In November 2010 BQI published this Special Edition. Our goal was to wake America up to the impending changes not only in America but the world that appeared to be unfolding. Now, seven (7) months later, we wanted to re-publish the Special with updates based on current events. Based on our updates it does appear the the world is spiraling towards something.  To some degree the unrests have a common theme of social unrest and poor economic conditions. In addition to these elements we are beginning to see more anti-semitism on the rise and much of change occurring in Muslim states in 2011 are turning into anti Israel movements.

Just this week, in America, we received news of the poor housing market and continued high unemployment; two areas that Obama  promised would be corrected with the trillion dollar stimulus plan.

We believe that conditions in the U.S. and around the world have become worse since publication of the BQI Special Edition. This can only mean that the material presented here has a much greater chance of unfolding and in this case Americans must prepare.

We have highlighted our most recent updates in color  to distinguish current updates from original language found in the Special Edition.   It is our hope and desire that people gain perspective and knowledge from this material and that you will take what ever measures that you deem appropriate.



This Special Edition of BQI will focus solely on the anticipated American economic and social collapse.

For years, many patriotic Americans have been warning America of the real possibility of a major economic collapse. For many in the U.S., the belief is that this collapse has already occurred, in the form of the Bush induced recession which began in late 2008. The reality, however, is that the 2008 recession was the beginning of an economic correction that was prevented from occurring, mainly as a result of actions by Presidents Bush and Obama and the Federal Reserve. The economic collapse that we discuss in this special edition is one that will see the collapse of the dollar, hyper-inflation and very likely social unrest in the form of riots and other physical disruptions.

Unfortunately voices like Ron Paul, Glenn Beck, Stewart Varney and Peter Schiff and others, crying in the wilderness, were not heeded and as a consequence America and the world will now enter into a period, we believe, of real darkness and despair.

This BQI special will help to explain the root causes of this impending economic collapse; why it will occur; the major players involved with its making; and things that you can do to plan ahead in order to minimize it’s impact on you and your family.

While some people will see this project as some level of fear mongering, we believe that there is enough information trending toward these events, in such a way, that BQI is willing to accept this criticism if the prospect exists that by publishing this article people are better prepared to weather these events should they occur.

The program will be a combination of videos, BQI articles, news links and other sources. There is a significant amount of information that is being delivered through this special edition and we have tried to organize the material to allow for a smooth and logical transition. We hope that we accomplished this objective. If not, we are certain that you will still benefit from having this data at your disposal.

We will begin this special edition by providing our readers with a Primer on the American Dollar . We thank contributor Mike Harley for preparing this primer; one that should form the basis to helping our readers better understand the many economic videos that we will present. We also suggest that you review Mike’s previous article, ‘Inflation, Deflation or a Really Bad Headache

As a special edition, BQI will maintain this information on its site for the next several days. Our goal is to ensure that as many people as possible have the opportunity to review this information. Following the conclusion of this period, BQI will maintain a portion of this special edition as a separate permanent link.

Thank you for supporting BQI and we hope to earn your continued trust and patronage.

Milton Reid


QE2 The Last Gasp of a Monetary System: A Message to the World

  1. China Sold Treasurys Again in March (May 2011 Article)

This video does a splendid job explaining how inflation works and the impact of the Federal Reserve’s decision to implement QE2. In effect, with inflation, your dollar is worth less so it takes more of them to purchase items that previously cost less. By inflating the dollar the government in effect takes part of your wealth, like a hidden tax, and uses it to pay off the national debt.


This video does a splendid job describing inflation and how it corrupts one’s purchasing power. It also describes how by using QE2 or by printing money, it gives the impression that a country’s economy is becoming stable. For America, it shows how by printing money to hold up industry and markets, it pacifies the citizenry by giving the impression that our economy is getting better; however, what is really happening is that the more wealthy public has time to prepare for the economic collapse.
The average, basically uninformed, American thinking that the economy is getting better continues with their pampered lifestyles and obsession with Dancing with the Stars and Monday night football.

MeltUp : Update

This is a more current version of MeltUp


  1. 12 Warning Signs of U.S. Hyperinflation (March 26, 2011  Article)

This is perhaps the one area that most conservative pundits have warned about. Glenn Beck, Stuart Varney, Peter Schiff and others have consistently warned America about the devastation of inflation. Hyper-inflation, inflation on steroids, can literally destroy a country. The most recent example of this is Zimbabwe. America is headed to and most agree is currently experiencing inflation. The question is how bad it will be. Will it become hyper?

