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The following is a series of videos discussing President Obama’s religion.  There is a total of  seven (7) videos covering seven distinct areas of Obama’s faith. The videos come from the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission.

REASON # 1                                                           REASON # 2

REASON #3                                                            REASON #4

REASON #5                                                            REASON #6


    Interview with Obama “..There are many paths to heaven.” :



    The Progressive Movement                                                      Progressive are leading us to Facism

    The Story of Stuff discusses how the Progressive movement is seeking to infiltrate churches.



Barack Obama again reveals his callous disregard for the humanity of the fetus. Consistent with his 100% pro-abortion voting record, Obama made this now infamous remark at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania on March 30,2008

Babies born from abortions but survived.

Social Justice



  1. The American Thinker:  Beck’s Obsession with Liberation:
  2. Barack Obama: Many Paths Lead to God & Embracing The Divine Within:
  3. Obama’s Anger:
  4. Erasing America: Barack Obama’s Motivation and Method:
  5. Obama Hates America and Americans:
  6. Why Obama Hates (Dinesh D’Souza):
  7. Barack Obama Treats Israel and Britian with Sneering Contempt:
  8. Who Is The Real Obama: a collection of blog articles:
  9. The American Thinker: Obama and His Socialist Agenda:
  10. College classmate accuses Obama of being a Socialist:
  11. The American Thinker: The Most Profound Victims of the Obama Hoax:

Fall of the Republic – Video                                                     The Obama Deception

8. The Forgotten Man

9.  Barack Obama, Fabian Socialist:

10.Glenn Beck  episode on Fabian Socialism


George Soros

The Funding Source for all of the                 This episode shows the depth of Soros and his attemptProgressives and Obama Agenda Items       to chill free speech.

10/20/2010                                                          10/21/2010



Dinesh D’Souza (’Souza) has written a book, The Roots of Obama’s RageRegnery Publishing. In the book Dinesh chronicles Obama’s life and the people who surrounded him in an attempt to understand Obama’s personality, how he thinks and his outlook on life and the world. Dinesh joined Glenn Beck and offered some of the findings from his book.


Obama Defines His                                        How Obama Will Change Our System

Fundamental Change for America           The Cloward and Piven Model


1. Obama’s Father Wrote About Socialism – His father wrote a paper called “Problems With Our Socialism” that advocates 100% taxation of the rich, communal ownership of land and the forced confiscation of privately controlled land. Source: Greg Ransom, PrestoPundit

2. Obama’s Mother Was a “Communist Sympathizer” – ” Friends describe her as a “fellow traveler”, that is, a communist sympathizer, from her youth, according to a March 27, 2007, Chicago Tribune report” Source: Spengler, Asia Times “The values she taught me continue to be my touchstone when it comes to how I go about the world of politics – Barack Obama” Source: Tim Jones, Chicago Tribune

3. Obama’s Parents Met in a Russian Class (Back then it was the Communist USSR) – “His mother, Stanley Ann Dunham (her father always wanted a son), was white and just 18 when they met in a Russian class” Source: Sharon Cohen, St Louis Times

4. Obama’s Teen Mentor was Frank Marshall Davis (a known CPUSA member) – “…through Frank Marshall Davis, Obama had an admitted relationship with someone who was publicly identified as a member of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA). The record shows that Obama was in Hawaii from 1971-1979, where, at some point in time, he developed a close relationship, almost like a son, with Davis, listening to his poetry and getting advice on his career path. But Obama, in his book, Dreams From My Father, refers to him repeatedly as just Frank.” Source: Cliff Kincaid, Accuracy in the Media “Kathryn Takara of the University of Hawaii, who wrote a dissertation on the life of Frank Marshall Davis, confirming Davis was a significant influence on Obama when the senator attended Punahou prep school in Hawaii from 1975 to 1979″ Source: Jim Corsi, WorldNetDaily based on Communism in Hawaii and the Obama Connection (Cliff Kincaid and Herbert Romerstein)

5. Obama’s Brother Roy and Cousin Odinga are Marxists – “Barack Obama’s older brother, Abongo “Roy” Obama. He is a Luo activist. militant Muslim and a Marxist.” Source: Barbara Busby, “The person who made me proudest of all,” Obama wrote, “was Roy Source: Bill Sammon, The Examiner “Odinga is a Marxist who reportedly has made a pact with a hard-line Islamic group in Kenya to establish Shariah courts throughout the country” Source: Invenstor’s Business Daily

6. Obama Attended Socialist Conferences at Cooper Union – “He went to socialist conferences at Cooper Union and African cultural fairs in Brooklyn and started lecturing his relatives until they worried he’d become “one of those freaks you see on the streets around here.” Source: H Kennedy, NY Daily News

7. Obama Was Hand Picked by Alice Palmer to Succeed Her in the Illinois State Senate – “Nine years before Palmer picked Obama to be her successor, she was the only African-American journalist to travel to the Soviet Union to attend the 27th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, according to an article Palmer wrote in the CPUSA newspaper, People’s Daily World, June 19, 1986.” Source: Jim Corsi, WorldNetDaily based on Communism in Chicago and the Obama Connection (Cliff Kincaid and Herbert Romerstein)

8. Obama’s Run for the Illinois State Senate was Launched by a Fundraiser Organized at Bill Ayers’ and Bernardine Dorhn’s Chicago Home – Ayers and Dorhn are former terrorists from the Weather Underground who’s SDS organization received financial contributions from the CPUSA. “Obama’s run for the Illinois state Senate was launched by a fundraiser organized at Ayers’ and Dorhn’s Chicago home by Alice Palmer. Palmer had named Obama to succeed her in the state Senate in 1995, when she decided to run for a U.S. congressional seat.”         (Thanks to Tracy Brown for compiling this data.)