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Prior to and since becoming President, many have questioned Barack Obama’s religious faith. Because of a range of factors including close associations, former church membership and the fact that as President he has no church affiliation, some have questioned whether the President is a Christian or a Muslim. Presented in this section are facts surrounding the President’s religious faith.

    Black Liberation Theology

  1. James Cone (Professor): Black Liberation Theology –

  • Former video (video has been scrubbed from the internet) showing Revernd Wright “praising Marxism and discussing his ties to communists in El Salvador and Nicaragua and the Libyan government. Equally important, Wright is being introduced in the video by Robert W. McChesney, co-founder of Free Press, an organization which has come under scrutiny for its links to the Obama Administration and dedication to the transformation and control of the private media in the U.S.” In an article found at Accuracy in Media, writer Cliff Kincaid noted: In an article in the socialist Monthly Review, “Journalism, Democracy, and Class Struggle,” McChesney declared, “Our job is to make media reform part of our broader struggle for democracy, social justice, and, dare we say it, socialism.”
  • Actions by President Obama Related to His Religion / In his own words.

  1. Obama discusses bible verses during speech:

2.  Obama omits the word “creator” in quoting the Declaration of Independence:

3. Once again, President Obama quotes the Declaration of Independence and once again he omits the word “Creator”. During this particular speech, which occured several weeks following the speech shown above, President Obama gave another speech. However the speech was not recorded but the transcript of the speech is covered in the following video. The repeated omission of “God” in his speech is significant. In our Declaration of Independence it is clear that our rights are given to us from God, not man. By omitting God, twice, especially in the second speech which was a prepared speech, it is clear that the President does not recognize this critical portion of our Founding Document. If rights come from “man” then man can take them away. Rights from God are unchangeable and cannot be taken away although man may restrain them, they continue to exists.

4. Obama in his own words talks about his collective salvation

  • Article discussing Obama hiding cross at Georgetown University:
  • Chicago Suntimes interview with Obama on religion:,obamafalsani040504.article
  • Army recinds invitation to Franklin Graham:
  • Jack Van Impe discusses President Obama’s Religion

    In 2001, then IL state Sen. Barack Obama for the 2nd year in a row was the sole senator opposing Born Alive Infant bills state senate floor.

    Audio of senate floor debates is destroyed when transcripts are written. Until now only the Chicago Tribune was known to have audio of this debate but has not released it.

    But we now have it. In the audio Obama is arguing against calling for a 2nd physician if the 1st physician – the abortionist – has decided the baby s/he has just aborted alive is nonviable.

    Most would recognize the potential for subjective opinion in this case. The abortionist is being paid to kill the baby predelivery, and a live birth would indicate s/he botched, for one thing.

    For another, often these babies are being aborted because the abortionist has stated they are handicapped. A living baby could also be evidence the abortionist made a wrong diagnosis.

    Barack Obama, a self-professed champion of the little guy and opponent of bullies, in this case argued in favor of trusting the abortionist. And the reasons are obvious. The abortion lobby in 2008 promised to spend $30 MILLION for their candidates as well as get out the vote.

    In this audio Obama utters these infamous words among many:

    “… if that fetus or child – however way you want to describe it – is now outside the mother’s womb….”


    “… but there’s, let’s say, movement or some indication that, in fact, they’re not just coming out limp and dead….”

    Jill Stanek discusses her experience as a nurse in an Illinois hospital.

    In March 2002, then IL state Sen. Barack Obama and I engaged in an interesting exchange during my testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, of which he was a member.
    I was speaking in favor of the IL Born Alive Infant Protection Act for the second time, which had failed the year before.

    The previous year, I had told Obama and the committee of my experience holding a live aborted baby until he died in my capacity as a labor and delivery nurse at Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, IL.

    That year, I described Christ Hospital’s Comfort Room, unveiled in December 2000 to counter my public statements that personnel were shelving babies to die in the department’s soiled utility room next to dirty linens, bloody and biohazardous waste, and a urinal….

    I did not mention the Comfort Room when I testified again in 2002. But Barack Obama

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    George Soros

    In 2011 The Blaze produced a three part series on the influence of far left billionaire George Soros ties to religious organizations. The Blaze asked the appropriate question, why would an atheist like Soros provide large sums of money to religious organizations. We decided to include the series here because of the strong ties between Soros funded groups and President Obama. Also, in the last series article, the Blaze connected Soros funds to Jim Wallis, the new spiritual adviser to President Obama.