The Dollar Bubble

Collapse of the dollar

  1. Dollar collapse possible within a few months on new technical analysis (March 2011 Article)

The Federal Reserve continues to give money to banks to prop them up and to help the stock market to remain on an upward trend. By doing this  Americans and those who depend on America’s purchasing power, are left with the impression that our economy is recovering and getting stronger. All misleading.

Japan: America The Lost Decade

This video shows the Japanese experience with a failed economy. The video vividly describes the direction that America is headed towards. It helps Americans see what could be in their future.

Glenn Beck War Game Show

In this episode Glenn conducts a war game session with experts. They discuss current events in America, including QE2, to determine what could happen with a frail economy should an event like a failed dollar occur. Most conservative pundits believe that a catalyst like a failed dollar could trigger some form of social unrest.


Fabian Socialist

Glenn exposes the general beliefs of Progressives. Fabian Socialism is the basis upon which Progressives advocate their policies. Understanding Progressivism helps one to understand the course that America has been set on by President Obama and his Administration. A great deal of what you see happening in America and in Europe today is rooted in Fabian Socialism. From social changes to economic policies, Fabian Socialism promotes the doctrine of gradualism in order to bring about a total societal change. Ultimately this all leads to a New World Order.

Obama In Germany

The video shows the similarities of the public’s response to Obama vs. Hitler. We are not providing this video to suggest that President Obama is Hitler. The goal is to show how people with nefarious intentions can disguise their true intentions and present themselves in a way that gets the public to surrender their freedoms and submit themselves to dictatorial authority. With the easy access to information that exists in our current society one would think that such a fraud would be virtually impossible to perpetrate. However, with a media that is compliant with certain ideology, as proven in the case of Obama’s 2008 campaign, it has been proven very possible and we will likely see this again. Our concern is that the next time a charismatic leader comes onto the scene, it will come under the conditions as described in our article and the book, The Road to Serfdom – From Capitalism to Socialism”.

George Soros

Much has been written and said about George Soros. This video provides just one more opinion of how Mr. Soros is threatening our sovereignty; way of life and our overall future.

The G-20

The G-20 consists of the 20 largest world economies. Apparently, this organization sees the possibility of the dollar collapsing and should this occur, the impact it will have on the world’s economy. As a result, the G20, it is believed, is looking to identify options to the American dollar as the world’s reserve currency.



  1. The Depression Of 2011? 23 Economic Warning Signs From Financial Authorities All Over The Globe (May 2010 Article)


  1. The Great Depression II (January 2011 Article)



  1. Record number of Americans get government help (April 2011 Article)


Worldwide unrest

  1. Europe faces rising austerity protests in 2011

  1. Middle East Revolutions in 2011 / 2011 Global / World Wide Riots and Protest Have Started!!!

  1. Carville: There Will Be Civil Unrest — Over Economy (June 2011 article)

Like Glenn Beck Congressman Ron Paul says Social Unrest is Inevitable in the U.S.

Assuming, which is very likely, America experiences a collapsed dollar and failed economy, such events will probably lead to social unrest. Over the past several months, the world has witnessed riots in several European countries. These riots occurred as a result of failing economies and the austerity measures taken by these governments to rehabilitate their economies.

POST SCRIPT – 12.06.2010

Since publishing this BQI Special much has occured. More bailouts have occured for European countries, including Greece and Ireland. Now expectations are that Portugal, Spain and Belgium will follow. As a result of more austerity measures more riots have broken out in Greece, Ireland and England. More bail outs are being recommended for the troubled countries and America, with it’s own trouble, has sent money to the International Monetary Fund to help bail out Europe. Events in Europe are a prelude to what America is headed towards.   We have made the case in the videos presented above. Sadly in addition to our economic turmoil, we have opportunist who wish to use our weaken economic condition as a means to fulfill their long desired transformation of America. Factions including American Communist, Socialist like Van Jones, George Soros, and believe it or not, our media (Dylan Ratigan); a U.S. Senator in Clair McCaskill;  and more importantly the United States government (Unified Quest 2011-Military Exercises) . For the United States, there are those warning of social unrest (Glenn Beck and Ron Paul and others) and there are those calling, directly or indirectly, for social unrest. We have already shown volumes of tape of Glenn warning of this unrest now for Ron Paul.


