liberation Theology is a cult and the complete opposite of Christianity. Since it is rooted in Marxist, Socialist dogma, it gives reason why Obama does what he does to America and to the Country. Everything is from a collectivist perspective. Well done.

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