More Evidence that Obama Will Seize Dictatorial Power

Time and time again pundits, conservatives all seeking to be “politically correct”  before saying anything negative about Obama, will always preface their criticism by describing Obama as a nice guy. They will invariably say “….he’s a nice guy but…” and then lash into their tirad on how Obama is destroying the country. We disagree. Obama is not a nice guy and in our article “I Don’t Like President Obama and Americans Should Follow My Lead” we make our case for why all Americans should dislike Obama. If we did not make the case in the article, perhaps our comments below and the video will do the job.

BQI has predicted for over two years that the nation was being set up for Obama to institute dictatorial control over the country.( The Plan to Desensitize America—Preparing for Constitutional Violation and Martial Law) We have written and described how Obama will use class and racial warfare as a campaign tactic to win reelection.( UNCOVERED: Obama’s 2012 Campaign Strategy — Incite Civil Unrest ) We suggested that conditions will deteriorate in America to a point where Obama will use the civil unrest to declare martial law. ( EXTRA: OBAMA SUSPENDS CIVIL RIGHTS!! )

In The Plan to Desensitize America—Preparing for Constitutional Violation and Martial Law we showed the growing chorus of liberal Democrats including Obama himself suggesting that due to what Obama calls the “ do nothing Congress” he will be forced to override the Constitution and implement plans and policies ostensibly in the country’s welfare and best interest.

In the video below, aired today on This Week with George Stephanopoulos, we hear yet again the belief that Obama will assume dictatorial powers in 2012. Liberal / Progressive Katrina Vanden Heuvel describe what she hopes Obama will discuss in his upcoming State of the Union address. She says that Obama needs to frame his speech to discuss how the  2012 election is the critical turning point for middle class America. She says that Obama needs to lay out the blue print for a new American economy (interpretation, not a capitalist but rather a Socialist economy).  At least Ms.Vanden Heuvel is not hesitant to show her extreme radicalism and believes Obama should follow suit. But if this is not scary enough, conservative George Will describes what he believes Obama will emphasize in his speech.

Mr. Will speculates that Obama will use the State of the Union address to again present to Americans the intransigence of the “do nothing “Congress and as a consequence of this condition Obama will say that he has to bypass the Congress in order to get things done on behalf of the American public.

America is being desensitized to the ultimate step by Obama to seize total and complete control over the government.

Here is the video and the most troubling comments begin at the 8:40 mark with Ms.Vanden Heuvel: