Dr. Carson’s Words Tower Over Obama’s SOU Speech

BQI Editor’s Note

Since his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast, much has been said and speculated about the prospect of Dr. Benjamin Carson running for president in 2016. Dr. Carson in 20 minutes did what no conservative has done since Sarah Palin hit the scene; he has, with his brilliance and plain spokeness, inspired and given hope to all who believe in the original intent of our Founding Fathers.

Glenn Beck has said for some time that America needs another George Washington.  Glenn pointed out the great characteristics that Washington possessed; characteristics like honor, virtue, truth, patriotism, faith, selflessness and leadership. Washington was described as someone who was not driven by ideology but by principle, hope and a desire to do only what was in the best interest of a new fledgling Republic.  He was a man who was right for the time. Today what we have in Washington are politicians with no moral center who willingly pander to a select few special interests groups. They are people who, for selfish interests, are willing to allow the nation to continue its decent into a moral, spiritual and fiscal abyss.

America is in deep decline spiritually, morally and fiscally and the downward spiral will continue so long as we have “politicians” and not leaders in Washington. To begin our transition back to our original founding principles it will take a new George Washington, a real LEADER. Today we need a man who is right for our time. From my perch, it seems at the moment that would be Dr. Benjamin Carson.

Dr. Carson’s Words Tower Over Obama’s SOU Speech


Rarely does a person come along who truly inspires. But every so often, one rises up with a clear voice, offering a confident message brimming with hopeful determination. Dr. Benjamin Carson is the man responsible for the delivery of such a message. During this year’s National Prayer Day Breakfast, President Obama sat helplessly as Dr. Carson methodically dismantled the proposed efficacy of a national liberal agenda. Not only did Dr. Carson cover all the essential conservative talking points, but he did so with enthusiasm and authority.

A self made man who delivered himself out of poverty, the good doctor experientially knows that of which he speaks. Throughout his 27 minute speech, the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital passionately endorsed the importance of education, morality, individuality, free thought, self reliance, and personal accountability as essential components for a vibrant America.

The wonderful thing about Dr. Carson is that the ‘powers that be’ just assumed he’d fall in line. The reality is he could have played it safe and nobody would have noticed. But the good doctor would not deny a golden opportunity to speak the truth; and with that opportunity, Carson has restored hope in a God-enlightened humanity.

Overall, it was a very brave and inspiring showing by Dr. Carson. We may have to seriously get behind the increasing possibility that Benjamin Carson gives a shaken and disjointed GOP it’s best opportunity for a victory in 2016. He stands above the politics, he’s fearless, he believes his message 100 percent, and there’s nothing phony about him. The Republican Party currently has some impressive young guns (i.e. Ryan, Paul, Rubio) who are poised to make a good showing; however, I don’t think any of those guys can change the voter tide. Benjamin Carson is the right man, with the right message, at the right time.

Hope and change? Benjamin Solomon Carson, Sr. is thy name!

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