Why Do Black Christians Vote Obama?

Obama recently came out in support of gay marriage. There was an immediate fall out within the black community.

In 2008 95% of the black community that voted did so for Obama. With Obama’s recent support for gay marriage some believe that he could loose a substantial amount of black support in November. Whether or not Obama looses a significant level of black support could rest in the hands of black preachers.

In a recent  response to an email from a conservative black pastor BQI wrote the following:


No doubt, it is good news that the black church is finally seeing what many conservatives saw even prior to Obama’s election. I fear, however, that this may be only temporary. I say this because for over four years, the black church completely disregarded a multitude of facts about Obama that would be by anyone’s definition anti-Christian. They ignored these facts about Obama in order to justify their zeal to vote for the nation’s “first black president”. Consider, prior to the election we knew that Obama not only supported abortion but partial birth abortion and perhaps even infanticide. He also mocked the bible while speaking at one church. While he said nice things about Israel, he cavorted with terrorists and extreme radicals including Islamic radicals. After becoming president he snubbed Israel, the Israeli Prime Minister and he filled his cabinet with anti Christians, socialist and communist. He asked on at least two occasions to have the Cross covered before he spoke so as “not to offend other faiths.” I could go on and on. So now he crossed the line with black pastors when he spoke in favor of gay marriage?

For over four years I have written about Obama ( and the destruction he has heaped on America; actions that anyone with a sincere concern for the nation’s health could see. Yet, black pastors remained silent even while Obama’s policies aided to the misery in the black community. In fact on several occasions black pastors renewed their commitment to Obama in spite of his action as President.

America is at a cross roads and if we do not stop the Obama assault and undo practically all of his policies, regulations and new laws, I predict we will continue the slippery slope to a massive centralized government controlled society. A sure fired way to achieve this turn around is to pray that the black community move pass color and look to advance policies and people that will restore America’s health; fiscally, economically, morally and spiritually. An informed and morally driven black community can help bring this about.

While my comment focused on black pastors the same could be said about the black community generally and black Christians. So why then do blacks, especially black Christians, continue to vote Obama?

I think there are three good reasons why black Christians and blacks generally continue to support Obama. While blacks would disagree with my assessment and cite “black pride” as, perhaps, the justification for their support, the fact of the matter is that, in view of all of the facts including the impact of Obama’s policies on the black community and Christianity, the answer to this question can only be one of my three theories which are:

  1. Black refusal to hear, see or say anything not glowing of Obama.
  2. Blacks are being led and they blindly follow people (i.e. social justice zealots like Al Sharpton and pastors) who do not have their best interest at heart.
  3. Blacks are more socialist or racist than they willing to admit.

The following video is yet another attempt to understand the inexplicable behavior of blacks especially black Christians and their blind allegiance to Barack Obama.

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