Misguided Minorities and the Three Great Calamities

As an Asian, I take great exception and umbrage to the drivel that leftist Asians distribute:

Two days after the election, a friend told me that because he has an Asian surname, he was inundated for months with emails from liberal Asian groups urging him to vote for Barack Obama.  I asked what reason the emails gave for Asians to support Mr. Obama.  Their main message: Barack Obama is “better for minorities.”  It is always useful for Republicans to revisit their “message model” to single white women and the various Americans designated as minorities.  Should the GOP kowtow to the Buffett Tax and conform to Roe v. Wade?  But before the party reinvents the wheel, it should have a clearer understanding of the implications of the methods Barack Obama used to deliver his own message.  [Daniel Henninger, Deputy Editor, Wall Street Journal editorial page]

All minorities, no matter what ethnicity, are not very bright for being misled by the distorted message that Barack Obama is “better for minorities.”  That is a bunch of bull you-know-what.  Any ethnic group that displays the characteristics of hard work, honesty, family-oriented, intelligent, personal pride, and patriotism have no business being part of the corrupt progressive machine.  The progressive agenda only seeks to make an ethnic minority group, if they are not already there, become lazy, dishonest, screw everyone, stupid, what’s-in-it-for-me, handout-oriented, lemming-like, corrupt, slave-like, and idiotic.  Why any Asian could want any of that garbage is far beyond comprehension.

I do not care much for what the misguided Grand Old Party (GOP) does because it left me in 2008 after I was a staunch member of the GOP for 45 years.  Since then, I have been an Un-Republican because the GOP does brainless things.  For example, these brainless things include the ridiculous liberal-like spending that went on during the George W. Bush years, formulating a politically correct message model like kowtowing to the Buffett Tax and conforming to Roe v. Wade, believing the propaganda that snake oil salesman Obama preaches, and believing other such corrupt progressive thinking.  Hence, I am now a “strict constructionist” Constitutional Conservative.

As an Asian, I for one am disgusted that any Asian could volunteer himself or herself to become a member of the present-day Democrat Party.  The Republican Party is heading in the same direction.  In my opinion, BHO is the least desirable president I have known in my entire 70 years of life on this earth.  Someday, he will go down to personal defeat—as caused by the tangled web that he is weaving.  “Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!” ~ Sir Walter Scott.

It seems to me that the only way all Americans will ever wise up is if we experience any one or a combination of three great calamities.  These great calamities include (a) a catastrophic stock market crash that is worse than what we had experienced in 1929 causing the country to go into a full-up depression, (b) a nuclear world war occurs, or (c) our enemies conquer our great nation, and we end in bondage as did the Jews of biblical times.  Watch for the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) bomb attack.  It may be coming soon to bring on the third calamity.

Those three calamities are the only things that will shake deceived people to the core and cause them to go back to the basics (God, country, and family) and what our Founding Fathers had created for us (capitalism, free enterprise, free markets, and the Constitution).  Oh, dear Constitution, what are Obama and his cronies doing to you?  May God bless us all before one or more of the three great calamities come to pass.

By Bob Uda, Ph.D., CM, CHSP, ILO