Why Is The Government Inciting Fear Via Military Drills, Military Equipment Movement, FEMA Vehicles And Large Quantity Ammo Repositioning?

BQI Editor’s Note

The article below addresses a real issue that has concerned many conservatives since Barack Obama became President. The writer, Eric Odom, writes about a significant number of odd events by federal agencies including the purchase of massive amounts of  ammunition and weapons and the numerous military exercises carried out in the heart of several metro areas in America. With measured caution so as not to appear to be an extremist, Mr. Odom provides undisputed FACTS on these actions by the Obama Administration raising in particular the question of why some of these ammunition purchases have been made by federal agencies with no apparent need for weapons. Certainly people on the left who see government as benevolent and caring for the citizenry would see conservative reaction to these events as mere conspiracies. So be it. The fact of the matter is that these are unusual acts and only an informed and engaged citizen would question them.

The one thing that Mr. Odom failed to mention in his article is a recent development that could add context to better understanding the events described in his article. Recently a renowned and respected author and humanitarian, Dr. Jim Garrow, revealed some startling information on newly reelected Barack Obama’s plans for the next four years.

In a now heavily shared Facebook status update, Garrow blew the whistle with a claim that, if true, should send shock waves throughout America.

I have just been informed by a former senior military leader that Obama is using a new “litmus test” in determining who will stay and who must go in his military leaders. Get ready to explode folks.

“The new litmus test of leadership in the military is if they will fire on US citizens or not.” Those who will not are being removed. The Intelhub..

Putting Mr. Garrow’s comment in the context of the story below raises all sorts of questions and what I view as very legitimate concerns with recent actions within the Obama administration.

American citizens are stockpiling weapons in response to fears that the Obama Administration will take action to restrict or in some way undermine people’s Second Amendment rights to bear arms.  With an Administration hostile to Second Amendment rights and now stockpiling weapons and ammunition, using questionable litmus tests for our military leaders and conducting frightening military exercises could America be headed towards the type of clash between the people and government which caused our Founders to create the Second Amendment in the first place; that is to enable Americans to resist a tyrannical government?

Why Is The Government Inciting Fear Via Military Drills, Military Equipment Movement, FEMA Vehicles And Large Quantity Ammo Repositioning?


Published: January 29, 2013

I generally try not to touch on this sort of topic because I often find some readers immediately accuse us of fear mongering when doing so. I can no longer hold back, however, because the government is now fully engaged in fear mongering campaigns via the U.S. military that simply must be observed, reported on and questioned.

I’m going to list some very recent incidents that are occurring on AMERICAN soil, in AMERICAN cities. Take a look at each of them and tell me… why is the U.S. government doing all of this?


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