POST ELECTION WRAP UP: Pennsylvania – The Hidden Story

Wanna see an encapsulation of the election picture? Wanna to know the problem the Republican Party is facing nationally? Wanna pin the tail right on that donkey? (pun intended) Look no further than election night results in Pennsylvania last Tuesday, for it is a perfect microcosm of the United States.

The day after last week’s election I wrote something profound in its simplicity. I wrote, “America has reached the point where all a candidate need do to win national office is win the majority of cities that are homes to a National Football League franchise”. A quick glance at a red/blue electoral map of the nation demonstrates how true this is. It’s big trouble for the Republican Party.

An even better example is the starkness of the situation is the red/blue map of the state of Pennsylvania (above).

If you showed this picture to a 5-year old who has no idea what an electoral college is, electors, popular vote versus electoral representative vote & all that mumbo-jumbo – if you just showed it to her and said, “Now the red means republican, the blue means democrat – who won?” Guess what conclusion any & every five year old in the word would reach. “The republicans clobbered ‘em!”

And certainly it appears that way. Of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties 55(!!) of them voted majority republican. Surely THAT is a beat down of *epic* proportions. Except for one tiny little problem. See that big blue blotch down there in the lower right (southeast) corner of the map? It’s a big city called Philadelphia, little Suzy, of Pennsylvania’s 12,700,000 residents 2,000,000 of them live there, & when the vast bulk of its’ residents voted one way that’s enough to determine the outcome for the entire state.”But that’s not fair.” Maybe not, but that’s the way it is.

(Whether Philly was won by hook or by crook is, for the purposes of this discussion, moot.)

It is an exact microcosm of the USA, at large. And so goes the national picture for the Republican Party. As you look at the national map, broken down by red/blue districts – & surely we all have – it’s pretty easy to identify the areas where there’s an NFL franchise. As the urbanization of America continues, those states permanently in the republican column — Wyoming, Kansas, North Dakota — are becoming less & less relevant. Those on the democrat side — Illinois, New York, California — more.

As more young people flee the serenity of the family farm in Nebraska for the bright lights and excitement of Chicago; as immigrants come into the nation & gravitate toward the greater employment opportunities that larger cities represent, urban areas become home to more and more who are in some way dependent on government handouts. And as we know, once someone becomes accustomed to a freebie it’s darned hard to take it away. Our urban areas are voting blue, are getting bluer, and that’s not likely to reverse itself. (Unless and until Washington finally bankrupts us all, the Chinese stop buying our debt, the printing presses freeze up & there is nothing left to hand out.)

One of the most disturbing features of the red/blue national electoral map from the 2012 general election is the massive growth of blue precincts in Texas. A casual glance at the map reveals the huge switch to blue along the Texas’ Mexican border. This is beyond alarming. As the state with the 2nd greatest number of Electoral College votes (38, California is #1 with 55) Texas currently is and has historically been a reliable republican state. Should it ever flip and go democrat, which is the current trend, the Republican Party winning the White House ever again will become a virtual impossibility.

I highlight these facts to make what should be a very obvious point. Someone had better wake up & realize the importance of penetrating and capturing the urban vote. Yes, the black and the brown vote. Groups like the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives and others are springing up around the nation and it’s just a matter of time until we get connected, coordinated & organized – but the Republican Party already IS organized. And it had better make getting a message together and delivering it to the urban vote, including the inner-city, a red light priority!

The notion of “we’ll never get those voters anyway, so why bother?” has gotten the Republican Party where it is today. Broke, busted, beaten down and licking its wounds. Hasn’t worked out so well.

For two presidential election cycles in a row the Republican Party has trotted out a moderate who, in a political career, had never truly stood for conservative fundamentalism and who didn’t so much as bother attempting to message specifically to ethnic-minorities. My personal struggles attempting to work with the Romney Colorado campaign have been discussed many times in this very newsletter. The RMBC team spent many days & nights in urban, black & brown business and residential areas around Colorado, bumped into lots of Obama campaign workers, not one Romney. Not one. And,…well,…look at the result. Colorado wasn’t even close.

That is why we are Tea Party’ers, that’s why we’ve decided to go it alone, (at least until the Republicans wake up), and that is why YOUR support of this movement is so important. Some of you are breaking open your piggy banks because you feel America slipping away, want to make a difference in whatever way you can, and see supporting our group as a worthwhile investment in our nations’ future. You followed our efforts the past several months to win our state & you believe in us. I can’t possibly tell you how much I/we are moved by your confidence and appreciate your sacrifice.

We all have a role to play. In the coming days, weeks, months and years we are going to steadily be equipping you with tools for working in your local community and with your elected officials to get the wheels of progress turning. WE are the government, WE can and will do this. The message of conservatism makes sense & is attractive to EVERYBODY – regardless of skin color. Butlike the eunuch said to Phillip, “Sir, how can I understand if no one explains it to me?” A message undelivered is the same as no message at all. If we have to push this elephant uphill with a straw, kicking and screaming the whole time, then that’s exactly what we’ll do!

Rocky Mountain Black Tea Party