BQI-Opedia – Obama’s Economic / Domestic Policy

Prior to and since becoming President, many have questioned Barack Obama’s economic policies. Because of a range of factors including close associations and comments from then candidate Obama and later as President, some have questioned the President’s readiness to lead and whether his policies are actually detrimental to or healthy for the country. Presented in this section are facts surrounding the President’s economic policies.

Obama’s Economic Philosophy

Obama discusses his redistribution philosophy

The Budget

Health Care

Obama Health Care Law

More on the Health Care Law

More on the Health Care Bill

How the New Health Care Will Affect Small Businesses

Social Security

Social Programs



Energy / Environment

Cap and Trade

Conspiracy—————————————————— Impact of Legislation ——————————–Impact on Spain

Truth about Global Warming


U.S. Economy

The Private Sector

Business Leaders Voice Concern with Obama’s Economic Policies