The Coming Worldwide Economic Collapse…BE PREPARED

We are providing the public with Glen’s episode that highlighted the threats to America and the world.  In the videos, Glen lays out unfolding world events, what they mean to you and how you should prepare. Not every step listed by Glen will pertain to each of you but it is important to see the entire list and it is up to you to decide how to use his information.

Skeptics and deniers will scoff at Glen Beck’s warnings of impending economic collapse and what each of us should do to prepare.

Each of us has a role to play. Glen’s is to warn mine is to support Glen in getting the word out to the public.

Neither Glen nor I can tell you when the world will be faced with this catastrophe, but we both feel the time is drawing near and it will happen.

Like Glen I have prayed over BQI and I hope that I have been a good steward of this resource in warning all people, not just Christians, of the tragic eventS that lay ahead. Like Noah of the Bible, I realize that I will be mocked and ridiculed for attempting to spread this message. So be it, I accept what might come my way.

I do hope that each person reading this will not automatically dismiss this content. Rather, I hope and pray that you do some research and look at the world objectively and not through a conservative or liberal lens.

Find Truth and let Truth lead you.