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Prior to and since becoming President many questions continue to exist regarding the identity of President  Barack Obama. People question his religious faith and what basis forms his overall philosophy towards issues like the economy, international relations, social issues and more. In BarackOpedia we have attempted to provide factual information regarding President Obama on these and other issues. In this section we provide information that does not fit into any specific subject area. Here you will find varying opinions and other factual data from credible sources who have attempted to explain Obama and his philosophy. We provide this information in an attempt to show how some people have interpreted the factual information contained in the remaining sections of BarackOpedia.

Baracks’ Father’s Influence on Young Obama

(“The Roots of Obama’s Rage” book  by Dinesh D’Souza: Interview with the author)

Obama: The Whole Untold Story

The following article attempts to consolidate much of the information surrounding Barack Obama’s shadow past. Much of the information found here is discussed in greater detail throughout BQI Opedia but as a first step in gaining some greater overall understanding of Obama and his view of life and the world, this article does a great job.  Remember, in 2008 the liberal media refused to vet then candidate Obama. It has taken many people who care about America and the direction we are headed in, to research and identify this information on Obama’s family, friends, associations and membership in groups.


From the Newsheadline web site