The Obama Puzzle

Since his declaration to run for President of the United States, Obama has been and remains an unknown, an oddity to the American public. Although much information existed about then candidate Obama the media refused to investigate and report. Rather, they elected to become partisan Obama supporters, taking extraordinary steps to protect and promote his candidacy. The net result of this misfeasance was the election of the most radical president in American history.

Much of Obama’s identity is now is on display in his socialist policies and big government agenda. However, to ensure America casts an informed vote it is imperative that Obama’s agenda be put on full display. In other words, the Obama puzzle must be assembled and once done America will see just how dangerous Obama is for America.

As a continuing effort to inform the public BQI will use a “puzzle” piece to identify all  future BQI articles that make-up the Obama puzzle. We believe that if America has access to information in an organized manner it will become clear who and what Obama really is.

Blockbuster video

The following video was sent to BQI by several of our researchers. The video it just under 10 minutes long and describes what appears to be a covert attempt to cover-up Obama’s eligibility to be President of the United States of America. If true, the video exposes members of Congress and other officials who wanted to change the Constitution in order for Obama to become eligible to seek office.

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The Mystery Of Barack Obama Continues

Most Americans don’t realize we have elected a president whom we know very little about.

Researchers have discovered that Obama’s autobiographical books are little more than PR stunts, as they have little to do with the actual events of his life. The fact is we know less about President Obama than perhaps any other president in American history and much of this is due to actual efforts to hide his record. This should concern all Americans.

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President Obama is an Extreme Ideologue Especially on Abortion?

Perhaps there was a time where Obama supporters could make a slim argument that Obama is not an extreme ideologue on abortion, at least this is the argument that was made in 2008 when Obama was a presidential candidate. But now after over three (3) years in the White House and with a track record of controversial positions, policies, and legislative action by his Administration can anyone, with a straight face, say that Obama is a moderate which is what the mainstream media would like for us to believe.

The video below aired in 2008 and, in retrospect, seems to establish Obama’s extreme ideology. Seems rather odd how the mainstream media is making an all out assault in their efforts to paint Republican presidential candidates as extreme.

More Evidence that Obama Will Seize Dictatorial Power

Time and time again pundits, conservatives all seeking to be “politically correct” before saying anything negative about Obama, will always preface their criticism by describing Obama as a nice guy. They will invariably say “….he’s a nice guy but…” and then lash into their tirad on how Obama is destroying the country. We disagree. Obama is not a nice guy and in our article “I Don’t Like President Obama and Americans Should Follow My Lead” we make our case for why all Americans should dislike Obama. If we did not make the case in the article, perhaps our comments below and the video will do the job.

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This Video Proves….Obama is No Pigeon

BQI Editor’s Note

BQI has repeatedly written to expose the true meaning of then candidate Obama’s statement during the 2008 campaign when he said…”we are five days away from fundamentally transforming America.” While Obama supporters remain in inexplicable denial most other Americans now see the clear facts establishing that Obama is in fact shifting the nation’s economy to a European styled social democracy. The evidence is in and it is convincing to anyone who will listen with an open mind. Moreover, Obama’s actions are also consistent with all of what we know about his background including his radical friends and associates, religious beliefs and political activism.

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Obama’s Pro-Abortion Extremism Would Worsen in Second Term

BQI Editor’s Note

Below is a speech given by Congressman Chris Smith a Republican from New Jersey and the head of the Congressional Pro-Life Caucus. These remarks were delivered during the March for Life in Washington D.C. In his speech, Congressman Smith warns the nation of the dire consequences for unborn children if Obama is reelected.

President Obama is an extreme Progressive on the issue of abortion. At the BQI Opedia link, Obama’s Religion, we have researched data that shows how Obama supported infanticide, an extreme position that even Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid chose not to pursue.

Another piece to the puzzle in defining who candidate Obama really is and what the mainstream media refused to tell America in the 2008 election.

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Now We Know Who Was Right about Obama

By Karin McQuillan

Now we know. After three years in office and the launching of his second election campaign, we have experienced President Obama’s leadership. We can see whom we elected president — the mystery man of 2008 revealed.

Democrats were in ecstasy over the great healer, the multiracial candidate who would bring together red states and blue states, black and white, coasts and flyover country. Republicans saw the man with the most leftist, least bipartisan voting record in Congress being installed in the White House. We now know who was right.

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Blackmailed By Putin, Obama Betrays United States And Her Allies

BQI Editor’s Comment

This classic moment now takes on a new meaning.

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The Obama Puzzle: Barack Obama – President Baby Killer

BQI Editor’s Note

The article below provides a graphic picture of President Obama’s position on abortion, including partial birth abortion.

WARNING: This article contains Extremely graphic pictures. These pictures are not offered for gratuitous reasons; rather they exist to provide context to the position of the person who leads our nation and who said that he supported abortions because if his own daughters experienced an unexpected teen pregnancy, he wouldn’t want them “punished with a baby.”

Barack Obama – President Baby Killer

by Ulsterman March 2012

If the title to this column makes you uncomfortable – I apologize. That being said, even for those in the relative pro-choice mainstream, the extent of Barack Obama’s zeal to protect any and all abortion procedures marks him as the single most radical pro-abortion president in this nation’s history.

Should a baby, having survived being pulled from the womb of its mother during a late-term abortion procedure, then be murdered in the name of abortion rights? Barack Obama says YES – and the media has refused to adequately share that fact with the American people.

The Ulsterman Report


BQI Editor’s Note: 2012 Vetting of President Barack Obama

A BIG thanks to David Barton for putting into extreme clarity the ANTI-CHRISTIAN words and deeds of President Barack Obama.

I urge every single BQI reader to promote this article to every single family member, friend or co-worker. It needs to go viral. Thanks.

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The Obama Puzzle: The Obama Puzzle Coming Into Focus

BQI Editor’s Note

Several months ago BQI decided to create a new link on our blog called The Obama Puzzle. This is our attempt to help America understand Barack Obam’s true identity and ideology.

Since coming onto the political scene and even now little is known and questions remain about President Obama; his religion; his place of birth; his basic ideology and for these reasons rumors persist about his real agenda for America.

Since it is doubtful that any single “smoking gun” revelation will ever come forth it seems only logical that the answers to these questions come from the collection of facts both direct and circumstantial that currently exists. Unless or until the smoking gun is found America should be able to make informed judgments on Obama’s identity by having access to facts in one central location. The article below is BQI’s continued efforts to provide America with a central repository of real facts about Obama.

Below are additional pieces to The Obama Puzzle. Eventually from a compilation of information below and the information found at the BQI link, America will know to whom we granted power in the 2008 Presidential election.

Keep in mind, a good lawyer can prove a case in a court of law by using only circumstantial evidence. How much more evidence, direct and circumstantial, does America need?

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1. The Obama Puzzle: SOUND THE ALARMS: All Americans Must See this Video

The video below was just made a available to BQI by a friend and supporter. The video details how the Obama Administration and it’s minions are covering up information about Obama’s past. The cover-up is being accomplished by the use of threats especially towards media personnel.

Please help spread the word by referring friends and family to this web site so that they too can see how our Constitutional liberties are being threatened.