The Differences Between Conservatives And Liberals

BQI Editor’s Note

Although the topic of this article addresses the differences between conservatives and liberals I thought it might liven things up just to hear one person’s description of democrats who are, of course, the political party and label for liberals.

The Differences Between Conservatives And Liberals


[Disclaimer: In real life, people can hold any number of views that are inconsistent with their other views; and most people fall along a long continuum of political, religious, and moral beliefs. So, yes, this is dealing with stereotypes, though my son says they exist for a reason.]

Conservatives believe you should be kind and generous to the poor and needy. Liberals believe the same thing, but they take other people’s money to do it and then claim credit for their compassion.

Conservatives believe that, just as you receive a booklet from the manufacturer with most new purchases telling you how the thing works, so our Manufacturer has given us a Manual to tell us how life works and how it is supposed to work. Liberals believe that human knowledge is progressing such that we can figure all this out on our own.

Conservatives believe there are rules in life given to us by God and reflected in many of our traditions. Liberals believe you can pretty much make your own rules apart from the cardinal rules of letting others do what they want (tolerance) and life should be fair (everybody should have the same things as everyone else.).

Conservatives believe that you should love your neighbor as yourself. Liberals believe you should tolerate your neighbor, which is just another way of saying “ignore him.”

Conservatives will write a check or give what they have to someone in need. Liberals will point them to the appropriate government agency that will help them.

Conservatives believe that God gave us laws so we can live a happy, fulfilling life. Liberals believe you should go your whole life not really knowing the best way to live your life, and hopefully you will die suddenly so you won’t lie on your deathbed thinking of all the regrets about what you should have done differently.

Conservatives believe that children are a blessing, a gift from God, a privilege (in raising the next generation), and the thing we will prize most in our lives. Liberals believe that children are one of many options but often a hindrance keeping women from achieving the same things as men.

Conservatives believe that individuals, through their faith and knowledge of God, hard work, and community, can and should provide for the general welfare of our society. Liberals believe that government can and should solve every problem. Usually, it will take money and a new government program and agency to do this.

Conservatives believe sex is sacred, a gift from God to create the next generation but also to unite a husband and wife in a way you wouldn’t have imagined. Liberals believe sex is just a form of recreation, like a massage or a tennis match, or a bodily function like eating, sleeping, or eliminating.

Conservatives believe that our rights come from God, from what He has made us as human beings. Liberals believe that the government can and should expand those rights and force other people to secure those rights. E.g. a right to a living wage means that someone else has to pay them more than they want to to perform a particular job.

Conservatives believe that you can’t do everything you want in life, no matter how good or noble. You have to make choices, set priorities, and do what you can. Liberals believe that everything good can and should be done regardless of the cost, and the government should probably do it because they can do it better and make sure it gets done in ways that protect the health and safety of every living and non-living thing in the world.

Conservatives believe that life has risks, and people are generally capable of assessing risks and making good choices. Liberals believe that the government has a responsibility to protect everyone from all danger, loss, risk, or failure at any cost.

These differences basically describe the two very different views of the world and the role of government that exist in our country, and people wonder why they compromise on solutions for the betterment of our country. They can’t decide what is better.

BQI Editor’s Note

I would like to end this article with a very serious description of the core elements of conservatism and liberalism and their impact on society.

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