BQI-Opedia – Barack’s Friends and Associations

Prior to and since becoming President, many have questioned Barack Obama’s friends and associations. Because of a range of factors including his choice of churches, classmates and community involvement from then candidate Obama and later as President, some have questioned whether the President shares the same values as the majority of the country. Presented in this section are facts surrounding the President’s friends and associations.

When we began this project the idea was to consolidate as much information as possible on President Obama and his Administration. Our goal is to provide only factual data. However, we identified a web site that has accomplished some of the goals set by BQI-Opedia. Although the link that we are providing here has some opinions expressed, the vast majority of  this web link is factual and we, therefore, will lead this section with it. It is a tremendous resource, backed with reference resources and more. The name of the web site is “America Rising – - Logistics Monster”. The link to President Obama is: This is an excellent resource.



  1. The Obama File: A list of friends and associations. The list provides brief profiles of the persons in Obama’s life including his mentor, Frank Marshall Davis; his political mentor, Bill Ayers and a statement by Obama describing the type of people that he sought to associate with while in college. Quote: ”  ”I chose my friends carefully.  The more politically active black students.  The foreign students.  The Chicanos.  The Marxist professors and structural feminists.”
  2. Articles by Stanley Kurtz (Wikipedia: Mr. Kurtz wrote a series of articles chronocling Barack Obama, his friends and associations.

3. Article discussing Obama’s mentor in Hawaii: Frank Marshall Davis -

4. General article discussing Obama’s Friends

5. Obama’s International connections

6. Documentary on the Weather Underground

FBI Informant Reveals Weather Underground Advocated “Killing 25 Million Americans.”

7. The “ONE NATION MARCH” on Washington reveals the many organizations that have either direct or indirect contact with President and his administration

8. Radicals Surrounding the President

9. Socialist Democrat members of Congress and the President

10. Congressman John Conyers, Chairman of the powerful House Judiciary Committee,  speaks before the Democratic Socialist of America gathering. Discussion is centered on a plan that calls for unions, clergy, civil right leaders to strengthen Obama. See the video below and the story by Aaron Klein at: .  The video is here:


  1. Bill Ayers (professor former terrorist)
  2. Bernadine Dorn ( Associate Professor of law/ activist former terrorist)
  3. Rashid Khalidi


  • John Holdren (White House Office of Science and Technology Director) Article taken from The Blaze. In an interview with CNSNews, Holdren

explained what he meant when he wrote in his 1973 book Human Ecology: Problems and Solutions that “A massive campaign must be launched to restore a high-quality environment in North America and to de-develop the United States.”

In that book, co-authored with Paul and Anne H. Ehrlich, Holdren also calls wealth redistribution (both within and among nations) “absolutely essential” in order to provide a decent life for everyone. “You wrote ‘a massive campaign must be launched to restore a high quality environment in North America and to de-develop the United States’ in your book Human Ecology. Could you explain what you meant by de-develop the United States?”

  • Hillary Clinton- Secretary of State

  1. Law professor
  2. Served as a foreign policy advisor to the John Kerry-John Edwards presidential campaign of 2004
  3. Was special counsel to the president at George Soros’ Open Society Institute
  4. Was a consultant for Human Rights Watch
  5. Was a board member of Amnesty International USA
  6. Was a senior advisor to Assistant Secretary Harold Koh at the U.S. State Department during the Bill Clinton administration
  7. Was a regular op-ed columnist at the Los Angeles Times
  8. Says the Republican Party consists, more and more, of “paranoid, rage-driven, xenophobic nuts”
  9. Blames Israel for the ongoing Mideast conflict
  10. In early 2009, President Barack Obama tapped her to be an advisor to Michelle Fluornoy, the Undersecretary of Defense for Policy.
  1. Was named Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change by Barack Obama in 2009
  2. Former Legislative Director for Senator Al Gore
  3. Former head the Environmental Protection Agency under President Bill Clinton
  4. Served as a “commissioner” of the Socialist International
  5. Has said that global warming is “the greatest challenge ever faced” by the human race
  1. Hailed as “the most powerful woman in the labor movement” and nicknamed the “Queen of Labor”
  2. Instrumental in steering the labor movement toward progressivism
  3. Worked for the SEUI since 1972 and helped Andrew Stern break away from the AFL-CIO to form Change to Win
  4. Became first Chair of Change to Win
  5. Has been a member of the DNC since 1982
  6. Organized the SEUI into a political funding and campaign machine for progressive Democrats, including Barack Obama
  7. Worked in top positions in progressive groups like They Work for Us, Progressive States Network, and Democracy Alliance
  8. Was involved in directing funds to ACORN
  9. Advocate for abortion rights, single-payer health care, and the pro-amnesty immigration lobby