My Facebook friend inspired me to continue the fight for America

Perhaps like millions of Americans, for the last month or so I’ve struggled to regain my balance and perspective following the stunning defeat of Mitt Romney in last month’s election. Like millions of my Patriotic conservative friends I held out hope that more Americans would see the destruction to America that was being perpetuated by the Obama Administration. I held out hope that the response to Obama’s transformation would be to replace him with a man who obviously has what Obama clearly lacks; strong morals, values and a genuine love of country.

Going into the election I was convinced that there were more Americans, including some liberals who, like me, cherished freedom and equal opportunity not equal outcomes and that these people would come to the polls in droves; many to correct a 2008 mistake when they voted for Obama. Despite Obama’s 2008 victory I was still convinced that Progressives had not completely driven out the American spirit that built the greatest nation to ever exist. That is why, following the 2008 election,  I spent over 10 hours a day interacting with friends on Facebook, researching, writing and posting guest articles and more all for the stated purpose of better informing the low informed voters so as not to repeat the mistake of 2008; an election that saw the nation’s first Socialist/Marxist and, ironically, black president. Sadly, it appears last month’s election may have proved me wrong.

I was wrong that the majority of Americans actually love this country and that they favor freedom over things. I was wrong about the level of success that Progressives/liberals have had in changing the American psych from rugged individualism and independence to one that looks to government for their needs. I was wrong that efforts to completely divide the country by class, race, gender and ethnicity had not been successful. I was dejected and discouraged. However, as I continued to struggle with this new realization something happened. A friend of mine, Dawn, sent me a message on Facebook. For me the message was a wake-up call, a realization that there is still much work to be done and it will take a strong America to make it happen.

Although like me, Dawn also seemed to struggle with the recent election results her parting words reinvigorated me.  Dawn reminded me that there is still much good that needs to be done in the world generally and America specifically. Despite the “blame it on America crowd”, America is good, America is great and worth fighting for so I will continue the fight.

I believe that America was divinely inspired and that for America to regain its position in the world as “the” super power, a position that will enable it to do good both here at home and abroad, it must regain the moral high ground and this can only be done if we first recognize our founding covenant with God and then turn our faces back towards Him.

Here is Dawn’s message to me.

Just posted this on my own wall…seemed relevant here. Feeling extremely conflicted this morning. So sad and discouraged for SO many reasons….wondering if I have it in me to stand in Holy Places until the Lord comes or I return to Him. The wickedness in this world is starting to weigh very heavy on my soul. The blindness with which most stagger through life is becoming not only more difficult to understand, but harder to tolerate as well. The pace at which we as a country are throwing away our God given freedoms and embracing Satan’s plan for enslavement is horrifying and so confusing. I mourn for the blind that cannot see, I mourn for the deaf who cannot hear. I mourn for those who call good evil and evil good. I mourn for my countrymen who are speedily abandoning the great gift of freedom given by God and purchased with the blood of so very many. I mourn for the human souls who will never feel loved or cherished in this life on earth. I mourn for the human souls who will never have enough to eat…not even for a day in their meager existences. I mourn for the animals/pets who are disregarded, treated with disdain or cruelty, who also may never know the smallest kindness…There is soooo much suffering in this world. So much wickedness, so much evil. Dear God, won’t you please send your Son back? We need Him…I NEED HIM. On the other hand, how very blessed am I? I have an amazing family, an amazing husband, amazing furry kids to love and adore. I sincerely pray for those without the incredible blessings I am fortunate enough to enjoy. May God be with them, to comfort them and fill the void up with His Love…and may He come quickly. Amen

Thanks, Dawn.