America at the brink…..Conservatism to the rescue.

Last night Glenn Beck covered a topic that explains, at least in part, some of the frustration that many conservatives experience on a daily basis. Most conservatives take their beliefs very seriously and we work hard to remain informed and educated on issues. We do this with great vigor and unfortunately with little success in helping others understand current issues and where America is at this point in time. As a nation we are in serious economic and social trouble and without an informed citizenry making good decisions about who will govern us, we are, then, doomed to experience continues hard economic times and social upheaval.
In this Glenn Beck video, Glenn helps conservatives and liberals for that matter, understand the task before us. He notes that any principled conservative that comes on to the scene will be attacked and marginalized by the mainstream media (MSM). It will be the MSM that will attack any principled conservative in order to protect Obama and liberalism generally. Glenn also pointed out the degree to which we need to shift the current political trend and the societal status of the country which now is speeding to a firmly entrenched liberal mindset.

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Perhaps the greatest challenge facing America is educating the low informed voter. These are people who choose to spend the vast majority of their time pursuing interest other than issues that matter to them and to the nation; can one say the Oscars, sports and music?

Today the average American knows more about fashion, sports, music, realty TV. and the like than they know about who is actually governing them and what those individuals actually stand for and are doing. Regrettably, when they or those who consider themselves informed, do seek out news on current events they are likely to look to programs like the Colbert Report, John Stewart or one of the former news organizations like CBS and especially MSNBC.  These are the media outlets that  have chosen to push a specific, liberal, ideological agenda and in doing so they disguise news, or worse yet, fabricate it in order to further their agenda.

Right now the MSM’s goal is to help President Obama to destroy what is left of the Republican Party. Now, for me this is not a great loss but it is important that we not have a news media industry that sees as it’s charge the goal to advocate a political ideology as opposed to investigative reporting; a need and expectation for the media identified by our founders; men who saw the media as the force that would keep a populace informed in order to enable the people to make good decisions on governance.   The net result of our media’s perceived new role has brought America to the precipice of a totalitarian state. An overstatement or mischaracterization you might argue? A skeptical liberal would say what evidence is there that our media advocates a particular, nay, liberal political ideology.  Perhaps this segment of the O’Reilly Factor might support my characterization of today’s liberal media:

This bias reporting by the MSM is, in large part, the explanation for how Barack Obama won election in 2008 and re-election in 2012. Now with another four years to push his agenda and with the MSM providing cover, it is likely that we will continue to see massive budget deficits, social discord and divisiveness and an overall shifting of America to the “left” leading to what will be a socialist or big government controlled economy.  But this does not have to be the case. If we are able to expose Obama’s plans, if we can expose the liberal media bias; if Americans get tired of living from one major crisis to another; if we can get a principled conservative who can effectively articulate the conservative narrative then I believe Americans will respond and in a big way.