About This Blog

Black Quill & Ink (BQI) is a Black conservative blog providing commentary on current events and news topics. We hope to elevate the discussion of conservative values, especially within the Black community. BQI will be the source for news, information and opinions on both national and international issues.  BQI will present writings from some of the brightest and most distinguished Black conservative thinkers and policy makers in the country.

America is at a pivotal point in its history.  Our nation is faced with an array of fiscal, social, political, economic and security issues.  These issues must be addressed in a manner that will set America on the correct path to fiscal soundness, a strong economy and an umbrella of security. To achieve these goals people will need to be informed and understand complex issues.  BQI will be a repository for Black conservative thought; a source and resource for people who want to learn and understand the Black perspective on critical issues facing America.  An informed citizenry is essential for a republic to flourish.  When the electorate is informed and engaged politically, liberty will exist because government will fear the people.