“Organization for a Free Society”….Sounds O.K…But….

Ever wonder what the Occupy protests are really all about? For weeks now liberal media has told us that the movement was in essence college age students protesting the fact that they had to eventually repay student loans. O.K. although this premise in and of itself is suspect on so many levels I will accept this as an original basis for the movement. What has occurred over time, however, is something far different from spoiled brats making more unreasonable demands on a society that they’ve contributed absolutely zilch to. Now it appears that a somewhat benign movement has morphed into a serious revolutionary movement; one that could threaten the very health and well being of the country.

Over the past several weeks it has become clear that the Occupy movement has been taken over by professional radical revolutionaries. Organizers like Lisa Fithian and Steven Lerner are now intimately involved in the movement. More worrisome, perhaps, are the organizations that have provided support either fiscally, ideologically or through products, goods and services to the movement. Many of these organizations are out right enemies of the U.S. and would like nothing more than to see a political uprising that would further weaken the country. Clearly a weaken U.S. could be more vulnerable to our enemies and any designs that they might have for America.

What is troubling for me is seeing Americans intentionally inflicting damage on the country. Most of these folks are just naive useful idiots who will become dispensable if their Utopian world is ever put into place. Others, however, are dangerous and are by design weakening the country in order to institute their preferred political and economic system. Take Organization for a Free Society. …. really, please take it. The name, as is always the case with dangerous leftist organizations, sounds benign and non threatening; however a closer look reveals an organization that is bent on the destruction of America. We recently came across a video that explains just what this organization stands for. In short, their beautifully written mission statement and other language on their web site, boiled down to basics, shows that the organization wants to replace our capitalist system with socialism at best, Marxism or communism at worse.

The individuals in this video speaks in flowery language that sounds great, but history has shown that this type of Utopian based rhetoric always ends up bad for the protestor and the innocent citizens who are simply trying to eek out a life for themselves and their families. Movements that raise the collective and not the individual always, always ends up bad for everyone but the elites in power. I fear history is about to repeat itself once again.