About The Author

Some tidbits about the author. You asked so here it is.

Milton Reid, retired  corporate executive, attorney and business owner.

The father of two daughters, a CPA and a lawyer and two sons, a tennis pro and lawyer.

Favorite movie: The Ten Commandments and Ben Hur (I know that’s two movies but they both starred Charlton Heston).

Favorite sport: tennis and golf (what guy do you know who loves just one sport).

Marital status: Married (only one of these and I hit the jackpot).

Favorite music: Motown sound, big band and some classical.

First car: 1978 Honda Accord, five speed, blue (Carolina at that) no air and eventually no passenger side window. I drove this beauty for over twenty(20) years.

Born: Norfolk, Va., attended Booker T. Washington High (Fighting Bookers), University of South Carolina (Go Cocks) and the College of William and Mary (Go Tribe…… I’m old school for you PC Alums).

Avid P90X guy although my body screams, stop….please!!!!

Black Quill & Ink:  I owe to my beautiful daughter, Brooke and her wonderful husband, Chris.  Through their encouragement I took the dive into political and social commentary. (They also gave me the web site). Thanks guys and I love you.