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BQI-Opedia is the repository of documented factual information on President Barack Obama. Individuals interested in submitting independently verifiable information to this resource can do so at

BQI-Opedia will only accept factual information; no opinion data will be published. Information can be submitted in a number of different formats to include videos, articles, pictures and audio. All submitted information becomes the property of Black Quill and Ink unless prior copyright or other protective status exists. Information will only be published once verified by the Black Quill and Ink staff. We ask that you select the category that you consider appropriate for your submission.

Prior to his 2008 election very few Americans knew much about then candidate Barack Obama. To prepare for the 2012 elections it is important that people know more about the candidate in order to make an informed decision.
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In addition to our factual driven content, we will provide one section of BQI-Opedia, Barack Obama in Perspective, where opinions will be provided to content. Generally, this section will contain perspective on Obama from a diversity of authors.