Al Negro, Not Al Qaeda, Cause Of Chicago Murder Rate!

Al Negro, Not Al Qaeda, Cause Of Chicago Murder Rate!


“Al Qaeda didn’t kill 500 Black people in Chicago- Al Negro DID! ( Excuse my candor family). Where’s Black outrage? #tcot “

I just tweeted this frank assessment of what I call “chocolate Klansmen’s” (inner city thugs) war against Chicago’s Black community (and, by extension, American Blacks.)
This body count represents a 38% increase.

The N-Word and all its varieties are phrases I’m loathe to put into print. Silence in our community from the White House on down about these Black males spurred throwing diplomacy to the winds.

Opposing inner-city thugs is central to my life’s work. Their rampages bop to a hip hop beat with accompaniment from elected officials, clergy, and civil rights organizations who should know better.

They kill while apologists mouth off about how the overall murder rate has gone down. Chocolate Klansmen remain the number one mortality risk for young Black men, so “down” still isn’t far enough.

I called them “Al Negro” last night for the first time because they don’t deserve respect. Killers are not my brothers and should be denounced in the strongest terms.
White conservatives and Blacks passionate about equal opportunity safety have called attention to liberal silence about chocolate Klansmen for decades.

Recently, President Obama’s self-imposed gag order on inner-city homicide has been loudly and rightfully questioned.

Color him vanilla (to paraphrase Cornell West’s debatable description of Newton elementary school shooting victims), change his party to Republican, and Black liberal silence explodes into national marches and rioting.

This goon squad roams Chicago and America proudly calling themselves ” Ni$$as ” and shamelessly acting the part. All I’ve done is openly call a spade a spade.

Until Black Democrats cut ties with them as family and friends, help police catch them, form more street patrols against them, hold 1960s scale rallies against them, and stop middle class enablers from pampering them, all cries of abuse from others ring hollow.

You discriminate against yourselves by allowing children to think it’s OK to terrorize our neighborhoods and not turn them in afterward- preferably before lives are lost.

It’s not the GOP doing this.

It’s not foreign spies leading street gangs.

It’s not Al Qaeda squeezing inner-city triggers.

Al Negro is the cause of Chicago’s murder rate, and he’s no brother of mine!

I apologize for using the old-school base of the loaded N-Word, but not for calling out these heathens for their daily evil!

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