Obama’s Assault Weapon Ban A Prelude For Banning All Guns

JANUARY 2, 2013 BY 

You can set your watch by the Left’s gun-grabbing strategy. Wait for a horrific massacre with assault weapons. Stand upon the highest mountain demanding that assault weapons be banned. Slyly call for all guns to be registered, then demand “voluntary” confiscation of all guns.

Case in point: the United Kingdom, which followed this line of attack and where it is now illegal to own any gun.

The result? Handgun homicides have doubled. But guns are illegal. How can that be?

News flash: Criminals don’t obey the laws.

Enter King Obama and his anti-Second Amendment surrogate Dianne Feinstein, post-Sandy Hook massacre. Obama and Feinstein aren’t as patient as the United Kingdom was, so Feinstein’s proposed ban on assault weapons includes mandatory registration of all guns, including photographs, fingerprints, registration, and certification of all gun owners.

Imagine a giant database of all those who believe in the Second Amendment—basically conservatives—available to the Left.

Not only will the Left be poised to demand “voluntary” confiscation of all guns, but they will create an Obama enemies list that will make Nixon blush.

Hold on to your guns, America, or the Left will take us down the same path as the United Kingdom.

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