Because They Understand Americans, They Can Destroy America


Because the Communists, Marxists, Socialists, Islamists, and Liberals understand Americans, they will be able to use American virtues against us.  They have studied us for decades to learn our weaknesses and our strengths.  They have been patient.  They had nothing to lose and everything to gain by destroying America.  They know that we are trusting, to the point of naivety.  True Americans believe in hard work and enjoy the feeling that comes from succeeding, and we believe in honesty and respecting others.  We also have a tendency to believe in the truth.  Because of our standards, we have a tendency to think that everyone else thinks just like us.  They don’t.  What we see as virtues, they see as weaknesses and vulnerabilities.  We invite them into our homes to feed them; and when they leave, we can’t find our silverware or jewelry.  We offer them a ride, and they take our car.  We invite them into our country, and they disrespect our laws and try to make their own.  We offer them some of what we have, but that is not enough; they want it all.

They know that we only want to see the good in everyone, so they know we are exposed.  They know that if they tell us their politics of hate is really a religion of love, we believe them.  When they tell us we need a bigger government for our own safety, we fall right in step. It does not matter what they do to us; if we try to warn our friends, they simply say “you are just paranoid.” At the same time, the enemy continues to take away our successes, freedoms, and security.  Yes, the Communists, Marxists, Socialists, Islamists, and Liberals know all about us, how we think, how we love, what we believe, and what we fear.  While we are talking about how passionate we are about  America, how we respect and honor her Constitution, how we love her Flag for what it represents, and how much we support the men and women who serve or have served (some giving all),  they are standing in the middle of the street laughing at us because of how easy we are making it for them to steal our beloved country.

In the 1940s, Hitler understood the Jews. He understood the Jews better than the Jews understood the Jews.  He knew that they were good people and that they respected others as they wanted to be respected; but mostly, he considered them naive, trusting, and vulnerable.  He took their guns for their own protection, he moved them all to their own area for their own protection, he built a big fence around them for their own protection, and then he loaded them into train cars and hauled them off for their own protection.  Then he eliminated them because they were trusting and by then could not do anything to prevent their demise.

I remember in the first or second grade a story about the mice deciding that someone needed to pin a bell on the cat.  Each mouse said “not me; you need to do it.”  One man can walk into a bank that has 20 customers, both men and women.  He can take each one at a time into a back room and terminate them until they have all been terminated.  If, on the other hand, all 20 of them as a group charged the bad guy with the gun, most if not all would survive.

You, You, and You have to get involved. Talk to your friends and together try to see what is going on.  It is time to wake up before there is nothing to wake up to.  The good people, the true Americans, the thoughtful people, the workers, the contributors, and the people who love America for all of the things she has made possible in the past are now the bad people.  Why? Because we have refused to stand up and defend who we are.  The Liberals don’t really believe that we love dirty water, like dirty air, want to kill our grandparents, and only care about the rich.  However, because when the Liberal media keeps villainizing  us and we don’t stand up and let people know that we like good, fresh, clean water; that we love to visit the mountains and breathe and smell the fresh, pure air; that we adore our grandparents, and our parents, and our friends; and that we only want the best for everyone,  the people who don’t know true Americans will just assume that what the lying, Liberal media is telling them is true.

There are still more true Americans than you might believe.  I believe that there are still more true Americans than there are Liberals.  It is just that we love peace and don’t like a lot of confusion.  The Liberal enemy likes to lie, loves to cheat, and has no respect for any values. Liberals are a bunch of loudmouth activists who starve for attention and have only one goal, and that is to destroy our country.

I am an old man, and I am hard of hearing; but even I can hear the Freedom’s Alarm Clock blaring that it is time to wake up, America.  No, that is not correct; it was time to wake up a long time ago, but we have been hitting the snooze button.

Don’t let them slander and destroy America.  Only you can prevent this big fire of Socialism that is trying to spread across America.

The Western Center for Journalism