In this video Ron Paul talks about the serious economic trouble existing in America. Shockingly, Mr. Paul joins the chorus of others like Glenn Beck and Dr. David Jeremiah in predicting a possible if not probable complete social breakdown/ upheaval in America. This unrest will come about as a result of the collapsing American economy. Mr. Paul goes on to say that should a crisis event occur, it is probable that a strong, let’s say dictatorial leader, will assume control of the government. Again, Mr. Paul echoes what BQI said in our highly read articles “Obama Suspends Civil Rights - “The Road to Serfdom -”.


MSNBC Calls for Violence

MSNBC host Dylan Radigan, actually suggests that violence is needed in the U.S. in order to fix perceived economic problems. This positions fits neatly into todays cover story, Spiraling World Events – Leading To What?


Anti-Tea Party National Socialist Strategy Calling For Head-Cracking Revolution.

Van Jones predicts social unrest

SEN. CLAIRE MCCASKILL (D-Missouri): “I don’t know how anyone can keep a straight face and say they are for deficit reduction while they insist on a permanent tax cut for the wealthiest Americans, completely unpaid for. If they think it’s okay to raise taxes for the embattled middle class because we don’t give more money to millionaires, it really is time for people in America to take up pitchforks.”


Illegals Threaten To Murder Americans With Axes and Shovels SB 1070


British Student Riot

A student protest against rising tuition fees has turned violent with demonstrators forcing their way into the building housing Conservative HQ.

Consistent with the Rules For Radical playbook, most of these students were brought in by bus in order to protest.

This is what happens when people with a entitlement mentality are faced with reality.

Road To Serfdom and Obama Suspends Civil Rights

This was one of the most informative articles prepared by BQI in helping Americans to understand the destructive policies of the Obama Administration. The article puts into perspective the real possibility that the end game of the Obama polices could easily end in the ascension of a strong, dictatorial leader. We urge ALL BQI readers to read this article and view accompanying videos along with our article, “ Obama Suspends Civil Rights”. Increasingly more and more respected leaders and commentators are calling for such a leader or that the direction of the country could end with a dictatorial leader.

Road To Serfdom (BQI Blog Article)

Obama Suspends Civil Rights

In this article BQI describes the possible outcome of widespread civil unrest occurring in America. The article describes the numerous events and conditions in America, conditions that appear to be getting more egregious in frequency and severity. BQI believes that these conditions are creating a condition in America where American are beginning to believe that they are losing the America that they love. This frustration could lead to civil unrest should the right trigger occur. That trigger could be a collapsed dollar or perhaps racial or some other event.

Obama Suspends Civil Rights (BQI Blog Article)


Abolish the Federal Reserve

BQI wants to suggest some possible solutions for the real issues that confront our nation. Below are two videos that discuss how we might correct our troubled economy. We also have several “survivors how to” links. We provide this information as an additional insurance measure in hopes that our readers will use this information as they deem appropriate. BQI offers this data for information purposes only. We do not endorse any product or affirmatively state that readers should take any of these actions.


Survival – How to store food for long term survival


For some time now, Glenn Beck has warned America to the possible fall of the American economy and the impact of such a fall on the World economy. Today, Glenn does a war game; a “what if” scenario should such an economic fall occur. Few people would doubt that U.S. and world events are occurring at break-neck speed. Most people do not have the time or inclination to see if these events are connected in any way. Glenn does make the connections and he is sounding the alarm of a potential disaster that we could see in the world.

BQI has decided that in addition to airing this episode under our link “Just Beck – Beckonomics”; we have decided to place his November 5, 2010 episode on our home page. We are doing this because we believe it is important that people begin to think out of the box as to what could occur in America and throughout the world with all nations experiencing tremendous debt and lingering economic stagnation. Neither Beck nor BQI state affirmatively that these scenarios will happen, only that they could happen.

Our BQI special ends here. There are some duplication of videos below and some not already published.


An Economic Storm is Approaching; Crisis begins in 2011 and worsens in 2012 to Economic

2012 – The Next Great Depression

When will America Collapse?

The World Lines Up Against the Fed on QE2

Gold Sets New Record as QE2 Devalues Fiat Currencies – Alex Jones TV

U.S. Collapse 2012: America’s economic decline and De-evolution into bankrupt Welfare State

How To Survive Total Economic Collapse

Prepare for Civil Unrest in America

Quantitative Easing Explained

Spooky Dude

The Socialist: This Could Be America’s Future

Congressman Ryan has shown the depths of our economic problems. If drastic changes are not made soon we will experience scenes like these.

27 Things to know about the coming economic crash