Obama Sends Out Leftist Clergy Indoctrinated in Alinsky Tactics to Support Gun Control, Immigration Policies

BQI Editor’s Note

Today one of my researchers sent me a story that just grabbed my attention. Here is the headline: “Obama Sends Out Leftist Clergy Indoctrinated in Alinsky Tactics to Support Gun Control, Immigration Policies.” What struck me about the title was the fact that despite Obama’s massive problems with some religious groups, notably the Catholic Church and some Black religious organizations (those protesting Obama’s position on gay marriage) I was a little surprised to see how some religious groups are still infatuated with Obama so much so that they make themselves available at his beckoning call; in this case to help him push his anti-gun agenda.

As I read the article it was evident that these clergy are not likely your run of the mill preachers. Clearly these are people who have placed political and social issues ahead of their roles as pastors. In fact, the organization to which they attached themselves, in order to achieve their social justice goals, has this as a description of their organizing model:

Rather than bring people together simply based on common issues like housing or education, the faith-based or broad-based organizing model makes values and relationships the glue that holds organizations together. PICO

So values and relationships are what take precedent over all else in efforts to achieve and address social justice issues. In the article it was clear that these clergy have attempted to meld their religious convictions with their desire to advance social causes, tragically with an end result of having their religious convictions take a back seat to their desire to advance social justice. And what organization provides them with the platform to achieve these goals? PICO is the organization that provides training and resources to religious groups that have made the advancement of social justice as one of if not the center piece of their ministry. So what is PICO? A visit to their web site provided the following:

PICO is a national network of faith-based community organizations working to create innovative solutions to problems facing urban, suburban and rural communities. PICO

O.K. pretty standard stuff until you read this:

Nonpartisan and multicultural, PICO provides an opportunity for people and congregations to translate their faith into action. More than 40 different religious denominations and faith traditions are part of PICO.  PICO

What stuck out here was the characterization of the organization as “nonpartisan”. As was noted on their web site PICO receives funding and support from what many would say are far left organizations one of which, most notably, is George Soros’ Open Society. Perhaps most troubling for people who have strong religious faith is the fact that PICO praises and extols the fact that it’s primary basis for organizing and delivering services is premised on none other than Saul Alinsky, the socialist godfather of community organizing and author of the book Rules for Radicals. And if that is not bad enough perhaps even more troubling is the fact  that Alinsky’s book, Rules for Radicals, what many consider to be the “bible” for community organizing, has as its source of inspiration and for whom the book was dedicated, the world’s very first radical…Satan. summarize, so now we have a group of clergy who have adopted and subscribe to the socialist concept of “social justice”; who now partner with an organization, PICO, that encourages them to place values and relationships as the “glue” that holds the movement and organization together;  an organization, PICO, which has as the fundamental basis for its organizing model a book dedicated to Satan, written by a man known to be a socialist and funded, in part, by an organization founded by a man, George Soros, who is an atheist, anti-Semitic and anti-American.

With a resume and connections like these what could possibly go wrong.